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Movement of Buddhist Trust

Address: 53-A, Gandhi Road, Griblespet, Arakkonam-631002   Arakkonam Tamil Nadu 631002
Tradition: Theravada
Affiliation: Dr.Ambedkarism
Phone: +91 9488533660, +91 9443520787
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Spiritual Director: Rev.Bikku Mouriya Methapal  Email  (Phone: 09444510345)
Teacher: K.R.Baskaran  
Main Contact: G.Parthiban  Email  (Phone: 09488533660)
Notes and Events:

The Movement of Buddhist Trust registered on 19-04-2004 is functioning at No : 53-A, Gandhi Road, Griblespet, Arakkonam, Vellore District, Tamilnadu

For the welfare of the poor Free General Medical Camps, Free Optholomology Camps, Awareness Camps for Diabeticians, Free Medical Camps for Testing Blood and Urine to find out Diabetic Complaints etc., are conducted by Movement of Buddhist Trust aforesaid at villages adjoining to this town for permanent solutions to diabeticians, they are trained yogasanas, they are advised to avoid or abstain from tobacco, liquor and intoxicants. Free meals are arranged for poor of the villagers. During natural  calamities such as cyclone, heavy shower of rains, Earthquakes and Ebbing tidal damages of ocean, the affected people are helped.
We have conducted Medical Camp and Free meals distribution on Every Buddha Poornima day at Bagwan Buddha Vihar, Pallur Village near Arakkonam. Every camp Five  Doctors from C.S.I. Hospital, Kanchipuram did voluntary service. Lab Testing facility was also provided. Above 3000 persons attended the camp and benefited. Medicines including vitamin tablets, tonics were distributed, other Medicines were sponsored by C.S.I. Hospital, Kanchipuram. Nearly 500 persons for selected for Eye Cataract surgery and were operated later. The operations and food were provided at free of cost by C.S.I. Hospital and our trust.
We also conduct similar Camps in Kattuppakkam Village, Kilkuppam Village,  Parameswaramangalam village, Takkolam Village, Nemili town near Arakkonam, Ganapathipuram Village & Padappai Village near Kanchipuram etc., here also nearly 8000 persons were attended and benefited.
Our Trust conducted a Diabetic Awareness Camp in Illuppaithandalam village near Arakkonam. In this camp We teach alternate medicine for diabetic ie : Yoga, Meditation & Naturopathy way of treatment to diabetic patients.

We jointly conducted Anti Tobacco Awareness Camp on every World Anti Tobacco Day in Arakkonam, In this Camp create awareness about Mouth cancer occurred due to consumption of drugs and tobaccos. 

As there is no owned place, Free Yoga and Meditation (Dhyana) Classes are conducted at Ponmani Thirumana Mandapam, Arakkonam for the past three years at 05-30 hrs. daily by the Movement of Buddhist Trust, Arakkonam.

Nagloka Foundation of India

Address: A45/2, Airport Authority colony, Sahar road, Andheri(East), Mumbai-99  Mumbai Maharashtra 400 099
Tradition: Non-Sectarian, Pureland and Zen
Affiliation: Global Buddhism.
Phone: 09969580687
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Main Contact: Hemant (Nirvan) Shinde  Email  (Phone: 09969580687)
Secretary: Pratham Gaikwad  (Phone: 9920565889)
Vice President: Kapil Pathare  (Phone: 09819180341)
Notes and Events:

Our Youth Organizations Works and Serve in Triple gems, Implementing many dhamma activity Projects especially for young generation. Our aim is to gather youth under the shelter of Dhamma, so that they may learn and practice dhamma for their own betterment and social progress.We try to Propagate all schools of Buddhism. without differentiating. But Our main school of practice is Pureland and Zen.

National Network of Buddhist Youth (NNBY)

Address: 183 Dixit Nagar, Nari Road Nagpur, Maharashtra 440 0026 India   440 0026
Tradition: Theravada
Phone: +91-7122655850, +919922143599
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Teacher: Chetan meshram  
Dhammamitra: Sachin  Email  (Phone: +919096939310)
Spiritual Director: Dhammachari Subhuti  
Notes and Events:


NNBY is group of young Buddhist, who belong from all state of India.  NNBY is committed to protect and save the Buddha’s Dhamma in Modern India. It is a network of Youth that dreams to change India through the teachings of Buddha and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar into an Ideal society based on liberty, equality and fraternity.

We would like an Indian society to be based on mutual love and friendship so that everyone has a fair chance to grow and is valued as a fellow human being.

