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D.I. Yogyakarta


Kab. Badung

Kab. Jayapura

Kab. Manokwari

Kab. Semarang-Jawa Tengah

Kab. Teluk Cendrawasih

Kabupaten Ambarawa

Kabupaten Bandung

Kabupaten Banggai

Kabupaten Banjar Negara

Kabupaten Banyumas

Kabupaten Bekasi

Kabupaten Bogor

Kabupaten Boyolali

Kabupaten Brebes

Kabupaten Buleleng

Kabupaten Cianjur

Kabupaten Cilacap

Kabupaten Cirebon

Kabupaten Demak

Kabupaten Dili

Kabupaten Donggala

Kabupaten Garut

Kabupaten Gorontalo

Kabupaten Grobogan

Kabupaten Gunung Kidul

Kabupaten Karang Anyar

Kabupaten Karawang

Kabupaten Kebumen

Kabupaten Kendal

Kabupaten Kendari

Kabupaten Kota Baru

Kabupaten Kotawaringing Timur

Kabupaten Kudus

Kabupaten Lasem

Kabupaten Magelang

Kabupaten Majalengka

Kabupaten Minahasa

Kabupaten Mojokerto

Kabupaten Muna

Kabupaten Pati

Kabupaten Pekalongan

Kabupaten Pemalang

Kabupaten Pontianak

Kabupaten Purwakarta

Kabupaten Purwokerto

Kabupaten Rangkas Bitung

Kabupaten Rembang

Kabupaten Salatiga

Kabupaten Semarang

Kabupaten Sorong.d

Kabupaten Sukabumi

Kabupaten Tabanan

Kabupaten Tanah Laut.

Kabupaten Tangerang

Kabupaten Tasikmalaya

Kabupaten Tegal

Kabupaten Temanggung

Kabupaten Wonogiri

Kabupaten Wonosobo

Kota Administratif Tarakan

Kota Administratip Singkawang

Kotamadya Ambon

Kotamadya Balikpapan

Kotamadya Banjarmasin

Kotamadya Jakarta Barat

Kotamadya Jakarta Pusat

Kotamadya Jakarta Selatan

Kotamadya Jakarta Timur

Kotamadya Jakarta Utara

Kotamadya Manado

Kotamadya Palu

Kotamadya Pontianak

Kotamadya Samarinda

Kotamadya Sambas


Nusa Tenggara Barat



Sulawesi Selatan

Sumatra Barat

Sumatra Selatan

Sumatra Utara


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Holy Eagle Peak Temple

Address: 2 1/2 Nebraska Street   San Francisco CA 94110
Tradition: Mahayana, Chan
Affiliation: Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai
Phone: 14152547537
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Spiritual Director: Rev. Kenji Murai  Email  (Phone: 14152547537)
Teacher: Rev. Kenji Murai  
Main Contact: Rev. Kenji Murai  Email  (Phone: 14152547537)
Notes and Events:

"Holy Eagle Peak Temple is a Mach'an Buddhist temple for anyone who wishes to benefit from the Dharma. We are also affiliated with the Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai. We provide The Teaching of Buddha in book form to anyone who desires a free copy simply by attending a Dharma session at this temple. Please see the website for more details. Rev. Kenji Murai"

Hongaku Jodo

Address: 1501 Oak Ave #506   Evanston IL 60201
Tradition: Mahayana, Suzuki, Katagiri, Tosagore, Sakura
Affiliation: Hongaku Jodo Compassionate Lotus
Phone: 3125136356
Fax: 8478693948
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Samana: Keisho Ananda  Email  
Main Contact: Sensei Mui Ananda  Email  (Phone: 3125136356)
Teacher: Shaku Mui Shin Shi  
Spiritual Director: Shaku Mui Shin Shi  Email  (Phone: 312.513.6356)
Notes and Events:

Hongaku Jodo and Hongaku Institute for Buddhist Studies is a descendent of the Ten Tai (Tendai) school with particular interest in the combined practices of Pure Land Buddhism, Zen, Original Buddhism, and Vajrayana as taught from the perspective of Pure Land Buddhism.

Hongaku Jodo of Central Virginia

Address:   Lynchburg VI 24503
Tradition: Mahayana, Pure Land through Master Taicho
Affiliation: Hongaku Jodo (Chicago)
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Notes and Events:

The Hongaku Jodo of Central Virginia is a branch of the  Hongaku Jodo of Central Virginia is a branch of Hongaku Jodo Compassionate Lotus (HJCL),an international, independent and progressive Buddhist community headquartered in the Chicago, Illinois, area.  We are a Buddhist community for spiritual seekers of all ages. Our mission is to awaken to the heart of Great Compassion, to live by its calling, to gracefully experience the unfolding of life, to practice loving kindness, and to share the blessings of this spiritual experience and the teachings with all.

