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D.I. Yogyakarta


Kab. Badung

Kab. Jayapura

Kab. Manokwari

Kab. Semarang-Jawa Tengah

Kab. Teluk Cendrawasih

Kabupaten Ambarawa

Kabupaten Bandung

Kabupaten Banggai

Kabupaten Banjar Negara

Kabupaten Banyumas

Kabupaten Bekasi

Kabupaten Bogor

Kabupaten Boyolali

Kabupaten Brebes

Kabupaten Buleleng

Kabupaten Cianjur

Kabupaten Cilacap

Kabupaten Cirebon

Kabupaten Demak

Kabupaten Dili

Kabupaten Donggala

Kabupaten Garut

Kabupaten Gorontalo

Kabupaten Grobogan

Kabupaten Gunung Kidul

Kabupaten Karang Anyar

Kabupaten Karawang

Kabupaten Kebumen

Kabupaten Kendal

Kabupaten Kendari

Kabupaten Kota Baru

Kabupaten Kotawaringing Timur

Kabupaten Kudus

Kabupaten Lasem

Kabupaten Magelang

Kabupaten Majalengka

Kabupaten Minahasa

Kabupaten Mojokerto

Kabupaten Muna

Kabupaten Pati

Kabupaten Pekalongan

Kabupaten Pemalang

Kabupaten Pontianak

Kabupaten Purwakarta

Kabupaten Purwokerto

Kabupaten Rangkas Bitung

Kabupaten Rembang

Kabupaten Salatiga

Kabupaten Semarang

Kabupaten Sorong.d

Kabupaten Sukabumi

Kabupaten Tabanan

Kabupaten Tanah Laut.

Kabupaten Tangerang

Kabupaten Tasikmalaya

Kabupaten Tegal

Kabupaten Temanggung

Kabupaten Wonogiri

Kabupaten Wonosobo

Kota Administratif Tarakan

Kota Administratip Singkawang

Kotamadya Ambon

Kotamadya Balikpapan

Kotamadya Banjarmasin

Kotamadya Jakarta Barat

Kotamadya Jakarta Pusat

Kotamadya Jakarta Selatan

Kotamadya Jakarta Timur

Kotamadya Jakarta Utara

Kotamadya Manado

Kotamadya Palu

Kotamadya Pontianak

Kotamadya Samarinda

Kotamadya Sambas


Nusa Tenggara Barat



Sulawesi Selatan

Sumatra Barat

Sumatra Selatan

Sumatra Utara


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Nichiren Shu South Africa

Address:   Fourways Gauteng
Tradition: Mahayana
Affiliation: Nichiren Shu
Phone: 0828557801
Fax: 0866107640
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Notes and Events:

Nichiren Shu, means the teaching of Nichiren, who was a great sage and appeared in Japan the 13th Century. We believe Shakyamuni Buddha, (Siddharta Guatama) is the original Buddha. He taught the Lotus Sutra which is the primary teaching of the of Nichiren Shu. By chanting Namu Myoho Renge Kyo as Nichiren taught we are able to attain Buddhahood. We hold meetings twice a month. They are small and intimate. One may attend as an observer and guest. There is no pressure to participate in the ceremonies  or join our group. You are most welcome.

In Nichiren Shu there is no discrimination against class, race, belief or sexual orientation. Nichiren Shu is dedicated to all beings achieving their potential and happiness. Please be well and happy.

PO BOX 787167
Sandton 2146

Nilambe Meditation Centre

Tradition: Theravada
Notes and Events:

Contacting Nilambe in the new electronic ways is not always easy - we suggest that you come here and meet us! However, do try Upul on 0777-804 555;  Nalaka on 0777-811 653; or Pitigala on 0776-756 598. You may also want to try email: (sometimes checked).

Getting there and away: The centre is easily reached by the Galaha/Deltota bus #633 from Kandy. It passes Nilambe Office Junction (about 17km). From there it is a steep walk through tea plantations to reach the centre. Alternatively, taxis or autorickshaws are available from Kandy. Advice can also be sought from the Buddhist Publication Society in Kandy. Autorickshaws are often available from the bottom of the office junction, at Nilambe, but the gate half way up the tea estate road is locked most of the time.