            If we overlook the revolution of the world we found youth contributed most.   We are dedicated to “Dhamma Revolution” in India.

            Revolutions are not born on the street they raise in your mind, r world need more living heroes and you are here just in time.

            NNBY responsible for the revolution in peaceful and democratic way without bloodshed.  We want to make India a Buddhist nation once again.

Tracking the trail after 6years of organization:

It was year 2006, the 50th anniversary year of the great conversion by Dr. Ambedkar, we started our work. It was December of 2006, an excellent youth retreat was being lead by Dhammachari Subhuti. Amongst the participants of this youth retreat, an inspired young men and women’s group started to come together and in a year’s time they created the National Network of Buddhist youth.

History of last six years: It’s now six years, we are persistently trying to do our best to remain together and grow as human beings together. We struggled to do our best, raise money, organize programs, form teams, support individuals and so on. We organized National gatherings every year. We brought together youth from many different regions of India, and from all the economic backgrounds. 

We lead hundreds of one or two day’s trainings for the development of basic life skills for youth. Many benefited and are still benefiting. We trained at least a dozen young men and women who are presently conducting trainings, they come together often to help improve the quality of their trainings and support each other.

The structure of the system: Beginner – any one visiting or attending our program is known as beginner. We welcome youth from all walks of life to participate in our gatherings. They are encouraged to learn what they can. We extend our hand to them for friendship and keep an open invitation to keep engaging with us for their own benefit.

Activists – when beginners show more interest in NNBY and start helping in our activities, organize 000events in their area, we initiate them as activists, we offer tem trainings in basic Buddhist teachings and practices, understanding the message of Dr. ambedkar and various modules are offered for their personal improvements.

Leader – When activists wants to deepen their learning and wants to learn through mentoring individuals, leading groups, creating and offering their own trainings we initiate them as leaders. Leaders need to go through a raining to be effective leaders; this training is for minimum two years.

Cadre – Cadre is an Ideal member of the Network, any leader aspiring to be cadre needs to go much tougher trainings, intensify his commitment to social transformation through the practice of Buddhism and understanding of Dr. Ambedkar’s vision. He/she would be able to work in tougher conditions and are able to lead on a large scale. Cadres are expected to continuously working on their own development and work in close connection with other Cadres.

International Associations: We are constantly connected with youth and youth organizations from other countries, East and West.  We draw in various techniques, learning, methods of working with youth from Buddhist and various non Buddhist organizations who are working for the development of human values and welfare. We are also coordinating with various international organizations to create an international network for the learning and exchange of Buddhist Youth.

Small initiatives to take responsibilities in society: Running of the network itself is a large activity that benefit couple of thousand youth every year directly.  Our members are also engaged in various smallish activities to help youth in various areas. We support youth to find appropriate professional courses, to resolve their emotional, psychological conflicts. We actively work to pass on information to youth that are not easily accessible for the employment opportunities and better options for higher education.

Navodaya Buddhist Monastery

Address: Nunsuri-II,P.O. Nunsuri-I, Lunglei District.  Tlabung (Demagiri) Mizoram 796751
Tradition: Theravada, Chakma Tradition
Affiliation: Navodaya Buddha Vihar Samity
Phone: 91-9436391284
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Venerable: Sumana Jyoti  
Teacher: Ven. Sumana Jyoti  
Venerable: Punnyo Kitthi  (Phone: 91-9006294683)
Main Contact: 91-9436391284  
Spiritual Director: Ven. Pragya Jyoti  Email  (Phone: 61-0437952804)
Notes and Events:

The Navodaya Buddhist Monastery was established in 1991. The site of land property of the Monastery was donated by Late Jugendra Chakma, former Vice-President of Nunsuri Village Council and also elder brother of Ven. Pragya Jyoti (Australia). At present, Ven. Sumana Jyoti is the Chief Abbot of the Monastery who is a nephew of Ven. Pragya Jyoti (Australia). He conduct meditation in every morning and evening. On every sunday Dhamma class condut for the Children. The Monastery is run by the Management Committee of the Navodaya Buddha Vihar Samity, which registered in 1991 under the Societies Registration Act. 1860, Government of India. Its has facilities for laymen and resident monks. Excellent Meditation Hall with surrounding covered by deep forest and fairly quiet. One Guest Hall and a separate Kitchen attach with Dinning Hall. The main Monastery with attach Dhamma Hall with capacity to sit 200 peoples at a times. Minimum one Sangha (four monks) capacity to reside continuously in the Monastery. Perfect place for forest monks who like to meditate and quiet. Meditation is nothing, but only to train our own mind how to deal with different problems and situations.