HORYU JI - Templo Drag

Address: LOTEAMENTO ALPES DE SÃO FRANCISCO - Rua 3 - Casa 401 - Templo Buddhista   SÃO FRANCISCO DE PAULA Rio Grande Do Sul 95400 000
Tradition: Theravada, BUDDHISMO BRASILEIRO (Brazilian Buddhism)
Affiliation: Ananda Kuti ViharNANDA - Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: (0055) + 54 + 32446027
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Upassika: Thairiny Silva  Email  
Main Contact: Mr. Theo Cardoso  Email  
Teacher: Gokai Sensei  
Spiritual Director: Gokai Sensei  Email  
Notes and Events:

HORYU JI - Templo do Dragão do Dharma, introduces into Brazil the Theravada Tradition, adapted for Brazilian people. It follows the Pali Canon and reckognizes some Mahayana Sutras, such as The Heart Sutra 

Refuge Ceremony available after interview

Wedding Ceremonies, Blessings and other activities can be scheduled.

Hospice de Liefde

Address: mathenesserlaan 311 b2   Rotterdam 3021HL
Tradition: Mahayana, Bu
Phone: 0031681 882890
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Spiritual Director: Ernst Kleisterlee  Email  (Phone: 0031 681882890)
Notes and Events:

Hospice de liefde is a volunteer organization in the Netherlands. About fifty trained volunteers visit terminally ill and dying people at home, in hospitals, hospices and in institutions for the elderly. Our work is Mahayana Buddhist inspired, but we work with and for people from all creeds of life. Currently we are raising funds to establish our own home for the dying, which will be established in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Hot Springs Buddhist Society

Address: 1107 West Grand Ave   Hot Springs AS 71913
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Find on:
Notes and Events:

One Hour meetings for group meditations for people on the Buddhist Path, or people interested in meditation.
All can come, donations appreciated.

House Tao

Address:   Wolfhalden Appenzell Ausser-Rhoden 9427
Tradition: Rinzai Zen
Affiliation: Sati-Zen-Sangha
Find on:
Main Contact: Dagmar Jauernig  Email  
Teacher: Geisser Marcel  
Spiritual Director: Geisser Marcel  Email  
Notes and Events:

Meditation Center of the Sati-Zen-Sangha
Haus Tao is a Buddhist meditation retreat and study center of the  Sati-Zen-Sangha.

Founded in 1986 by Dharmacharya Marcel Geisser, the center is situated in the northeast of Switzerland, 1½ hours from Zurich, close to the junction of the German and Austrian borders.

Haus Tao is open throughout the year, offering a basic meditation and training schedule. The quiet and serenity of the house amid the natural beauty of the surrounding valley lend it a unique quality and spiritual atmosphere, including the joy of meditating to the sounds of the nearby brook and plentiful bird life.

The house can accommodate up to 20 persons under the auspices of residential Dharma teacher Marcel Geisser. The schedule offers several retreats per year as well as a three-year Buddhist study and practice program offering participants the opportunity to integrate knowledge and personal growth.

Hsu Yun Buddhist Association

Address: 65850 E. Rocky Path Drive  Tucson AZ 85739
Tradition: Mahayana, Chan (Zen) and Pure Land Buddhism in the tradition of Grand Master Hsu Yun.
Affiliation: Los Angeles Buddhist Union
Phone: (520) 907-6245
Find on:
Reverend: Ron Brickey  Email  (Phone: 520-404-6501)
Teacher: Ven. Dao Chuan  
Spiritual Director: Ven. Master Chao Chu  
Notes and Events:

We hold weekly meditation, services and a Dharma talk in English every Sunday at 9:00 am. If you are new to meditation please come 15 minutes early. Vietnamese services are held at 11:00 am. Services and all activities are conducted at the Minh-Dang-Quang Buddhist Temple at 140 E. Navajo Rd. Tucson, AZ. Meditation instruction is available by appointment. We celebrate all Buddhist holidays, do house blessing, weddings, visit patients in the hospital and at home. We also conduct a weekly prison ministry.

