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Shaolin Wuseng Houbeidui - Italy

Address: Milano, Italy  Milano, Italy Lombardia
Affiliation: Chinese Buddhist Association
Phone: +39 3332381754 | +39 3805236721
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Teacher: Shi Xing Cang, Shi Xing Mi  
Spiritual Director: Shi De Yang  
Notes and Events:

Shaolin cultural center: Chan, Wugong, Qigong.

Sharpham Trust

Address: Sharpham House Ashsprington Devon   Totnes Devon TQ9 7UT
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Affiliation: All
Phone: +44(0)1803742047
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The Barn: Retreat  Email  (Phone: 01803742055)
Main Contact: Susie Nicholl  (Phone: 01803 742047)
Teacher: Steve Palmer  
Notes and Events:

Sharpham offer residential courses in an historic location.

Sharpham Barn retreat offers magical mediation opportunities with good wholesome selfsufficiency and the chance to re-connect.

Sharpham Centre offers regular meditation for beginners as well. 

Shedrup Ling

Address: Blackburne House Blackburne Place Off Hope Street Liverpool   Essex
Tradition: Vajrayana, Tibetan, Karma Kagyu
Affiliation: Dechen Community
Phone: 0151 726 0413 mobile : 0776 6555 622
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Founders: Karma Thinley Rinpoche and Lama Jampa Thaye  
Spiritual Director: Lama Jampa Thaye  
Notes and Events:

Dechen is an international association of centres of the Sakya and Karma Kagyu traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. Dechen was founded by Lama Jampa Thaye under the spiritual authority of Karma Thinley Rinpoche.

Sheffield Interbeing Sangha

Address:   Sheffield Yorkshire S1 2EW
Tradition: Mahayana, Vietnamese Zen
Affiliation: Order of Interbeing
Phone: 0114 268 0461
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Spiritual Director: Thich Nhat Hanh  
Notes and Events:

Most Mondays at the Friends Meeting House, St James Street     
New venue to be arranged.
We are part of the world-wide Community of Interbeing founded by Vietnamses Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh. Please phone Katherine and John (numbers above) for information about meetings. Also, for more information about the wider Sangha in the UK, visit:

Sheffield Theravada Buddhism

Address:   Sheffield Yorkshire S11 7HB
Tradition: Theravada, Thai Forest Tradition
Affiliation: Thai Forest Tradition
Phone: 07745106942
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Main Contact: Richard  Email  (Phone: 07745106942)
Notes and Events:

We offer a friendly group environment for formal sitting meditation.

We meet once a week to sit, listen to Dhamma from talks by senior teachers in the tradition and discussion of the practice.

The group is free and both beginners and advanced meditators are extremely welcome.

We have occasional group visits to Aruna Ratanagiri - Harnham Buddhist Monastery in Northumberland, UK.

For information on practice days visit the website.

Sheychen-ling monastery

Address: 67, Telmana str., Olginka vil., Volnovaha distr., Donetsk reg.,  
Tradition: Vajrayana
Affiliation: Ningma
Phone: +3050 5124816
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Teacher: Dorje Jambo  
Notes and Events:

Buddhist monastery Sheychen-ling was consecrated in 1993, and it was officially registered as the first Buddhist monastery in Ukraine (certificate of state registration 18 dated March 19, 2003) in 2003. The monastery is situated in 50 km to the south of Donetsk, in p. Olginka of Volnovakha district, covers an area of 1 hectare.

Regular meditation, retreats have been being held since first year of the monastery existing. All comers may participate to them. Sheychen-ling monastery is also a permanent center of traditional medicine, where Tibetan and Chinese medicine drugs are made. Thousands of patients were healed with the help of these drugs since its inception. Sheychen-ling monastery should be a centre of Holy Dharma spreading in Ukraine in the future.

Shuuriya Zen Sitting Group

Address: Grove Road,Rayleigh, Essex. SS6 8YF.  Rayleigh Essex SS68YF
Tradition: Mahayana, all are welcome
Affiliation: Zen
Phone: 07527 656792
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Main Contact: Daniel Croucher  Email  (Phone: 07527 656792)
Notes and Events:

A small zen sitting group for absolute begginers and experienced sitters. Please contact me directly or visit the website for up to date information.