Pali Path Sanstha Mumbai

Address: 92/24, B.D.D. Chawl, Worli, Mumbai   Mumbai Maharashtra 400018
Tradition: Theravada
Phone: 022 24980070
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Gen. Secretary: Arvind Bhandare  Email  (Phone: 9821544380)
Teacher: P B Pisal  
Main Contact: Arvind Bhandare  Email  (Phone: 9821544380)
Spiritual Director: P B Pisal  Email  (Phone: 9323650024)
Notes and Events:

Pali Path Sanstha, Mumbai is the only Institute in Maharashtra who is devoted to the Pali language.

Pornima Mahila Mandal

Tradition: Mahayana, Navyana
Phone: 09923424956
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Main Contact: PRAKASH JALHARE  Email  (Phone: +919923424956)
Spiritual Director: BHANTE.KASHYAP  Email  (Phone: +919850670520)
Notes and Events:


Rajratna Buddhist Dhamma Trust

Address: R. No. 11 6/28, Sanjay Nagar, Near New English School, Govt Colony, Bandra East   Mumbai Maharashtra 400051
Tradition: Theravada
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Main Contact: Baban Yelwe  Email  
Notes and Events:

Social work in way of Buddhism.  Teaching Buddhas way.

Ramesh Cable Vision

Address: Buddha Nagar Govandi  Mumbai Maharashtra 400043
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
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BHIM GARJANA: SANJAY  Email  (Phone: 9987737429)
Main Contact: RAMESH S KAMBLE  Email  (Phone: 9987737429)
Spiritual Director: BHIM GARJANA  Email  (Phone: 9987737429)
Notes and Events:


Rashtriya Buddha Shiksha Evam Samajik Sans Than

Address: buddha nagar,gajraula. distt.J.P Nagar.  state--uttar pradesh 244223
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Affiliation: autonomous
Phone: 9412139029
Fax: 05924252938
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Main Contact: ram singh bouddh  Email  (Phone: 9412139029)
Notes and Events:

we RASHTRIYA BUDDHA SHIKSHA EVAM SAMAJIK SANSTHAN is an registered NGO under requisite acts including FCRA vide registration no.137230005 for the religious (buddhists) cultural educational and social welfare activities for rural people especially for social and economically deprived castes/classes through various projects programmes.we  faciltate the above said activities to the needy in the public interest.
(General Secretary)

Ratnaloka Buddhist Center

Address: Nagaratna, Tc 23/1406, Melaranoor, Karamana, Thiruvananthapuram, KERALA   Thiruvananthapuram Kerala 695002
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Affiliation: Triratna Boudha Mahasangha
Phone: +918848581245 , +918893299885
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Spiritual Director: Dhammamitra Nagaratna  Email  (Phone: 8848581245)
Notes and Events:

Dear Buddhist friends,

We organize 3-7 days retreats in countryside rented retreat centers, conduct weekly Dhamma study and Meditation sessions for Lay Buddhists, conduct educational training workshops, Buddhist seminars, Organize Public Gatherings, speech... during Buddhist festival occasions. Buddhist eminent teachers and Ordained Monks from within India and other countries lead our programs, attend our functions.

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Ratnaloka Buddhist Center

with Much Metta


Sakya Sena

Address: 416A,VKK MENON ROAD, SIDHAPUDUR, COIMBATORE-641 044   Coimbatore Tamil Nadu 641044
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Phone: 9994883800
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Spiritual Director: chellasamy.v  Email  (Phone: 9994883800)
Main Contact: chellasamy.v  Email  (Phone: 9344158787)
Teacher: Arun  
Notes and Events:

Our ultimate aim is to cultivate the Dhamma, through the education, meditation, martial arts and medicine for the betterment of living beings.

Sakyasingha Rathapala Buddhist Monastery

Address: Buddha Lok, Meerut Road  HAPUR 245101
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Affiliation: The World Fellowship of Buddhists
Phone: 0091-9358560005
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Main Contact: M.K. Otani  (Phone: 00-91-9837044142)
Spiritual Director: Loknayak Ashvaghosh Mahanayak Mahathera  
Notes and Events:

Sakyasingha Rathapala Buddhist Monastery


Chief Abbot :        His Eminence Lag Mahanayak Mahathera
Location:        Buddha Lok, Meerut Road, Hapur-245101 (U.P.)
Area:        Around 1000 Sq. Yards in Hapur and 1.134
                             hectares in Village Fagautta, Tehsil Hapur, District

The INTERNATIONAL BUDDHA EDUCATION INSTITUTE (IBEI) was established in 1952 at Hapur. The Institute got itself formally registered by the Registrar of Societies, Uttar Pradesh in 1980-81.