General info: Meditators stay from one night to several years, and the centre can help long term meditators with visa extensions. Accommodation at the centre is in single or shared rooms. The centre has no electricity supply, and conditions are adequate but basic. Although this is a lay centre, often there are members of the Sangha undertaking personal retreats at Nilambe. The centre charges 400 Sri Lankan rupees per day (about GBP 2.15 sterling, USD 3.90 at June 2004 rates) to foreigners to cover accommodation and food. Sri Lankans may offer donations instead. The majority of resident meditators are westerners, but many Sri Lankans also use the centre (particularly around Poya days). Teaching is also available in English and Sinhala by the resident teacher, Upul. There is a good library of books and tapes in English and Sinhala. Make sure that you bring a flashlight (no electricity), an umbrella and warm clothes (cold at night). The centre provides bedsheets and pillows et cetera.

Nirodha City Centre

Address: 44, Edirisinghe Road, Mirihana,   Nugegoda Western
Tradition: Theravada
Phone: +94 11 2824534
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Assistant Teacher/Trustee Director: M. Kumarasinghe  Email  
Teacher/Trustee: Rusara  Email  (Phone: +18085949575)
Teacher: Dhammaruwan  
Spiritual Director: Dhammaruwan  Email  (Phone: +94727577557)
Notes and Events:

Nirodha City Centre, a Dhamma and Meditation teaching facility was inaugurated at a ceremony on Saturday, 20th February presided over by Ven Kirama Wimalajothi Nayaka Thero and Ven Olande Ananda Thero. The City Centre now located at No 44, Edirisinghe Road, Mirihana Nugegoda, is one of the key projects of the Nirodha Trust whose aim is to foster, preserve and spread the authentic teachings of the Buddha.  

The programs that will be conducted at the Nirodha City Centre include guided meditation, Dhamma workshops, Sutta discussions, Dhammapada teachings, Day-Long retreats and yoga sessions. 

The Spiritual Director and founder of the Nirodha Trust Dhammaruwan, is an experienced meditation teacher who has trained with Bhante Henepola Gunaratne and Joseph Goldstein in the USA. 

At the inauguration ceremony, in a special message Joseph Goldstein reiterated the importance of centers such as the Nirodha City Centre, for providing opportunities for those in the city with busy work schedules to learn meditation in a place close to home. Venerable Wimalajoti welcomed the concept of the City Centre since he felt it would fill an existing void in Dhamma dissemination  and learning meditation in Colombo.

Nirodha Insight Meditation Group

Address: Buddhist Center Sampo, Vetehisenkuja 3  Helsinki 00530
Tradition: Theravada, Vipassana (insight) meditation
Phone: +358-40-8393281 / Juha Penttila
Find on:
Main Contact: Juha Penttila  Email  (Phone: +358-40-8393281)
Notes and Events:

We organize weekly sittings, practice days, courses, study groups, and silent meditation retreats. We gather every Tuesday at 6 PM in Buddhist Center Sampo, Helsinki, Finland. Our retreats are held in English; the teachers come from abroad, for example from Gaia House. Everybody is warmly welcome to practise insight meditation (vipassana) with us!

Nirvana Peace Foundation

Address: S. H. Tower, House # 205 (2nd Floor), S. S. Khaled Road,Kazir Dewri, Chittagong, Bangladesh.   Chittagong Chittagong - 4000
Tradition: Theravada
Affiliation: World Fellowship of Buddhist Youth (WFBY)
Phone: 0088-01760061299, 0088-01795650852
Find on:
Main Contact: SABUJ BARUA , President  Email  (Phone: 088-01760061299)
Notes and Events:


Integrated Human Activities for Peaceful Life and Ailing Mankind. Developed Socio-economic condition and improved life style of the poor and the under privileged groups.


• To promote the programs for poverty alleviation and improve the overall situation of the poorest men and women by organizing and providing them Education, Training, Credit supports and other services for taking income-generating activities.

• To promote and operate family planning, health, sanitation, safe drinking water supply, nutrition, mother and child health care services for the benefits of the poor.

• To increase the facilities of education (General and Technical) and impart training for the disabled child and socially excluded peoples to provide them in the society as worthy citizens and hold their rights and empowered them through sustainable activities.


