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Salt Lake Buddhist Fellowship

Address: Vitalize Community Studios North Entrance 2154 Highland Drive   Salt Lake City 84106
Tradition: Mahayana
Affiliation: North American Shin Buddhist Association
Phone: 8015028130
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Spiritual Director: Christopher Myoshin Leibow  Email  (Phone: 8015028130)
Notes and Events:

We meet every Sunday at 10 am.  Our meeting consists of an open discussion regarding our individual mindfulness practice, chanting, silent mediation, some devotional practices and finally an open Dharma discussion.   In our tradition we say, "come as you are...." there is no dress code and the fellowship is open to everyone.

Samadhi Buddhist Meditation Centre

Address: 5908 - 67TH AVE N  Pinellas Park FL 33781
Tradition: Non-Sectarian, Early (Pali) Buddhism
Phone: 727-744-4377 & 727-330-8542
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Main Contact: Venerable Upananda Thero Dedunupitiye  Email  
Teacher: Venerable Upananda Thero Dedunupitiye  
Spiritual Director: Venerable Bhikkhuni Sudarshana  Email  
Notes and Events:

Non-sectarian by nature, this centers congregation is comprised of local Americans. Conducts regular programs on samatha (tranquality) and vipassana (insight) meditations. Services include funeral service, house-warming, house-blessing, ministering to the sick and dying, guidance counseling in all areas of life, teaching Pali, Theravada Buddhism, Pali chanting.

Offered in English only, the services are open to people in Tampa Bay Area and beyond.

All services are absolutely free of charge. Donations welcome. As a non-profit organization registered in and approved by the State of Florida, Samadhi Buddhist Meditation Center issues receipts for donations for income tax purposes. Checks payable to SAMADHI BUDDHIST MEDITATION CENTER.

Samden Ling

Address:   Portland 97228
Tradition: Vajrayana, Longchen Nyingthig
Affiliation: Dzogchen Nyingthig
Phone: 503-790-1064
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Main Contact: Jacqueline Mandell  Email  (Phone: 503-790-1064)
Teacher: Jacqueline Mandell  
Spiritual Director: Adzom Rinpoche  
Notes and Events:

In the spirit of lovingkindness and open heartedness we welcome all levels, including new practitioners, to engage in learning and practicing time honored meditations of the Tibetan Lineage of Longchen Rabjam and Jigme Lingpa.

Honoring the request of Adzom Rinpoche, the practices included in the Longchen Nyingthig Ngndro are offered by Meditation Teacher, Jacqueline Mandell.

Practice sessions include Refuge, Bodhicitta, Vajrasattva, Mantra, Guru Yoga and more. Tara practice and Tara tsok are also included at some sessions.

Samden Ling: A Center for Meditative Contemplation was established in 2000.

All are welcome to sign up on


Address: 851 Pine Ave Suite 111   Long Beach CA 90813
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Affiliation: Taiwan - 大自然和協生命協會
Phone: 562-888-0368
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Main Contact: Todd Cornell  Email  (Phone: 562-888-0368)
Spiritual Director: Venerable Kong Hai  
Notes and Events:

Our teachings are based on the early suttas, the Pali Canon. We follow the same practice as practiced and taught by Gotama Buddha 2500 years ago. We are experiencing great changes in our lives. Come join us for Metta & Meditation!

Meditation Schedule:

Wednesday 7PM - 9PM

Saturday 10AM - 12:30 Meditation & Discussion

Sunday 9AM - 1PM Mandarin Language Meditation and Discussion.

Samudrabadra Buddhist Center

Address: 16050 South US 41, Suite 108   Fort Myers FL 33908
Tradition: Vajrayana, New Kadampa Tradition Tibetan
Phone: (239)567-9739
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Teacher: JoAnn Lawrence  
Spiritual Director: Ven. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso  
Notes and Events:

Kadampa Buddhism is a joyful, extremely practical lineage of Buddhism that offers levels of study ranging from introductory, intermediate, and a very indepth program for those wishing to train up as qualified Dharma teachers. We also have weekly pujas, once a month day retreats, and bi-monthly Day Courses.

Introductory classes are open to everyone, of any faith or philosophical background.

We have introductory classes in the following locations:

Fort Myers


Bonita Springs

Cape Coral

Sanibel Island

San Antonio Buddhist Temple/ Chua Phuoc Hue

Address: 6292 Lockhill Road   San Antonio TX 78240
Tradition: Mahayana, Tien Tai
Affiliation: Mahayana, Vietnamese
Phone: (210) 561-1225
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Upasaka: Dennis Estrada  Email  (Phone: 210-495-4521)
Spiritual Director: Thich Phuoc Quang  (Phone: (210) 561-1225)
Notes and Events:

This is an American temple, with services in English, Spanish and Vietnamese.