Sitting in the Middle

Address: 172 Merrivale Road   Bearwood Birmingham B66 4EA
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Affiliation: Gaia House
Phone: 0121 420 3268
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Main Contact: Anantacitta Tunnell  (Phone: 07794203539)
Buddhist meditation in Harborne on request: Anantacitta Tunnell  Email  (Phone: 0121 472 3712)
Notes and Events:

We are a small friendly group of meditation practitioners. We are a non-sectarian Secular Buddhist Group open to all who share our values. For more information on Secular Buddhism please click here.


Address:   Malmö 21200
Tradition: Non-Sectarian, Zen
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Instructor: Fredrik Helen-Halme  
Main Contact: Mac Djerf  Email  
Teacher: Mac Djerf  
Instructor: Stefan Hansson  
Notes and Events:

The training is focused on direct experience of the nature of the self and to apply this basic knowledge to every day life.


Address: Songtsen, Chanteloube La Bicanderie 24290 Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère France  Dordogne
Tradition: Vajrayana, Nyingmapa Tibetan
Phone: +33 (0)5 53 50 75 24
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Spiritual Director: Kangyur Rinpoche/H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche  
Notes and Events:

Songtsen is a non-profit organization, dedicated to preserving and making accessible the culture and wisdom of Tibet and to helping communities in difficulty, particularly in the Himalayan region. It takes its inspiration from the extraordinary compassion of Kangyur Rinpoche, one of the greatest Tibetan lamas of the last century. Songtsen represents more than 30 years of aid projects and cultural activities initiated and followed through by a group of Tibetans and Westerners.

Most of the organization’s office structures, as well as its teaching and retreat facilities, are located on the Côte de Jor, a forested ridge with spectacular views over the Vézère valley. The Chanteloube, Siddhartha and KRF offices are located in a restored French house known as La Bicanderie. Nestled in a secluded hillside and surrounded by forest are the traditional retreat centres of Thekchok Osel Chöling and Thekchok Ngayap Chöling.

Soto Zen Riga

Address: Tomsona Iela 30-8   Riga LV1013
Tradition: Mahayana, Soto Zen
Affiliation: Order of Buddhist Contemplatives
Phone: +37125956340
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Main Contact: Rev. Bridin Rusins  Email  (Phone: +37125956340)
Teacher: Rev. Bridin Rusins  
Spiritual Director: Rev. Bridin Rusins  Email  (Phone: +37125956340)
Notes and Events:

Teaching Center offering meditation and Buddhist teaching.

South London Zen Group

Address: South London Zen Group 4a Park Street (across from Borough Market)   Southwark London
Tradition: Mahayana, Soto Zen
Affiliation: International Zen Association (IZA)
Find on:
Main Contact: Alex le Fevre  (Phone: 020 7582 0794)
Notes and Events:

The South London Zen Group meets each Monday night near London Bridge Station for Zazen meditation in the Soto Zen tradition.  Affiliated to the International Zen Association, founded by Master Taisen Deshimaru, Our spiritual guidance is provided by Senior Dharma teachers of the International Zen Association ( 

Everybody is welcome to attend and beginners are invited to come to a short introduction to our practice each Monday at 19.00.  Zazen begins at 19.30 sharp - more information can be found on our website at or on the IZAUK website at

South Yorkshire Zen Group

Address: Quaker Meeting House 10 St James Street   Sheffield Yorkshire S1 2EW
Tradition: Mahayana, Taizan Maezumi Roshi - Soto and Rinzai
Affiliation: Dana Sangha
Phone: 07789501928
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Main Contact: Scott Williams  Email  (Phone: 07789 501928)
Notes and Events:

We meet each Tuesday at the the Quaker Meeting House in the centre of Sheffield. Like our Facebook page to stay up to date with meeting schedules. Each week there are two periods of sitting meditation with walking meditation in-between. There is full instruction available for beginners.