Hui Yin She

Address: 700H, Jalan Lintang, Air Itam  Penang Pulau Pinang 11500
Tradition: Mahayana
Affiliation: Community Social Service
Phone: +6-04-8295198
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Notes and Events:

Community members particularly from junior high school students will be encouraged to learn Buddhist subjects that could be entertained with various quizzes, competition and games for social welfare activities.  Caring among members would be encouraged assisting each other triumph in future career.  Alumni link among committee will help to update each other and further encourage further studies towards professionalism based on noble ethic of Buddhism

Huseyin Turkkan

Address:   Chiang Mai Chiang Mai
Tradition: Theravada
Affiliation: International Meditation Center, Chom Thong, Chiang Mai
Find on:
Teacher: Thanat Chindaporn  
Spiritual Director: Ajarn Thong  
Notes and Events:

Vipasana Meditasyonu (Retreat yada temel Eğitim), Thravada Budizmi, ve Geleneksel Çin Tıbbı  ile ilgili olarak yolunuz Thailand a düştüğünde herhangi bir yardım gereksinmeniz olduğunda seve seve yardıma hazırım.

Sevgi ve saygıyla.

Hwadu Meditation (Songkwang-sa)

Address: 12 Shin pyong-ri Song Kwang-myun Sunchon-si Chonnam/540-930 Korea 
Tradition: Mahayana
Phone: 82-0661-755-0107-9
Fax: 82-0661-755-0408
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Notes and Events:

Songkwang-sa, the Sangha-jewel temple in Korea, is situated in the southwest corner of the country in the province of Cholla Namdo, between the towns of Kwangju and Sunchon. The temple was also restored in 1969 to the status of a ch\'ongnim (lit. "grove of trees"), a designation reserved for major ecumenical monasteries where training is offered in all the different varieties of Korean Buddhist practice, from Son (Zen), meditation, to doctrinal study, to recitation of the Buddha\'s name. Kusan (1910-1983) appointed it\'s Son master (pangjang), large-scale reconstruction commenced. A new meditation hall and a massive lecture hall were built. And most of the minor shrines in the monastery were repaired. Kuan\'s strong leadership and his concern to receive the Son tradition of the temple\'s founder, Chinul, restored Songkwang-sa\'s place at the forefront of the Korean Buddhist tradition. In 1973, Master Kusna also set up the Bulil International Buddhist Center. Many foreign monks come from all over the world to practice Son meditation.

Hye Ahn Meditation Center

Address: 193 Closter Dock Rd.  Closter NJ 07624
Tradition: Mahayana
Affiliation: The Korean Buddhist Jogye Order
Phone: 201-767-1177
Fax: 201-767-8118
Find on:
Teacher: Yeon Kyung Sunim  
Spiritual Director: Yeon Kyung Sunim  Email  (Phone: 201-767-1177)
Notes and Events:

Buddhist teaching: Every 1st and 3rd Sunday from 11 am to 1 pm.

Please make an appointment for individual meetings.


Address: 18-2, Jalan Medan Putra 4, Medan Putra Business Centre, Bandar Sri Menjalara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.   Kuala Lumpur
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Phone: +603 6277 9448
Fax: +603 6272 9830
Find on:
Spiritual Director: Sis Imee Ooi  
Notes and Events:

 Our Mission 

  • Spreading The Dharma through music and performing arts
  • Serving through a comprehensive professional Buddhist music performing arts company
  • Providing high standard Buddhist music and performance production
  • Cultivating a new generation in Buddhist music and performing arts
  • Continuing a righteous livelihood that adheres to The Dharma
  • Contributing to a better and more beautiful world

Imee Ooi

Malaysian music producer, composer, arranger and vocalist. Founder of IMM Musicworks in 1997, Imee Ooi has now released more than 50 albums of her own, and has produced countless musical works for Buddhist societies and organizations around the world. 

A devout Buddhist, Imee’s serenely pure voice and unique sense of musical arrangements has established her own genre, spreading the sounds of Dharma through Sutras, Mantras, and free composition that has transcended religious barriers and touched different cultures and age groups. Besides Asia,her music has also travelled to Europe and Russia, US and Canada, Australia and Africa, soothing and touching many hearts. 

Imee’s works have also been regarded as a significant milestone in the development of Buddhist music. With a wide range of composition sung in seven different languages, “The Chant of Metta”, “ Om Mani Padme Hum”, “The Great Compassion Mantra” , “ The Prajna Paramita Hrdaya Sutra ” are among some of Imee’s  most praised works. The composer and musical director of the musicals “Siddhartha”, “Above Full Moon- Master Hong Yi’s Biography ”, “Jewel of Tibet- Princess Wen Cheng ” and “ The Perfect Circle”.  To spread The Dharma through music has become the life destiny of Imee Ooi. 