From its very inception the Institute has preserving the Monastery at Hapur. The Hapur land of the institute was donated by the leading businessman of Hapur Dr. Prabhakar Mishra, who belongs to the family of Rathapala and he encourage us to make a monastery in the memory of Rathapala. Dr. Prabhakar Mishra passed away recently. At Fagautta, the land is allotted by Government of Uttar Pradesh in the name of International Buddha Education Institute. The institute has been engaged in the welfare works specially for the benefit of destitute women and children and has setup several child welfare centres and foster homes. At its headquarters at HAPUR it has a campus comprising of 32 rooms which apart from housing the office and the staff of the Institute also provides for one orphanage where 20 destitute children are being maintained. The Institute time to time organise conferences/workshops/seminar/symposium on Buddhism as wells as issues such as Non Conventional Energy Sources, Destitute Children, Social Justice, Environment and Energy, etc.


To provide global attention to HAPUR (THULLAKOTHITTA) as the International Historical Place.

To established a hi-tech Buddhist Library and a Buddhist Monastery at Hapur, where millions of devotes from India as well as abroad able to get Buddhist literature.

To established a guest house at Hapur for the foreigners.  

To carry to the farthest corners of the world the message of world peace, brotherhood and friendship and to promote the spread of Buddhism through Buddhist Education, including establishment of temples for the study of philosophy and Buddhist worship.

To organise seminars for the training, recruitment and posting of monks, preacher and teachers.

To work for cooperative relations between the Buddhists-and-Non-Buddhists.

To work for the development of society and culture.



The location of Monastery is Buddha Lok, Hapur District Ghaziabad situated at 55 km. northeast from New Delhi on National Highway 24

Sera Jey Monastery

Address: Bylakuppe  Mysore District Karnataka 571104
Tradition: Mahayana
Affiliation: Gelug order of Tibetan Buddhism
Phone: 91-8223-258435
Fax: 91-8223-258781
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Main Contact: Abbot  Email  (Phone: 91-8223-258435)
Teacher: Acharya Geshe Lobsang Palden  
Spiritual Director: Acharya Geshe Lobsang Palden  Email  (Phone: 91-8223-258435)
Notes and Events:

Sera Jey Monastery is one of the three main monasteries of the Gelug tradition (Lama Tsong Khapa_ in Tibetan Buddhism.  It is founded in 15th century in Tibet by Kunkhyen Lodroe Rinchen Senge.

The Monastery is primarily involved in imparting The Five Main Treatises of Mahayana Buddhism, in traditional monastic system as followed in Tibet :-

  1. Prajnaparamita    (Perfection of Wisdom)
  2. Pramana vartika (Valid Cognition)
  3. Madhyamika (The Middle Path)
  4. Vinaya (Monastic Discipline)
  5. Abhidharma (Phenomenology)

The Monastery awards the Geshe on the successful completion of the courses & Lharam Geshe the highest monastic scholarly title on merit. 

Besides, the monastery follows its traditional culture & practices; and is involved in disseminating the Buddha Dharma & promoting peace & harmony.

For more information & enquiry  Click

Sharan Bahuddeshiya Sevabhavi Sanastha

Address: MARUTI CRECENT, ROOM NO.306, SECTOR-14, KALAMBOLI   Navi Mumbai Maharashtra 410218
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Phone: +919967955382 / 9008643014
Fax: 02227425052
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Mr.: Santosh Warke  Email  (Phone: 02227426759)
Spiritual Director: Ven. Dhammanag  Email  (Phone: +91986795382)
Notes and Events:

We work specially in rural areas of India like Karnatak. We teach them to understand the basics and importance of Buddhism in their day to today life. Our aim is to make India a Buddhist country. So that people can live peacefully under the Triple Gem of Buddha.

We distributed DHAMMA books FREE to economically backward Buddhist people in Karnataka Sangha Hall, New Panvel.