  • To provide education to the children and adults for development of individual knowledge and capacity.
  • To establish Vocational Training Centre for providing technical skill on different trades.
  • To raise awareness and sensitize the stakeholders to realize the barriers of disabled persons and to take initiatives for overcoming the same.   
  • To protect and preserve human rights specially women and child rights.
  • To remove child labour & to improve the lives of children who are affected by conflict, deprivation, poverty providing education, healthcare and protection.
  • To provide knowledge and awareness on health care and personal hygiene especially maternal and child health care.
  • Prevention of HIV/AIDS and establishment of social dignity of people living with HIV/AIDS
  • To empower the vulnerable women at grassroots level providing necessary training, motivation, right education including necessary technical and financial support as per felt need.   
  • To aware the target peoples as well as community people regarding the uses of safe water and sanitation that importance to social mobilization on health care.
  • To promote self sufficiency of young people.To undertake environmental program to assist to maintain ecological balance and save bio-diversity.  
  • To increase family income through self-employment among the target groups encouraging them to undertake income generation activities.  
  • Media Development – Capacity building of Journalists.
  • To establish good governance at local level to ensure transparency, accountability among the local institutions.
  • To provide all possible cooperation to GO-NGOs, donors and other stakeholders.

Nisala International Meditation Center

Address: Udadumbara, Kandy, Sri Lanka   Kandy Central 20000
Tradition: Theravada
Phone: +94713876444
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Main Contact: Dilu Fernando  Email  (Phone: +94713876444)
Teacher: Acharin Wijenayake  
Spiritual Director: Acharin Wijenayake  Email  (Phone: +94713492216)
Notes and Events:

Based in Udadumbara, Kandy, Sri Lanka, Nisala International Meditation Center is a non-profit organization that hosts Mindfulness Mediation retreats throughout the year for people from all over the world. Situated amidst the lush greenery overlooking the Knuckles mountains range, the Center is the perfect oasis to practice meditation and deep spiritual contemplation.

Acharin G. Wijenayake is the Chief Kammattanacharin (Meditation teacher) in the Nisala International Meditation Centre. He is based in Udadumbara, Kandy, Sri Lanka. He has been meditating for more than two decades in the Mindfulness and the Vipassana traditions in Sri Lanka & abroad. He employs a direct method of teaching to guide his students in their efforts to establish Right Mindfulness within their hearts. His teacher was the late Buddhist monk and the meditation master the Most Venerable Marathugoda Mahinda.

Nitartha Institute

Address: Mailing address: 3902 Woodland Park Ave N  Seattle, WA 98103
Tradition: Vajrayana, Non-Sectarian, Tibetan, Kagyu & Nyingma
Affiliation: Nitartha International, Nalandabodhi
Phone: 206-947-6018
Find on:
Main Contact: Sandra Roscoe  Email  (Phone: 206-947-6018)
Spiritual Director: The Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche  
Acharya: Lama Tenpa Gyaltsen  
Notes and Events:

Nitartha Institute was founded in 1996 by The Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, a Tibetan master who is renowned for his exceptional ability to present key Buddhist teachings on the nature of mind in English, and in a way that clarifies their essential meaning for modern-day Western students. Nitartha Institute’s broad and deep approach to Buddhist studies, covering the core teachings of Buddhism, and the main commentaries of the Tibetan masters of the Kagyü and Nyingma lineages, makes it a true resource for Buddhists of all traditions. The personal practicality of the teachings at Nitartha ensures their usefulness to a wide range of people who are Buddhists in any tradition as well as non-Buddhists. Nitartha’s courses are taught in several locations throughout the US and Canada and are organized in various formats ranging from weekend intensives, weekly classes in a semester format, 9-day programs, and a two-week or month-long summer residential program.

No Hindrance Zen

Address:   Baton Rouge 70808
Tradition: Mahayana, White Plum Zen Buddhist Lineage
Affiliation: Two Arrows Zen
Find on:
Teacher: Gary Muso Pettigrew Hoshi  
Notes and Events:

No Hindrance Zen offers weekly practice opportunities in the Baton Rouge area. Services include Zazen (seated meditation),  Dharma talks (presentations on Zen Buddhism), and discussion.