Chai Yu

Malaysian music producer, composer, vocalist and sound engineer, Chai Yu joined I.M.M.Musicworks in 2005 and has since became Imee Ooi's best musical partner. Vegetarian and a devout Dharma practitioner, Chai Yu’s bright yet solemn vocal is widely appreciated by many. His compositions such as “ The Mantra of Guru Rinpoche”, “Ksitigarbha”, “ Bhaisajya Guru”, and “Pureland Dharani” add colour and variety to the I.M.M. music collection. Chai Yu aspires to spread the Dharma through his effort in music by delivering a message of harmony and integrity to his listeners. Chai Yu holds dear the wish for all beings to be enlightened.

Musical Works

  • IMM MUSIC Catalog 50 albums
  • Taiwan Wind Music Distribution Imee Ooi Series since 2003
  • Korea Contents Inc. Distribution Imee Ooi Series/Contents Korea Inc.
  • Australia Blue Angel Distribution Blue Angel/Imee Ooi Music For The Heart and Soul
  • South America Argentina The Chant Of Metta Distribution/ Spanish Version
  • HH Dalai Lama Sermon in USA by Land of Medicine Buddha 2001
  • BLIA Youth Conference Theme Songs
  • Sound Of The Human World –The Morning Prayer
  • Master Hsin Yun Buddhist Hymns compilation 1 and 2
  • Music Director of Master Hsin Yun Stadium Sermon Malaysia2012《 
  •  Various Albums by Reverend Xin Pei Taiwan
  • FGS Buddha Memorial Kao Shiong Opening Ceremony Animation Music- The Buddha
  • Numerous albums for FGS Publications since 2000
  • Song of poem by Master Sheng Yan Dharma Drum Taiwan
  • HH The 17th  Karmapa  song“ World Aspiration” 
  •  Taiwan Life TV Rev. Chuan Xi Chanting Series
  • Hong Kong Rev. Dhammapala Pali Chanting –Producer/Music arranger
  • Dong Lin Monastery China- Hymns of PurelandAlbum
  • Dong Lin Monastery China- Amitabha Chanting
  • Dong Lin Monastery China-Praises of  the Ancients Master album
  • Stories of the Buddhas and Boddhisattvas album –China Jiang Xi
  • Hymns of the Pureland  Concert with Shenzhen Orchestra  and choir- Hui Zhou China
  • Pass It On Children Buddhist Songs Pass It On Children Buddhist Songs
  • TASHI Children Buddhist Song series
  • Sonan Rinpoche chanting of Guru Rinpoche and Medicine Buddha Mantra album
  • The Stories of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas
  •  Chiyu- Heart Sutra/ Seri Devi Dharani
  •  Composer/ Music Arranger/ Music Director of: Siddhartha The Musical, Princess Wen Cheng The Musical, Above Full Moon The Musical, The Perfect Circle The Musical, Kita The Musical World Tour .
  • Music Director of 50th Malaysia Merdeka Mega Show in KL Bukit Jalil Stadium.
  • Producer, director of Blessing Bell Buddhist Count Down concert
  • Hannya Shingyo- Japanese Heart Sutra – theme song for movie
  • Soundtrack for Japan Gaia Symphony
  • The Perfect Japan (Anti Nuclear Campaign) Theme Song Kanpekina Nihon
  • And numerous songs and music production for Buddhist monasteries and organizations since 1995 

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Contact Us

Add: 18-2, Jalan Medan Putra 4, Medan Putra Business Centre, Bandar Sri Menjalara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Email Address:

Tel: +603 6277 9448

Fax: +603 6272 9830

In The Footsteps Of The Buddha

Address: Triwood Community Centre, 2244 Chicoutimi Dr. NW  Calgary Alberta
Tradition: Theravada, Vipassana: All welcome
Phone: 282-2677
Find on:
Main Contact: Triwood office staff  
Teacher: Nayda  
Notes and Events:

Contact Triwood's office staff (they will pass on any
queries to Nayda, the group's facilitator).  Call for times and room location.

This group is starting Tuesday March 21st, 2006, and will be held the 1st and 3rd Tuesday evenings of each month. 

We are planning a half-hour of meditation, and about an hour of study/discussion, with the emphasis on applying the Buddha's teachings to our everyday lives.   No meditation experience necessary.   Everyone welcome!