Rahulas children festival, Drawing competion - 2JAN2011 @ New sudhagad School-kalamboli, Navi mumbai. Entry free.  Nursery - Xth. Reg no. -9967955382/9819581051 \\

Shyamnagar Bodhi Natya Kala Kendra

Address: 327/2/1, Athpur Nutan Pally, Barua Para, P.O: Shyamnagar, Dist : 24 Pgs (N), Pin : 743127.   Barrackpore Sub Division Bihar 743127
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Phone: M : 9230506150
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Main Contact: Sri Sumit Barua  Email  (Phone: M : 9230506150)
Notes and Events:

Bodhi Natya Kala Kendra is a cultural unit of Bodhi Sabha. We are producing various drama, dance drama relating to Goutam Buddha. This year we produce Sibali Kumar, we are keen interest to perform our programme to the various places and abroad also, if possible, to spread our culture, our religion. We have a temple is called Bodhi Vihar, Bodhi Vihar is running by the committee is called Bodhi Sabha. The interested organisations are requested to share with us, to distribute your opinion with Mr. Sumit Barua through e-mail or phone.


Address: School of Snowland Tibetan Studies at Gyudmed tantric Monastic University, Gyudmed Monastic School, Tibetan Settlement, P.O.Gurupura-571188 / Hunsur Taluk, Mysore Dist. Karnataka   Hunsur Tibetan Settlement, Karnataka Mysore Dist.
Tradition: Vajrayana, Gelukpa
Phone: +91-8222-246038
Fax: +91-8222-246202
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Notes and Events:

School of Snowland Tibetan Studies in South India. 

Gyudmed Tantric Monastic University in South India is pleased to announce the opening of our new school “SnowLand”

In 2007 His Holiness The Dalai Lama advised us to create a special school designed to meet the needs of students from around the world wishing to study Buddhism and Tibetan culture in India.

With His Holinesses wishes in mind, School of Snowland welcomes students from all over the world, irrespective of caste, creed, gender, age, or nationality. A school where lay men and women, monks and nuns, and students of all ages can study.

We are offering courses in a variety of subjects such as Tibetan and Buddhist history, Buddhist philosophy, Tantric studies (Gyudmeds specialty), as well as Tibetan, Chinese and English language courses.

Sumedh Bhoomi Buddha Vihar

Address: Sumedh Bhoomi Buddha Vihar, Dr Ambedkar Park, Jhansipura, Lalitpur -284403, India   Lalitpur Uttar Pradesh 284403
Tradition: Theravada, Ven Dr Sumedh Thero System of meditation
Find on:
Main Contact: Ven Dr. Sumedh Thero  Email  (Phone: 919415945895)
Spiritual Director: Ven Dr. Sumedh Thero  Email  (Phone: 919415945895)
Notes and Events:

Every year we organise Buddha Purnima 

Every Purnima Festivals

International Conference

Publish: Ancient Buddhism ISSN-2395-471X

MAIN OBJECTIVES OF THE CONFERENCE : Carrying out interdisciplinary dialogue with other traditions in  Association with support of Theravada, Navyana researchers- practitioners and Conservation of New Inventories.


  • Buddhism and contemporary socio-cultural practices
  • Forms of reception of Buddhism in the West and East
  • Buddhism and Environmental Degradation
  • Buddhism in the light of contemporary natural science knowledge
  • Meditation methods and development of a person’s
  • Buddhism in the global crisis as tool for Teerthatan (Dhammayatra)
  • Problems of Bundelkhand Buddhist education

The conference will include panel discussions on topics: “Monks, yogis, lay practitioners (transformation of cultural and social status)”, led by Ven Prgyadeep Mahathero Budhgaya,  Submit your text to be publish in Vol 4 of Ancient Buddhism  ISSN 2395-471X  by February 15,  on A 4 size paper up to 3  pages i.e. < 1500 words  in 14 font Time New Roman. Also contribute publication cost  Rs 500/page.

We are unable to provide any kind of financial support. The whole programme will be based on the donation contribute by individuals. Thus contribute one part of income and ensure goodwill (punyaparmi).