Nonsectarian Mindfulness Meditation

Address: 304 Church Street (Theosophical Hall)   Palmerston North Manawatu-Wanganui
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Phone: 6463285953
Find on:
Teacher: Doug Osto  
Notes and Events:

Doug Osto is a lay Buddhist meditation teacher who has studied and practiced Buddhism for over twenty years. He has trained in all three vehicles (Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana) particularly in Vipassana, Zen, Pureland and Geluk techniques. Additonally, he holds higher degrees in Buddhist studies from Harvard, the University of Washington and the University of London. He teaches a mindfulness meditation practice primarily based on the vipassana technique taught by the late Sri Lankan lay meditation teacher Godwin Samararatne and the "just sitting" method of Japanese Zen master Dogen.

Tuesday meditation meetings are at the Theosophical Hall (304 Church Street) in Palmerston North  from 6pm-7pm.

Norbu Choling Centre

Address: No 24 lor 29 geylang #05-00 Leow Sih Association building Singapore 388073  
Tradition: Vajrayana, Gelug
Phone: 65 67476650
Find on:
Spiritual Director: Ven Geshe Dorje Tenzin  
Notes and Events:

Norbu Choling Center (NCC) is a Singapore based non-profit organization committed to servicing humanity by providing opportunities to serve, learn and practice from the monks and traditional lineage masters from the 1,013 year old Key Monastery in Spiti, Himalayas India.

NCC is pleased to create a connection to our kind teachers video teachings, gift of prayers and an insight to Spiti to the world via cyberspace. May the Buddha bless all of us to understand dharma better, lead happy, prosperous and meaningful lives. May we produce peaceful and kind actions to benefit all beings and our Mother Earth.


Norbu Choling Dharma Center was set up in 2007. We are supported by committee members and volunteers under the kind guidance of Venerable Geshe Dorje Tenzin and a team of visiting monks from the Key Monastery.

Quote: "Gaden Lhagyama is considered to be a blessing because Je Tsongkhapa in reality came to this first practitioner and blessed this practitioner and the practitioner did the seven limbs practice during that period and then he wrote this (the text) down and so the text becomes very powerful..." From Lochen Tulku Rinpoches Teaching: How to practice Gaden Lhagyama.

Norman Meditation Group

Address:   Norman OK 73072
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Phone: (Cliff) 405- 310-2490
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Notes and Events:

We meet weekly for a 40-minute silent meditation, followed by sharing and tea for those who choose to stay.

North American Buddhist Alliance

Address:   WA 98178
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Phone: 253-886-6251
Find on:
Notes and Events:

North American Buddhist Alliance shares Dharma resources across Buddhist traditions. We aim to foster supportive networks. We encourage collaboration, communication, and interaction among Buddhists and Buddhist groups. We publicise, sponsor, or coordinate initiatives and activities of interest through NABA's interactive website and NABA News.

North American Fulong Dharma Centre

Address: 2105-77 Harbour Square   Toronto Ontario M5J 2S2
Tradition: Vajrayana, Buddha Shakyamuni, Tsongkapa - the greatest commentator of Buddhism in history, KonSa Rinpoche, the great Master NengHai, Master Qin Hai and to Master HaiKong.
Affiliation: TWDD Hai Kong
Phone: 416-272-0913
Find on:
Kitchener TWDD: Vibeke  Email  
Main Contact: Jemma Fong  Email  
Guelph TWDD: Ryan  Email  
Teacher: Wen Tang  
Spiritual Director: Master Shi Hai Kong (from China)  Email  
Notes and Events:

The North American Fulong Dharma Centre is committed in providing ongoing support and guidance to all individuals in hopes to reducing life’s pain and suffering through meditation and Dharma practice.

TWDD meditation originated in Tibetan Buddhist Meditation / Yoga practice. After a process of reforms, a series of public teachings has been developed by Master Hai Kong and has made available to the general public for the first time in history. TWDD represents a powerful tool to unfold our inner peace and to develop true happiness.

During each meditation session, we will give about half hour on-going teaching on " the three principle aspects of the path of true happiness" - a fundamental study set forth for successful meditation practices. Also we will do half hour standing meditation, 45 minutes of sitting meditation, as well as a short QA session.

The essence of TWDD meditation is to preoccupy one’s body, mind and speech with (holding) Mudra, (visualizing) Guru and (speaking) Mantra. In just a matter of 2 hours/per day in up to 7 days, all practitioners will be able to establish the connection to their own Dharma Nature, thereby generating the confidence to continue on the journey of spiritual development.