San Antonio Zen

Address: 1442 West Woodlawn  San Antonio TX 78201
Tradition: Mahayana, Soto Zen
Affiliation: Houston, Austin and San Francisco Zen Centers
Phone: 210-257-8383
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Teacher: John Grimes  
Notes and Events:

In October of 2003, San Antonio Zen arose out of a wish to share the Dharma and sitting practice in the Soto traditions of Shunryu Suzuki. This wish was realized with the guidance and example of the teachers and students of the Austin Zen Center. We also have cultivated and cherished ties with the Houston Zen Center and the San Francisco Zen Center.

We aspire to benefit all beings (including ourselves) in each moment, unconditionally, with awareness, energy, lovingkindness, compassion, joy and equanimity, relaxing with what is, to realize awakening.

San Diego Shambhala Meditation Center

Address: 6727 Flanders Road   San Diego CA 92121
Tradition: Vajrayana, Tibetan, Kagyü lineage
Phone: 6196922148
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Founder: Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche  
Main Contact: Eric Heinz  
Teacher: Ruth Wallen  
Director: Carolynn Larson-Garcia  
Notes and Events:

The first Monday of the month we have "Learn-to-Meditate" for new or old practitioners.  All are welcome.  Additionally, we offer Sunday morning meditation 9-11am (meditation instruction offered).  Please visit the website for other programs.

San Fran Dhammaram Temple

Address: 2645 Lincoln Way   San Francisco CA 94122
Tradition: Theravada
Phone: (415) 753-0857
Website: http://
Find on:
Spiritual Director: Phra Anandapanyo  Email  
Notes and Events:

San Fran Dhammaram Temple offers daily sermons in English and Thai, Dhamma discussion sessions on weekends and by appointment, annual Dhamma retreats at an affiliated retreat center, daily Sanghadana offerings, Thai culture and language classes in collaboration with Thailands Chulalongkorn Volunteer Teaching Program. Please visit our website, Youtube page (Watsanfran), or Facebook page for more information.

San Jose Dharma Punx

Address: 1041 Morse Street   San Jose CA 95128
Tradition: Theravada
Phone: 408-717-3350
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Teacher: Stephanie Tate  
Notes and Events:

San Jose Dharma Punx is a community-based urban Insight Meditation group focused on providing the teachings and practices of the Buddha to all that are interested. We welcome people from all racial, economic, sexual, social, political and religious backgrounds and preference. The Buddha said that all are capable of awakening. Our practices are steeped in the over 2,500 year old Theravadin tradition with flavors of the New School.

We are part of the Against the Stream Meditation Society and Dharma Punx nation founded by Noah Levine.

Sanctuary Meditation Center

Address: 1112 Sanctuary Road  Naples FL 34120
Tradition: Theravada, Non-Sectarian
Phone: 239-404-1832
Find on:
Main Contact: Jan Robey  Email  (Phone: 239-404-1832)
Notes and Events:

Located on 15 acres of wooded land, Sanctuary Meditation Center offers free meditation lessons and retreats.  Visit our website for the latest information.

Sang Ngak Chokor Ling

Address: San Rafael, California, 94915 United States   San Rafael CA 94915
Tradition: Vajrayana, Nyingma
Find on:
Main Contact: Taliesin Lanning  Email  
Spiritual Director: Tsewong Sitar Rinpoche  
Notes and Events:

Sang Ngak Chokor Ling is a Non Profit temple based out of Northern California and Bhutan. It supports and promotes the teachings of Vajrayana Tantric Buddhism, Dzogchen and Chod through the transmission and enlightened guidance of Tsewong Sitar Rinpoche and his brother and translator Lama Pema Tenzin.

Our mission is to provide complete training to non celibate practitioners in the Tantric Buddhist practices of the Ngakpa or mantra speaker leading back to the second Buddha Padmasambhava.

We hold regular teachings in Tantra, meditation, ritual and Buddhist art and dance. Our dates vary so please contact us or check in with our facebook page for more details. The community is welcome to sponsor prayer and puja for themselves or others and we also offer divination to those in need. 