 1st day 

 6.00 AM Prabhat Pheri  Pisnari Bagh to Sumedh Bhoomi Buddha Vihar, Dr Ambedkar Park, Jhansipura,  via main market of  Lalitpur,

7.30 AM Snacks Tea etc to participants  Sumedh Bhoomi Buddha Vihar, Dr Ambedkar Park, Jhansipura, 

9.00-11.15 AM Dhamma Discourse, presentation of papers Sumedh Bhoomi Buddha Vihar, Dr Ambedkar Park, Jhansipura

11.30 AM Sanghadaan Sumedh Bhoomi Buddha Vihar, Dr Ambedkar Park, Jhansipura

2.00 -6.00 PM Dhamma Discourse & panel discussions

6.00 PM Candle/Lamp light Dr Ambedkar Park, Jhansipura.

7.PM :Chanting Suttas, Puja, Vandana

2nd Day  Devgarh (Travel cost at your end)

7.00 AM Dhamma Yatra  to Buddha Caves and Images site Devgarah

11.30 AM Sanghadaan, Buddha Caves and Images site Devgarah

2.00 - 4.00 PM Dhamma Discourse : Ven Buddhist Monks/Lay persons

4.30 PM Return from Devgarah to Lalitpur and individual destinations

 Punjab National Bank, Vikas Bhawan, Lalitpur-284403

A/C No 6260000100042344, RTGS, IFC PUNBO626000, MICR000024000 Sumedh Bhoomi Buddha Vihar Pravandh Samiti, Lalitpur

Sumedh Bhoomi Buddha Vihar, Dr Ambedkar Park, Jhansipura

Address: Sumedh Bhoomi Buddha Vihar Dr Ambedkar park, Jhansipura   Jhansi 284003
Tradition: Theravada
Affiliation: AIBS Maha Bodhi Society of India
Phone: +919415945895
Fax: NA
Find on:
Main Contact: Ven Dr. Sumedh Thero  Email  (Phone: +919415945895)
Spiritual Director: Ven Dr. Sumedh Thero  Email  (Phone: +919415945895)
Notes and Events:

Pub Ancient Buddhism Annual April  and Upali Sandesh October 

 5th International conference and dhamma yatra April 7-8, 2018 Lalitpur & Devgarah, India

Dear Dhamma Sisters & Brothers  Namo Buddhay - Jai Bhim

We, invite you to take part in the 5th International conference and dhamma yatra   Buddhist Teachings for Justice and World Peace


Philosophical Buddhism and contemporary socio-cultural practices

Buddhism and Environmental Degradation

Meditation methods and development of a person’s

Historical background of Buddhism as tool for Teerthatan (Dhammayatra)

Cultural and traditional History of Bundelkhand Buddhist

The conference will include panel discussions on topics: “Monks, yogis, lay practitioners (transformation of cultural and social status)”,  Submit your text to be publish in Vol 5 of Ancient Buddhism  ISSN 2395-471X  by February 15, 2018 on A 4 size paper up to 3  pages i.e. < 1500 words  in 14 font Time New Roman. Also contribute publication cost  Rs 500/page.

We are unable to provide any kind of financial support. The whole programme will be based on the donation that contribute by individuals. Thus contribute one part of income and ensure goodwill (punyaparmi).

Cq) /kEe vkSj n”kZu dk fo”o ij izHkko] cqUnsy[k.M esa ckS) /kEe dk bfrgkl] Fksjokn ,oa vU; /kEe fcpkj/kkjk ds leU;o;u ij vUrjk’Vªh; leL;k;sa] lkekftd&lkaLd`frd eqn~ns] vk; vlarqyu] Ik;kZoj.k dh {kfr] ?k` mokp] lk/kuk&foi”;uk dh fcf/k;ksa ds oSKkfud fodkl ij viuk lkjkWa”k lfgr iw.kZ vkys[k 15 Qjojh 2017 rd izLrqr dj ldrs gSa A ,fUl,UV cqf)Le ISSN 2395-471X  ds ikWaposa vad esa ys[k idkf”kr fd;s tk;saxsa lkFk gh vius ys[k ds izdk”ku dk ewY; :0 500 izfr i`’B Hkh izdk”ku ls iwoZ tek djus ij gh ys[k izdkf”kr fd;k tk;xk ! /kukHkko ds dkj.k ;k=k HkRrk vkfn ns; ugha gksxk ! lEiw.kZZ dk;Zdze nku ij vk/kkfjr gS vr% ;Fkk“kfDr viuh vk; dk ,d Hkkx nku dj iqU; ykHk vftZr djsa ! 