Learn TWDD meditation a powerful tool to unfold your inner peace and to develop true happiness. TWDD meditation originated in Tibetan Buddhist Meditation / Yoga practice. Practice sessions in Toronto, Kitchener, Guelph, Ontario Canada

North American Shin Buddhist Association (NASBA)

Address:   Middletown CN
Tradition: Mahayana, Shin Buddhism
Affiliation: independent lay practicioners
Find on:
Notes and Events:

NASBA is a growing and innovative collection of affiliated American Shin Buddhist communities that follow the successful and increasingly popular practice style of its flagship community, the Buddhist Faith Fellowship of Connecticut. Established in the year 2005, and now headquartered in Middletown, Connecticut, NASBA serves as the religious and administrative center for its affiliated sanghas across the continent and the world.

North Carolina Buddhist Temple

Address: 1017 Patterson Rd   Durham NC 27704
Tradition: Theravada
Phone: 919-827-4389
Fax: 919-827-4389
Find on:
Spiritual Director: Ven. Yatiyana Wajirapala Thero  Email  (Phone: 919-827-4389)
Notes and Events:

We are located in Durham, North Carolina and welcome anyone who is interested in learning and practicing Buddha’s teachings and philosophy to achieve their spiritual and personal goals. The temple community is guided under the leadership and patronage of the Most Venerable Yatiyana Wajirapala Thero. The cultural heritage of the temple stems from the Sri Lankan tradition of Theravada Buddhism.

We offer many services that include meditation sessions, scripture discussions, Sunday school, monthly one-day retreats on Poya (Full-Moon) days, and various community and cultural events such as Vesak, Vas Season Program and Katina Pooja, Sinhala and Tamil New Year Celebrations, etc., on a frequent basis. Please check back for these announcement as they happen.

North Dakota Buddhist Vihara

Address: P.O.Box 5152   Fargo ND 58105
Tradition: Theravada
Affiliation: Minnesota Buddhist Vihara
Phone: (612) 522 1811
Find on:
Spiritual Director: Witiyala Seewalie Thera  Email  (Phone: (612) 522 1811)
Notes and Events:

Mail to :  P.O.Box 5152, Fargo, 58105 ND

The mission of the North Dakota Buddhist Vihara is to share the Buddhas message of Peace and Happiness and help create peace and harmony within and ourselves and in the surrounding world.

North London Zen Group

Address: North London Zen Group Highbury Roundhouse Community Centre 71 Ronalds Road   London N5 1XB
Tradition: Mahayana, Soto Zen
Affiliation: International Zen Association (IZA)
Phone: 020 7732 3287
Find on:
Main Contact: Anette Fajardo  (Phone: 020 7732 3287)
Notes and Events:

The North London Zen Group meets 4 times weekly at the Highbury Roundhouse Community Centre to practice Zazen  - Zen Meditation - in the Soto Zen Tradition.  We are affiliated with Association Zen Internationale founded by Master Taisen Deshimaru and receive our spiritual guidance from Senior Dharma Teachers with this organisation. Introductions to our practice are held weekly on Thursday Evenings and everybody is welcome to come and join us regardless of experience.

North Oxfordshire Zen Group

Address: 6 Marlborough Place  Banbury Oxfordshire OX16 5DA
Tradition: Mahayana, Rinzai Gigen – Hakuin Ekaku Zenji
Affiliation: Chobo-ji Zen Temple, Seattle
Phone: 07901 836709
Find on:
Spiritual Director: Genjo Marinello Osho  
Main Contact: Justin Farquhar  Email  (Phone: 07901 836709)
Notes and Events:

North Oxfordshire Zen Group was created to allow people in North Oxfordshire and surrounding areas to practice traditional Zen Buddhism. The group is suitable for experienced practitioners and beginners alike, including those who wish to bring greater mindfulness into their lives without necessarily having an interest in Buddhism per se.

Our parent temple is Dai Bai Zan Cho Bo Zen Ji (Chobo-ji), in the Rinzai Gigen – Hakuin Ekaku Zenji Dharma Line and was founded by Zen Master Genki Takabayashi, in Seattle, USA, in 1983. Genjo Marinello Oshō succeeded Genki Roshi in 1999 as the second abbot of Chobo-ji.

Meetings are on Thursdays at 7pm,  practicing primarily ’silent awareness’ or shikantaza zazen meditation, walking meditation and dedication liturgy. There are also Zen retreats and other Zen-related events in the region on occasion.