P.O. Box 150653

San Rafael, California, 94915

Sangdo Palri Temple of Wisdom and Compassion

Address: 1775 Summitview Overlook   Crestone CO 81131
Tradition: Vajrayana, Dzogpa Chenpo Longchen Nyingtik
Affiliation: Nyingma Tradition
Phone: 303.817.5529
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Spiritual Director: Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche  
Notes and Events:

The Sangdo Palri Temple is being constructed as a focal point for world peace, compassion and awakening. Visitors will come to refresh their spiritual practice, make prayers and aspirations, enjoy the natural environment, and deepen their connection to the Longchen Nyingtik tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. The Temple will be consecrated in 2017 and then have specific visiting days for the general public.

Santa Monica Karma Kagyu Study Group

Address: 1245 10th St   Santa Monica CA 90401
Tradition: Tibetan, Karma Kagyu Lineage
Affiliation: KTD (Woodstock, NY)
Phone: (310) 451-4368
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Contact: Daniel Kane  
Notes and Events:

Mail to :  #4 1245 10th St. (mail only) Santa Monica CA 90401

Meets at the Clubhouse at Douglas Park.

Santa Monica Karma Thegsum Choling

Address: 1008 11th Street Room   Santa Monica CA 90401
Tradition: Vajrayana, Karma Kagyu Tibetan
Phone: 310-451-4368
Find on:
Main Contact: Daniel  (Phone: (310) 593-3609 )
Teacher: Venerable Bardor Tulku Rinpoche  
Spiritual Director: 17th Karmapa  
Notes and Events:

Santa Monica KTC is a registered non-profit, founded in Santa Monica to provide the community with meditation instruction and practice.  New comers are welcome to contact us to find out about the dates and times we meet.

We are under the guidance of Karma Triyana Dharmachakra (

We are near church at corner of Washington Ave and California Ave in Santa Monica.

Santa Monica Zen Center

Address: 1453 W 14th Street Unit C   Santa Monica CA 90404
Tradition: Mahayana, Zen: Three Treasures Tradition of Taizan Maezumi Roshi
Affiliation: White Plum Asangha founded by Taizan Maezumi Roshi
Phone: (310) 572-9070
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Main Contact:  
Abbot & Head Teacher: William Yoshin Jordan  Email  
Teacher: William Yoshin Jordan, Sensei  
Spiritual Director: William Yoshin Jordan, Sensei  
Notes and Events:

The Santa Monica Zen Center is an urban, non-profit organization that operates on a Membership/Volunteer model.

We invite Guests and practitioners new to SMZC to participate one time in an initial 40-minute Zazen Instruction and Orientation, after which we support their practice for a trial period of 2 months at no charge.

Newcomers are asked to consider Membership at the end of the trial period.  Members pay monthly dues and enjoy the privilege of ‘just sitting’ on a self-styled schedule or engaging whole-heartedly in our training and development programs.

SMZC would be very pleased to have you visit and ‘test drive’ us for our 2-month trial period!  Please contact us at, or in person during our scheduled open hours, with your questions about Zazen Instruction, trial practice, or Membership.

Santa Rosa Shambhala Center

Address: 855 7th Street (Masonic Lodge, corner of Beaver & 7th Street)   Santa Rosa CA 95404
Tradition: Mahayana, Vajrayana, Non-Sectarian, Tibetan, Shambhala Buddhist
Affiliation: Shambhala International
Phone: 707 545-4907
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Spiritual Director: Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche  
Founder: Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche  
Main Contact: Joanne Henn (Center Director)  Email  (Phone: 707 545-4907)
Notes and Events:

Mailing address: Post Office Box 521, Santa Rosa, CA 95402

Saraha Nyingma Buddhist Institute

Address: 477 E. 40th Ave.   Eugene OR 97405
Tradition: Vajrayana, Dudjom Lineage of the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism
Phone: +1(541)359-3588
Find on:
Main Contact: office  (Phone: +1(541)359-3588)
Teacher: Lama Sonam Tsering  
Spiritual Director: Lama Tharchin Rinpoche  
Notes and Events:

Located in Eugene, Oregon, USA. Saraha Nyingma Buddhist Institute is a Buddhist Temple and educational facility dedicated to the study and practice of the Dudjom Lineage of the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism.

Please visit our website at: for more information on our background, vision and intention, as well as our current schedule and calendar of events, and Dharma Education opportunities. This site is also a source for Buddhist learning resources, including photo, audio, video and structured study materials.