Southend Buddhist Group

Address: The Friends Meeting House 18 Dundonald Drive Leigh on Sea   Southend Essex SS9 1NB
Tradition: Non-Sectarian, Triratna
Affiliation: Triratna Buddhist Community
Phone: 01702 601 360
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Teacher: Dharmachari Aryacitta  
Notes and Events:

Beginners Courses twice a year or more

Meditation meetings in Leigh last Saturday of the month from March to November

Regular weekly meetings on a Thursday round people's houses to meditate and discuss Buddhism.

Sri Saddhatissa International Buddhist Centre

Address: SSIBC 309-311, Kingsbury Road   Kingsbury London NW9 9PE
Tradition: Theravada,
Phone: +44 20 8204 3301
Fax: +44 20 8933 9395
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Main Contact: Ven. Galayaye Piyadassi MBE  Email  (Phone: +44 20 8204 3301)
Teacher: Ven. N Sumana  
Spiritual Director: Ven. Galayaye Piyadassi MBE  Email  (Phone: +44 20 8204 3301)
Notes and Events:

Sri Saddhatissa International Buddhist Centre has two principal aims: to promote the understanding of Buddhism in the West, and to preserve the Buddhist culture among its supporters.

At the Sri Saddhatissa International Buddhist Centre you might find:

  • Dhamma and meditation classes
  • celebrations of important days in the Buddhist calendar – Vesak, Poson, Esala, Kathina, and Sangamitta Day
  • a daily religious service in the evening to the public [Buddhapuja] and Pirith chanting
  • Inter-faith seminars
  • visits to hospitals and homes for the sick
  • offering of alms to the poor and the destitute on Vesak Day
  • a reference and a lending library of valuable books
  • Distinguished personalities, academics, and Buddhist scholars, from both the clergy and the laity, deliver public lectures, speeches and Dhamma talks at different intervals throughout the year.


Address: No:10, Grampian Court, Grampian Road,L7 0JX, Liverpool   Liverpool Edge Lane Liverpool L70JX
Tradition: Theravada
Phone: 0044-1513529504
E-mail: -
Find on:
Main Contact: Rev. B. Piyarathana Thero  Email  (Phone: 0044-7952933308)
Spiritual Director: Rev. K. Gunawansa Thero  
Notes and Events:


  • 7.a.m. Morning Buddha Puja Chanting and Meditation
  • 11. a.m. Buddha Puja & Blessing Service
  • 7.p.m Evening Buddha Puja Chanting and meditation
  • Sundays  5-6 p.m. Meditation Class and Relaxation Class
  • During Vas Period (rainy Retreat) Special Buddha Puja Bodhi Puja and Dhamma sermons are held. ( From July Full moon Day to October Full moon Day

Meditation & Relaxing Yoga

Meditation sessions are held on Sundays at 5. p.m.  You can get allocate convenient time for you to meditate by calling us.

Stichting Dhammadipa Vipassana Meditation Center

Address: St. Pieterspoortsteeg 29-1   Amsterdam Noord-Holland 1012 HM
Tradition: Theravada, Mahasi Sayadaw - Satipathana
Affiliation: Wat Buddhavihara, Purmerend, the Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)20 6264984
Find on:
Main Contact: Peter Lange  Email  
Teacher: Dhammuttamo (Adi Ichsan)  
Spiritual Director: Aad Verboom  Email  
Notes and Events:

Dhammadipa Vipassana Meditation Center Amsterdam (perviously known as Sangha Metta or Buddhavihara Meditation Center Amsterdam) provides meditation evenings, weekends and courses for beginners and experienced meditators; courses in Abhidhamma and Sasana Theravada Buddhism.

Stichting White Jade River

Address: Boszicht 57   Goes Zeeland 4462BJ
Tradition: Mahayana
Phone: (+31) 0681155764
Find on:
Spiritual Director: Ven. Ratana  
Notes and Events:

Online publication centre on contemporry Buddhism and Mahayana doctrine.

Stiftung Felsentor

Address: Romiti - Rigi  Vitznau Luzern 6354
Tradition: Non-Sectarian, Zen
Phone: +41 (0) 41 397 17 76
Find on:
Notes and Events:

Zen Meditationshaus. Buddhistisch-christlicher Dialog. Seminare, Workshops und Kurse.