Punjab National Bank, Vikas Bhawan, Lalitpur-284403

A/C No 6260000100042344, RTGS, IFC PUNBO626000, MICR000024000 Sumedh Bhoomi Buddha Vihar Pravandh Samiti, Lalitpur, India 

Programme 7 April, 2018 Lalitpur (Stay cost at your end)

6.00 AM Prabhat Pheri  Varni chauraha to Sumedh Bhoomi Buddha Vihar, Dr Ambedkar Park, Jhansipura,  via main market of  Lalitpur,

7.30 AM Snacks Tea etc to participants  Sumedh Bhoomi Buddha Vihar, Dr Ambedkar Park, Jhansipura, 

9.00-11.15 AM Dhamma Discourse, presentation of papers Sumedh Bhoomi Buddha Vihar, Dr Ambedkar Park, Jhansipura

11.30 AM Sanghadaan Sumedh Bhoomi Buddha Vihar, Dr Ambedkar Park, Jhansipura

2.00 -6.00 PM Dhamma Discourse & panel discussions; Vikash Bhawan

6.00 PM Candle/Lamp light Dr Ambedkar Park, Jhansipura.

7.PM :Chanting Suttas,; Dhammachakka pavattan sutta  Puja, Vandana

8 April, 2018 Devgarh (Travel cost at your end)

7.00 AM Dhamma Yatra  to Buddha Caves and Images site Devgarah

11.30 AM Sanghadaan, Buddha Caves and Images site Devgarah

2.00 - 4.00 PM Dhamma Discourse : Ven Buddhist Monks/Lay persons

4.30 PM Return from Devgarah to Lalitpur and individual destinations

Ven Dr. Sumedh Thero 
Sumedh Bhoomi Buddha Vihar, Dr Ambedkar Park, Jhansipura, Lalitpur -284403, India 
E mail:,

Takshashila Dhamma School

Address: Bhante Anand Buddha vihara, Adoli   Tq-Dist-Washim Maharashtra 444505
Tradition: Non-Sectarian,
Affiliation: Takshashila Buddhist Library
Phone: +91-9209967456
Fax: -
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Asst.Director: Abhay,B.Tayade  (Phone: +91-9527039651)
Chief.Director: Pankaj.S.Padghan  Email  (Phone: +91-9209967456)
Teacher: -  
Main Contact: Pankaj padghan  Email  (Phone: +91-9209967456)
Spiritual Director: Ven Dhammaloka  
Notes and Events:

We also run the following activity

 1) Late.L.D.Padghan Free Dhamma book distribution centre Adoli.

 2) Mahabodhi Retreat Center Adoli

 3) Takshashila Buddhist study centre.

 4) Takshashila Public Library.

Takshila Bauddh Mahavihar

Address: Village Bhattian. Near Jalandhar Bypass. Ludhiana   Ludhiana Punjab 141001
Tradition: Theravada
Affiliation: Theravda
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Spiritual Director: Bhante Pragyabodhi  (Phone: 9779171801)
Notes and Events:

This is Vihar/ Monastery is run by Punjab Buddhist Society and very near to Ludhiana.

There is a weekly teaching plus meditation session every sunday from 9.00 am to 11.00 am.

Tathagat Publications

Address: 54/78 B D D Chawl, Worli, Mumbai - 400018, Maharashtra, India   Mumbai Maharashtra 400018
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Phone: 9821544380
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Main Contact: Arvind Bhandare  Email  (Phone: 9821544380)
Notes and Events:

Buddhist Book Publication and Buddhist Pilgrimage Tours.

Tathagata Trust

Address: Siddhartha Kendra Vidyalaya Charaimoria via Moidomia North Lakhimpur-787001,Assam  North Lakhimpur 787001
Tradition: Non-Sectarian, Non-violence, peace, education, social and economic
Affiliation: Individual
Phone: +913751269945
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Spiritual Director: Rev Dandi Lama  Email  (Phone: +919232810408)
Main Contact: Dr Chandan Siam  Email  (Phone: +919854809615)
Teacher: Rev Dandi Lama  
Notes and Events:

Our organization situated at North Lakhimpur. We are new organization working in the field i.e. cultural, education, social and economic. we organize seminar, meditation, training etc. at North Lakhimpur since 2002. We newly established branch offices in Guwahati, Siliguri, New Delhi, Digboi and Mumbai. Now we are going to build a Monastery at North Lakhimpur. We appeal to all for funding in our great purpose.

Telugu Buddhists Association

Address: 2-1-512, F-103, Sai Soudha Apartments, Street-8, Nallakunta, Hyderabad-500044   Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh 500044
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Phone: 9441093908
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Main Contact: Gandhi  Email  (Phone: 9441093908)
Notes and Events:

Telugu Buddhists Association is a non-profit service organisation, working for peace and happiness of all Telugu speaking Buddhists worldwide and for promotion of Buddhist philosophy of contentment and simple living.

Membership is free and  open to all. Members can share their knowledge, feelings, pains and pleasures, opinions and experiences with all members.