Saraha Nyingma Buddhist Institute

Address: 477 E. 40th Ave.   Eugene OR 97405
Tradition: Vajrayana, Dudjom Lineage
Affiliation: Tibetan/Nyingma
Phone: (541)359-3588
Find on:
Main Contact: Lama Tsering Gyaltsen  
Teacher: Lama Sonam Tsering  
Spiritual Director: Lama Tharchin Rinpoche  
Notes and Events:

The Saraha Nyingma Buddhist Institute, or "Saraha" for short, is a registered 501(c)(3) status non-profit religious organization based in Eugene, Oregon, USA.  Following the Buddha's teachings of Enlightenment, and practicing according to the Dudjom Lineage of the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism, Saraha offers a full schedule of regular temple meditation and educational events, special teachings events, and educational courses.

The Institute is also the home of Saraha Children's School, a full academic, grades K-8 school which integrates the study and practice of Buddhist philosophy with standard academic subjects. 

Through its adult and child programs, Saraha intends to offer a community-based, family friendly atmosphere where students young and old can visit and grow in age and wisdom together.

Sarana International Buddhist Center

Address: 15241 51st Avenue South   Tukwila WA 98188
Tradition: Theravada
Phone: (206) 277-8399
Find on:
Main Contact: Polwatte Pagnananda  Email  (Phone: (206) 277-8399)
Teacher: Polwatte Pagnananda  
Spiritual Director: Polwatte Pagnananda  
Notes and Events:

Sarana International Buddhist Center (SIBC), In Tukwila, Washington is truly international. Its altar includes Buddha statues and paintings from Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, China, Burma, and India. One of the resident monks, Venerable Pra Mahamuni Lim Sovann, and many of those who attend the large gatherings at the temple near Sea-Tac airport are Cambodian. But, the abbot, Bhante Polwatte Pagnananda hails from Sri Lanka. SIBC, which was established in 1998, is open to anyone who wants to learn about Buddhism or practice Buddhist meditation. Regular religious services are held every Sunday morning starting at 9 a.m.

There are meditation and Yoga classes every Wednesday 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. A new vipassana hall was opened in March of 2005, and the Northwest Vipassana Society conducts all-day workshops from 8:00 a.m to 4:30 p.m. on the last Saturday of every month. The annual vassa (rainy season retreat) for monks lasts for three months, beginning on July 24 and continuing through October.

The retreat period ends on October 30, 2005 with the colorful Kathina ceremony during which lay supporters offer new robes, flowers, food, and other donations to the monks. All are welcome to take part in these ceremonies.

Sarana\\\'s Abbot, Bhante Polwatte Pagnananda, entered the order of bhikkus in 1965 in Sri Lanka under the patronage of Venerable Mullegama Seelananda and Labugama Lankananda Maha Thero, and received his higher ordination in 1974 from Akurana Pannaransi Maha Thero, the Sanghanayake (leader) of the Raigama Korale (Siamese sect-Kotte chapter). He received his early education from Paravahera Pagnnananda Maha Thero at Dharmaduta Buddhist Seminary in Colombo, and later studied at Vidyaratana Affiliated University Parivena. In 1977 he completed the GCE Advanced Level Examination, in 1981 the First Examination of the Pracina Panditha degree, and in 1983 received a Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Kelaniya. He was active in various religious and social activities in the Horana area from 1986 to 1994, and was eventually appointment as the chief incumbent of the Boddalgoda Sri Devarakshita Temple.

In 1996 Bhante Pagnananda was invited to come to the United States on a Dhammaduta (missionary) mission by a devoted Sri Lankan physician in New York. He stayed at the Maitri Viharan in Los Angeles and the came to Seattle in 1977. He was determined to establish a Theravada Buddhist center, and the next year founded the Sarana International Buddhist Center in Tukwila with the generous support of Buddhist devotees from different ethnic groups. The Sarana International Buddhist Center is located at 15241 . 51st Ave South in Tukwila, just northeast of Sea-Tac Airport. Further information about the Center and its activities can be obtained from Bhante Polwatte Pagnananda at 206-277-8399.

Sarasota Forest Monastery

Address: 520 Lewis Street   Englewood FL 34223
Tradition: Theravada
Phone: 941 587-8601
Find on:
Main Contact: Chailai Brune  Email  (Phone: 941-914-7504)
Notes and Events:

Sarasota Forest Monastery (SFM) was established in 2005 with the goals in mind to raise enough support to build a Buddhist Monastery in the Thai Forest tradition.  Fundraising efforts continue on a regular basis and constructions to begin as soon as the funds are ready. Members are meeting every Saturday for a meditation session. We have visiting monks from time to time to give Dhamma discussion at the location.