Indian Buddhist Literary Organisation

Address: nalanda, kharvikeri road, kundapura 576201, india   Kundapura 576201
Tradition: Theravada
Phone: +918254232380
Find on:
Main Contact: muniyal ganesh  Email  (Phone: 09448869963)
Notes and Events:

We are engaged in publishing and distributing Buddhist literature in Kannada and other Indian languages as well as in English.

Indian Native Buddhism

Address: Aduvassery (aluva),Eranakulam Distict,Kerala   Aluva Kerala 683578
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Phone: +91-9745648994
Find on:
general secretary: rajeev adimali  (Phone: +91-9745648994)
Main Contact: kishor  Email  (Phone: +91-8714535990)
Notes and Events:

Indian Native Budhism is still unknown to the world. There are obvious reasons for it. Why Bagavan Buddha became a Buddha? Are there true facts about the family of Buddha, its Class and culture, and the descendants of Buddha still existing in India? If so, who are they? How can it be proved? Exposing all these facts, Native Buddhism aims at propagating Buddhism for creating an intellectual world that is based in Buddhist ideals and principles. Indian Native Buddhism Trust or INBT is a legal organization that was established on December 20, 2011 registered under the Indian Trust Act section 20 with the no 272-4/2011 at Paravur in the state of Kerala, India near Musris town that is home to world famous Bhodhi Dhamma known to be the God Of Kung fu and also home to Buddhist Kings Cheraman Perumal, Iyyathy Perumal, and Palli bhana Perumal.

It was formed with the fruitful hardworking of scores of Buddhist Historians who have been doing research in Budhism in India and outside of India for the past 15 years.

Indiana Buddhist Center

Address: 9260 E 10th Street   Indianapolis IN 46229
Tradition: Vajrayana
Affiliation: Drepung Gomang Monastery, Mungood, India
Phone: (317) 225-5499
Find on:
Translator: Tenzin Namgyal  
Spiritual Director: Geshe Jinpa Sonam  
Notes and Events:

We are a Buddhist Dharma Center offering interested people accurate information on the philosophy and religion of Buddhism. We provide Buddhist services with a particular concentration in Tibetan Buddhism in the lineage of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. We facilitate a meeting place for meditation, prayer, retreats, and religious services for Indiana Buddhists and those sympathetic to Buddhist Dharma. We work to provide weekly instruction on Buddhism from a qualified teacher. In accordance with the wishes of His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama for Western Dharma Centers, we promote interfaith harmony, cooperation and understanding. We encourage our Dharma community practice inner peace according to Buddhist philosophy.

Indiana Buddhist Temple

Address: 7528 Thompson Road, Hoagland, Indiana 46745   Fort Wayne IN 46745
Tradition: Theravada
Affiliation: Sinhalese Buddhist (Sri Lanka)
Phone: (260) 447 5269
Fax: (260) 447 5269
Find on:
Main Contact: Ven. Thalangama Devananda Thero,  Email  (Phone: 260-447-5269)
Notes and Events:

The temple conducts free weekly meditation class every Monday at 6:30 pm. The monks could assist Meditation any other day with prior appointment. You may kindly contact temple at 260-447-5269. Everyone is welcome.

Indiana Buddhist Temple is located in Hoagland - a suburb of Fort Wayne Indiana. Take Exit 13 from I-469 onto Marion Center Road and make a left onto Thompson Road. Drive about a mile and you will see the Temple onto your right.

Indonesia Satipattana Meditation Center (City center)

Address: Jalan Nusa Raya, block AA n°1, Citra 1 ext. Jakarta Barat.   Jakarta Jakarta
Tradition: Theravada, Mahasi Sayadaw, Myanmar
Phone: +62 87720021577 - +62 87720021755
Find on:
Main Contact: Sayalay Pannacari  Email  (Phone: +62 816706756)
Notes and Events:

ISMC City Center is in Jakarta at about 20 minutes. driving from the International Airport.

Daily meditation session as well as short term retreats are held every week.

For more than 5 days retreat yogis are invited to go to the Forest Center in Bacom.

See our web sites for programs and detailed info.

Indonesia Satipattana Meditation Center (Forest)

Address: Kampung Bacom, Dusun Barulimus, Kelurahan Cikancana, Kecamatan Sukaresmi,Rt 02-RW 10. Kabupaten Dati 2cianjur.   Bacom Jawa Barat 43254
Tradition: Theravada, Mahasi Sayadaw, Myanmar
Phone: +62 87720021577 - +62 87720021755
Find on:
Main Contact: Sayalay Pannacari  Email  (Phone: +62 816706756)
Notes and Events:

ISMC is about 100 Km from the capital city Jakarta.