The Buddhabhoomi Dhammadoot Sangha

Address: 168,Buddhabhoomi,Maitriya Buddha Mahavihar, golden buddha statue, Chunabhatti, Kolar Road, Bhopal M.P.   Bhopal Madhya Pradesh 462003
Tradition: Theravada
Phone: +919926220408
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The Buddhabhoomi Dhammadoot sangha(rge.): Bhante Shakyaputra Sagar  
Main Contact: Bhante Rahulputra  Email  (Phone: +919826929578)
Teacher: Bhante Shakyaputra Sagar  
Spiritual Director: Venerable Bhante aarya nagarjun surai sasai  
Notes and Events:

Purpose: Public Welfare.

Aim/Objective/Mission: To promote all the acts responsible for the welfare of mankind. To help disable, patients, weaker sections of society, development of animals and social services to organise conferences and sammelans for public welfare. centre (meditation) for health, establish general libraries, schools for poor students and establish the offices of the institute for benefit of common man to establish national integration. To develop moral and ethical properties in human being To honour and award the knowledgeable person and helpful person in the field of social work.
Current BDS Activities

 his is the Registered Organisation .Registered under the Government Different 5 laws as a public representative Organisation. The Registered Head office  is in BHOPAL MADHYA PRADESH. INDIA .

1.BDS has been undertaken among others following Social, Educational and Cultural Activities:

2. Since last  more than 15 years we are working  and promoting Buddhism throughout India and abroad

3. We  have already built up a huge monastery  named as maitriya Buddha mahaVihara  in Bhopal city  and doing monasterial  services for the people in General.

4. We already established a dhammadoot Vipassana Meditation Centre  and teaching Vipassana  meditation to  many, many people .

5. We taught Vipassana Meditation to more than 1000 people and brought them on the sublime path of  great Buddha Dhamma .

6. Time to time we organize  SAMANERAS and MONKS training programmers and strengthening The Bhikkhu Sangha.
7. We organize periodically Samanera Diksha Ordination programme.

8. WE organize Astha Sheela Uposatha, The Sabbath Programme for ladies and gentlemen  and teach them the Dhamma

9. We have stated and running a boys hostel for school going students since last 1years. Hundreds of students are getting benefit of it.

10. Since last 12 years we are running a special DEAF & DUMB residential school for handicap children and supporting  them

11. Every Sunday we organize a special DHAMMA school for children age group of 8 to 12 years of age and teach them Noble Dhamma.

12. Every day  early in the morning at  5.30 AM we  do a special prayer and meditation for the peace and harmony to the people .

13. Daily every morning at 6.00 AM and evening 6 :00 PM again we organize prayer  and Dhamma discourse for the people .

14. We have built up a guest house and provide lodging and boarding  for visiting  Monks and lay people at the monastery

15. Time to time we organize Dhamma Seminars and conferences at local level some times An International.

19. We organize inter  faith religions Seminars and invite all religions Dharma Leaders and followers and promote the Peace & harmony.

20. We have established about 25 monasteries at different part of madhya pradesh the branches of our monastery.

21. We got about 25 Acres of land  as a donation to our organization  at Sanchi.

22. Time to time specially we organize Special Dhamma Seminars only for Ladies and teach them Dhamma.

23. Time to time We organize special camps for Collage going students and teach them Meditation And Noble Dhamma.

24. We have established a library  as a dhammadoot Library  and protect the Knowledge books and TRI PITAKA the Dhamma Books.

25. About 25 lakhs Buddhist people live in madhya prades

26. We organize Buddhist monks and provide them the facilities of  learning and education .and try to strengthen Buddhism .  

These are the works  we do through our Buddhabhoomi Dhammadoot Sangha in bhopal and through out India.

The Buddhist Society of India - Vissannapeta

Address: D.No 9/209-1, Reddy Gudem Road, vissannapeta, Krishna dt, Andhrapradesh 521215.   Andhra Pradesh 521215
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Phone: 9985468449
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Meditation Teacher: A. Prasad  (Phone: 9705621162)
Spiritual Director: Vijayaraju Kalathoti  Email  (Phone: 9985468449)
Notes and Events:

Distribution of Buddhist literature – Celebration of Buddhist festivals.

Training classes on Buddhism, Ambedkarism and Human rights.

Facilitating conversions to Buddhism.

Conducting training classes for meditation, cultural programs, human rights awareness programs.

Construction of Buddhist temple & meditation centre.

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