Sarasota Zen Center- Buddhist Temple

Address: 3947 Clark Road. Ste. B   Sarasota FL 34233
Tradition: Mahayana, Rev. Dr. Soyu Matsuoka, roshi
Affiliation: Soto Zen
Phone: 941-451-6988
Find on:
Main Contact: Rev. Daito Thompson- Osho  Email  (Phone: 941-451-6988)
Spiritual Director: Rev. Daito Thompson- Osho  Email  (Phone: 941-451-6988)
Notes and Events:

 The Sarasota Zen Center,  a Soto Zen Buddhist Temple, is a Florida registered non-profit organization created to support the dissemination and growth of Buddhist Teachings within our communities and to help empower its members through direct participation in its programs. The Sarasota Zen Center community offers a haven of peace and harmony in which to engage in the arduous task of self-discovery through Zen practice. Welcoming diversity, the practice of Zen is available to people of every race, religion, nationality, class, gender, sexual orientation, age, and physical ability.

Zen Wisdom is thought to be the most refined spiritual possession of Asia, with its origin in India, its development in China, and its practical application in Japan. Wherever there is poetic action, a religious aspiration, a heroic thought, there is Zen. Zen is direct- goes straight to the point- requires no mediator. It is the greatest gift the Orient can make to the Occident.

ZAZEN: Formal Zen meditation.
Meditation has been said to occupy in Buddhism the place of prayer in other religious. In a sense this is true- except that Zen meditation is not prayer, makes no assumptions at all about God, and has been practiced by adherents of many major religions.

Zen meditation is not a dreamy reverie. Nor does it seek to apply the mind to any formulated problems of philosophy, ethics, or theology. Rather, the object of meditation is to force the participant beyond the sphere where words can be used, into the realm of immediacy where Ultimate Truth can be realized.

To put it simply, Zen meditation is to be approached as an end in itself. Greater Wisdom is not its aim but is an incidental results. It is extremely practical and penetrates all phases of daily life.

Who can participate?
Anyone who desires to progress in mind, body, and spirit may benefit by attending the Zen center. Among attendants have been practitioners of Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, and secular ethical philosophies, as well as other Buddhists. The only requirements are a sincere purpose and a clean body.

Application to life.
The late Reverend Dr. Soyu Matsuoka-roshi said: "Many people have inquired about the life that a Zen person should lead. As you grow in Zen, you will find that you no longer have to think about how to act, or how to live, because the life of Zen will have matured in you, and your actions will be in complete harmony with your inner spirit."

Where to Begin?

1. Study.

2. Reflection.

3. Meditation.

4. Finding spiritual friends.

Gassho, _/\_

Venerable Reverend Daito Thompson- Osho, spiritual director

Seattle Buddhist Center

Address: 12056 15th Ave NE   Seattle WA 98125
Tradition: Non-Sectarian, Triratna
Affiliation: Triratna Buddhist Community
Phone: (206) 726-0051
Find on:
Notes and Events:

The Seattle Buddhist Center is part of an international Buddhist movement known as the Triratna Buddhist Community (formerly Friends of the Western Buddhist Order) which aims to make available the teachings and practices of Buddhism in a form accessible to those in the West. The Center offers a range of activities and resources to further these aims.

The entrance is on NE 123rd Street.

Sera Jey Buddhist Culture Center

Address: 74-15 43rd Avenue   Elmhurst 11373
Tradition: Vajrayana, Tibetan Buddhism - Gelug tradition
Affiliation: Sera Jey Monastic University, South India
Phone: 917-605-7109, 347-601-1726
Find on:
Teacher: Pare Rinpoche  
Main Contact: Geshe Lobsang Ngodup  Email  (Phone: Same as above)
Spiritual Director: Geshe Lobsang Ngodup  Email  (Phone: 917-605-7109)
Notes and Events:

Sera Jey Buddhist Culture Center is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit religious and cultural organization established in New York in 2009.  The center is dedicated to the preservation and fostering Tibets unique spiritual tradition and cultural heritage through providing a wide range of programs on Buddhism and Tibetan culture to the Tibetan community and the general public.  Pare Rinpoche is our residential lama who give teaching, performs religious services and provides spiritual counseling.

SGI Northern Virginia Buddhist Center

Address: 7400 Fullerton Road # 200   Springfield VI 22153
Tradition: Mahayana
Affiliation: SGI USA
Phone: (703) 451-0441
Find on:
Notes and Events:

Soka Gakkai International (SGI-USA) is a lay American Buddhist Association that promotes world peace and individual happiness based on the teachings of Nichiren Buddhism.  Our members reflect a cross section of society representing all walks of life.  Buddhism is about achieving personal happiness in your daily life.  The path to happiness begins with the first step.

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