StoneWater Zen Derbyshire

Address: Bolsover Assembly Hall, Hill Top Chesterfield S44 6NG   bolsover Derbyshire S44 6NG
Tradition: Mahayana, Taizan Maezumi
Affiliation: stonewater zen
Phone: 07412563924
Find on:
Main Contact: mark shawcroft  (Phone: 07412563924)
Spiritual Director: Keizan Scott Sensei  
Teacher: Keizan Scott Sensei  
Notes and Events:

We are a Zen Buddhist organisation in the lineage of Taizan Maezumi Roshi. Stonewater Zen Derbyshire is a satellite sitting group under the guidance off Keizan Sensi. StoneWater Zen Derbyshire meets weekly in Bolsover Derbyhire.

We generally sit Zazen for 2 periods then have tea and a study period.

Beginners are most welcome

For more info please see

Bolsover Assembly Hall, Hill To Chesterfield S44 6NG

THURSDAY EVENINGS 7:30 until 9:90. 

StoneWater Zen Liverpool

Address: (Previously Liverpool Zen Group) The Dojo, Top Floor 13 Hope Street  Liverpool Liverpool L1 9BH
Tradition: Mahayana, Soto / Rinzai Zen (Maezumi Roshi)
Affiliation: White Plum Asangha
Find on:
Teacher: David Shoji Scott  
Spiritual Director: Tenshin Fletcher Roshi  
Notes and Events:

Sitting Monday & Wednesday evenings at 7.00pm - arrive 6.45 or earlier please.  Beginners please see our website for details of introductory sessions.

We also hold regular monthly zazen days, occasional beginners courses, several weekend retreats in the Lake District and two annual week-long sesshins.

Sunshine Ross

Address: 3 Castleview Mark Street   Glenarm BT44 0DA
Tradition: Vajrayana, Gelugpa
Affiliation: Asian Classics Institute, Limitless Health Institute
Phone: 1447955734321
Find on:
Teacher: Sunshine Ross  
Notes and Events:

in-person and online study of Tibetan Buddhism of the Gelugpa lineage and the works of Master Je Tsongkhapa. Gleaned from the 18 Courses taught by Gehse Michael Roach and the Asian Classics Institute.

One-day workshops are led on introduction to meditation and Lady Nigumas yoga. Donations are welcome. We are seeking generous sponsors who will help us provide these workshops for free to anyone who wants them. May all beings be happy!

What is it like? Informal talks on spirituality and just being around like-minded people and having a chat.

Swansea Buddhism

Address:   Swansea Wales
Tradition: Nichiren Buddhism
Affiliation: Soka Gakkai International
Find on:
Main Contact: Swansea Buddhism  Email  
Notes and Events:

Nichiren Daishonins Buddhism in Swansea and Swansea Valley

From Bridgend to Swansea West and Swansea Valley 

Tempel Universelle Dankbarkeit

Address: Alte Str.5   Muerlenbach 54570
Tradition: Mahayana, Chan / Zen / Thien
Phone: 0176/20101123
Find on:
Spiritual Director: Ehrwuerdige Thong Tue  (Phone: 0176/20101123)
Notes and Events:

Der Tempel Universelle Dankbarkeit folgt der Vietnamesischen Chan tradition. Ehrwuerdige Thong Tue i(Tong Hui Fashi) st seit 1999 Buddhistische Nonne. Sie lehrt Meditation, Chan Buddhismus und Praxis im Alltag. Sie spricht Deutsch, Vietnamesisch, Englisch und Franzosisch.

Ten Ryu Ji/Temple Zen Drac del Cel

Address: Coll Farrer   La Granadella Lleida 25177
Tradition: Mahayana, Taisen Deshimaru lineage
Affiliation: AZI fundator Taisen Deshimaru
Phone: 0034636398810
Find on:
Spiritual Director: Taizen Abderrahman Costa  Email  (Phone: 0034636398810)
Notes and Events:

We organize every month two-days sesshin in the Ten Ryu Ji,Temple Drac del Cel, a little zen temple in Catalonia, 30 km from the province town of Lleida. Our activity is based on fuse (Zen becomes expensive and  is a good business in Europe and US!) and we are building a new hondo with earth, and cultivating 50 ha. olive, almond and fig trees.

Cost for staying is only for the food: 5€/day.

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