Retreats are given all year long conducted by teacher monks

English speaking from Mahasi tradition, mainly of Burmese nationality.

Translation in Bahasa Indonesia and Chinese

mandarin available;

See our web site for programs and detailed info.

All nationality yogis, beginner and experienced are welcome.

Indonesian Buddhist Club

Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Notes and Events:

A most informative Indonesian Buddhist Web site. It contains Buddhist teachings, news, information and a directory of Buddhist Viharas or Temples.

Indonesian Buddhist Society of NSW - Cetiya Dhammadasa

Address: 37/112-122A McEvoy Street Alexandria NSW 2015   NSW
Tradition: Theravada
Phone: 0413 373 440 (Faith) 0421 356 598 (Andy) 0410 888 292
Find on:
Notes and Events:

The Indonesian Buddhist Society of NSW Inc. (IBS) is a group of lay Buddhist practitioners who are committed to putting the Dhamma into the daily activities order to be of benefit to oneself and to all.
Established in 1999, the Association runs regular Sunday mornings of service at Cetiya Dhammadasa in Alexandria, as well as kids Sunday school and Buddhist special services.

We welcome all who wish to find out more about a Buddhist way of life or who seek a community within which to practice the Dhamma. Cetiya Dhammadasa is the name of our temple as the meeting place.
We are well-known for providing quality speakers – monks and lay practioners – to give advice and teachings on Buddhist practice and meditation through insightful Dhamma Talks.

IBS aims to teach and practice Buddhist teachings and meditation and also to foster friendship and goodwill among Buddhists residents in New South Wales.

Our aims:

  1. To engage in and encourage education activities that will increase public awareness of Buddhism according to the Pali Texts.
  2. To provide facilities for the teaching and practice of Buddhism according to the Pali Texts.
  3. To provide support for Buddhist monks and nuns.
  4. To provide social welfare services to members of the association and to other people in need.

Infinite Smile Sangha

Address: 584 Glenside Drive  Lafayette CA 94549
Tradition: Mahayana, Zen-inspired
Phone: 415 871 1622
Find on:
Contact: Judy Garvens  
Spiritual Director & Teacher: Michael McAlister  
Spiritual Director: Michael McAlister  Email  
Notes and Events:

The Infinite Smile Sangha works to integrate a relevant approach to spirituality for 21st century living.  Michael McAlisters Zen-inspired work is currently reaching a global audience by applying teachings of wisdom, compassion, and laughter to this very life.

Infinite Wisdom International

Address: 79-81 Eley Road, Blackburn South Vic 3130   Vic
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Phone: (03) 9808 5584
Fax: 03) 9808 5584
Find on:
Main Contact: Amy Ng  
Teacher: Reverend Mother Mahaviro  
Notes and Events:

Notes and Events:

Regular program of Meditation and Dharma session:

• Sundays, Chanting, meditation and discussion, from 7pm;
• Tuesdays, Chanting, Dharma sessions, 8pm;
• Thursdays, Beginners class

We disseminate the Teachings of the Buddha. We counsel, support and inform those wishing to learn about Buddhism. We publish a newsletter containing articles and stories about Buddhism,, and we attend multifaith meetings and make connections with other religious faiths. 

Inner Peace Buddhist Centers

Address: 707 West 47th Street   Kansas City 64112
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Phone: 816-994-8015
Find on:
Main Contact: Ronn Pawo McLane  Email  (Phone: 816-994-8015)
Spiritual Director: Nima Janet Taylor  Email  (Phone: 816-994-8015)
Notes and Events:

Bodhisattva Buddhism as practiced by Inner Peace Buddhist Center (IPBC), is based on the teachings of the Buddha who lived approximately 2500 years ago. Our primary goal is to awaken to the present moment and to serve others. We aspire to live by asking the question, “What will create the most good and ease the most suffering?”  We practice meditation and compassionate awareness to become more fully present and to see ourselves and the world around us more clearly.  Our meditation practice includes concentration, natural awareness, and positive imagery and can be practiced while sitting (no special posture required), standing, eating, walking or even sleeping. We also focus on Three Jewels, The Four Noble Truths and the Five Precepts.  Bodhisattva Buddhism is more about transforming our behavior than it is simply believing some set of statements. Through these practices, we have experienced that spontaneous, pro-active Bodhisattva Buddhism will naturally arise.

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