Instruction for beginners is available.

Northants Buddhist Meditation Centre

Address: The Friends Meeting House, Northall Street, Kettering, Northants NN16 8DS   Kettering Northamptonshire NN16 8DS
Tradition: Vajrayana
Affiliation: Karma Kagyu
Phone: 01536520000
Find on:
Lama: Ato Rinpoche  
Lama: Wangyal  
Main Contact: Bob Pollak  Email  
Teacher: Ringu Tulku Rinpoche  
Notes and Events:

The Northants Buddhist Meditation Centre is an independent centre following the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism. Anyone with an interest in Buddhism or who is just seeking to learn about meditation is welcome to attend.  The regular weekly programme consists of guided or silent meditation, readings from a Buddhist text and Chenrezig Puja on the last Monday of each month.  Visiting teachers: Ringu Tulku Rinpoche; Ato Rinpoche.

Northeast Ohio Buddhist News

Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Main Contact: Lynne Brakeman  Email  
Notes and Events:

Northeast Ohio Buddhist News supports and engages the diverse Northeast Ohio Buddhist community by providing a central source for news, events and networking. Members of this FaceBook page can post news and events of interest to Buddhist students in our region. Occasional posts about national and international Buddhist news -- and about events in surrounding states.

Northern Light Zen Center

Address: 202 Meadow Road.   Topsham ME 04086
Tradition: Mahayana, Korean Chogye Order
Affiliation: Kwan Un School of Zen
Phone: (207) 835-1480
Find on:
Contact: Bill Robitzek  
Teacher: Terence Cronin, JDPSN  
Notes and Events:

Evening Practice is every Wednesday. 

6:00            Orientation for new students

6:40            General arrival

6:45            Recite 4 Great Vows; 3 Bows

6:50            Chanting

7:05            Sitting meditation

7:35            Walking meditation

7:45            Sitting meditation

8:05            Reading from Zen Books

8:20            Discussion

8:30            Conversation and departure

Northern Lights Sangha

Address:   Findhorn Scotland
Tradition: Mahayana, Vietnamese Zen
Affiliation: Order of Interbeing
Phone: 01309 692253
Find on:
Spiritual Director: Thich Nhat Hanh  
Notes and Events:

Part of the world-wide Community of Interbeing founded by Vietnamses Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh. Please contact Susanne (details above) for information about gatherings. Also, for more information about the wider Sangha in the UK, visit:

Northwest Territories Theravāda

Address: Northwest Territories   Northwest Territories
Tradition: Theravada
Affiliation: Wilderness Meditation
Find on:
Notes and Events:

Theravāda Buddhist Wilderness practice throughout Northwest Territories, as well as Yukon and Alaska. Please contact for exact location.

Norwich Buddhist Centre

Address: 14 Bank Street, Norwich NR2 4SE   Norwich
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Affiliation: Friends of the Western Buddhist Order
Phone: (01603) 627034
Find on:
Spiritual Director: Padmadaka  Email  (Phone: 01603 627 034)
Main Contact: Sudakini  Email  (Phone: 01603 627 034)
Notes and Events:

The Norwich Buddhist Centre is run by members of the Western Buddhist Order whose aim it is to make the teachings of Buddhism available in the modern world.

The Norwich Buddhist Centre is involved in teaching Buddhism and Buddhist Meditation to the general public. The meditation techniques taught at the Buddhist Centre consist of two simple practices, both of which are based on Mindfulness.

Visitors are welcome to the centre and the team provide workshops or courses for schools, community groups or professional bodies.  

Bookshop and daytime reception open for enquiries 12 till 3pm Monday to Friday.

Nottingham Chan Group

Address: Theosophical Lodege, Maid Marrion Way  Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG16AJ
Tradition: Mahayana, Chinese Zen (Chan)
Affiliation: Western Chan Fellowship
Phone: 01159242075
Find on:
Main Contact: Hilary Richards  Email  (Phone: 01159242075)
Teacher: John Crook  
Spiritual Director: Chan Master Sheng-yen Chan Master Sheng-yen  
Notes and Events:

We meet weekly on Tuesday evenings at the Theosophical Lodge on Maid Marion Way, Nottingham for meditation and discussion. We also hold day retreats (see the web site for details).

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