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World Chonghwa Buddhist Sangha (Taiwan Temple)

Address: P.O. Bodh Gaya, Gaya, Bihar 824231 India  Bodhgaya
Tradition: Mahayana
Phone: (0631) 2200 503/ 673
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Contact: Shih Wu Yuan (President)  

Young Buddhist Student Literacy Mission

Address: Kathor, Badu, Barasat, North 24 Parganas   Kolkata Bangla 700128
Tradition: Theravada
Website: htttp://
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Spiritual Director: Ven. Dr. Nando Batha  Email  (Phone: +919830276407)

Youth Buddhist Society of India (YBS India)

Address: c/- Suresh Chandra Bauddha Vivek Vihar Colony, Mainpuri UP. 205262, India  
Tradition: Theravada
Phone: 0091-9937393526
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Contact: Suresh Bauddha (President)  
Teacher: Ven. G. Praggnanada (Sri Lankan)  

Zurmang Kagyud Buddhist Foundation

Address: Gangtok, Lingdum, East Sikkim, India  
Tradition: Tibetan, Kagyu
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Contact: Karma Yuddon  

Anand Shakya Dhammachari

Address: KARUNA VIHAR, Ward:5/A, Plot:523-526, N/R. Rambag Hospital, ADIPUR, Kutch.   ADIPUR Gujarat 370205
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Phone: +91 9426218205
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Dhammachari: Anandsakya  Email  (Phone: +91 9426218205)
Main Contact: Anand Shakya  Email  (Phone: +91 9426218205)
Spiritual Director: Urgyen Sangharakshita  
Notes and Events:

Buddhist activities in Gujarat started by Bhante Sangharakshita in 1947, he came to join ‘Sarva Dharm Sabha’ in Ahmedabad. Bhante inspired people; few their friends to celebrate Buddha Purnima who were living in Ahmedabad. That was the first celebration of the Buddha Jayanti in the Mordern Gujarat. The movement of Mass conversion taken place in India by Bodhisatva Baba Saheb Ambedkar in 1956, very few people went to Nagpur to embraced Buddhism from the Gujarat.

Bhante Sangharakshita had first time given Dhamma Diksha at Ahmedabad as significance of Mass Conversion in 1960. Bhante has very close relation with the Gujarati Buddhist from very beginning.  As a result of Bhante’s Kalyanmitrata Dhammachari Lokmitra was able to start TRIRATNA BUDDHIST ORDER movement in Gujarat since their arrival in India -1978. Bhante had given first initiation as Order Member in India in 1979. There were two persons; more than twenty people Ordained as Dhammachari from the Gujarat. Out of these few are working out side the Gujarat. Dhammachari Anand Shakya (Ordained in 1991) the senior order member of the Triratna Buddhist Order who is witness of whole order movement of the Gujarat. He practicing the Buddhist principles and working/ contributing in the Indian Movement since his contact of the TBM movement.

Ananda Buddha Vihara Trust

Address: Mahendra Hills   Secunderbad Andhra Pradesh 500 026
Tradition: Theravada
Affiliation: Formerly Ananda Buddha Vihara Samiti, Estd 1974
Phone: 0091-40-27733161/ 27733461, 0091-9441038801
Fax: 0091-40-27733161
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Secretary: Mr Amal Kanti Barua  Email  (Phone: 0091-9490776565)
Chairman: Ven.K Sangharakshita Mahathera  Email  (Phone: 0091-9441038801)
Teacher: Ven.K Sangharakshita Mahathera  
Main Contact: Ven.K Sangharakshita Mahathera  Email  (Phone: 0091-9441038801)
Notes and Events:

Ananda Buddha Vihara Trust is committed to the cause of reviving, preserving and propagating Buddhist tradition and culture. Regular Buddhist practices, Chanting, Meditation, Periodical Celebrations are conducted in the vihara complex. Group of resident monks are available for Dhamma discourse and monastic training. Buddhist literatures in English and other local languages are available for interested readers. Free medical dispensary for poor people every week. Ananda Buddha Vihara Trust is registered under Public Charitable Trust Act having Income Tax exemption vide 80G and FCRA certified.

Ashoka Buddha Vihara

Address: OLD POWER HOUSE ROAD RAJGHAT   New Delhi NDelhi 110002
Tradition: Theravada, based on original of Lord Buddha.
Affiliation: World Chakma Buddhist Organisation
Phone: +91-9711793804
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Spiritual Director: Ven. Attadassi  (Phone: +91-9555863772)
Main Contact: Chakma Bhei  Email  (Phone: +91-9711973804)
Teacher: Ven. Mangal jyoti  
Notes and Events:

We are committed Buddhist organisation,working for the Chakma Buddhists of India,to preserve,promote and to propagate,the teachings of the Buddha,to bring peace, happiness,and harmony in the society. And to train the young generation to follows the Panchsheela to make their life meaningful,happy and worthy.

Asoka Mission Vihar

Address: Mehrauli New Delhi-110030 India 
Phone: +91-11-6644470, 4620968, 4624628
Fax: +91-114624628
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Monk-in-Charge: Ven. Sumedho  
Abbot: Ven Lama Lobzang  
Notes and Events:

Main activities: Daily chanting, Short-term Meditation Courses, Buddhist Cultural Activties for Children; Full Moonday Puja.

Location: It is situated on 12 acre garden around three furlongs from world historical monument Qutab Minar in South Delhi. It consists of a main shrine, a Seema, a Bodhi tree, it has a stupa of its founder Most Ven.Vira Bellong Dharmwar Mahathera, and a Youth Hostel.

Awaaz India TV Channel ( Voice of Buddha )

Address: 16, Dwarkanath Apartment, West High Court Road, Shankar Nagar, Nagpur-10   Nagpur 440010
Tradition: Theravada
Phone: 07126649944
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Main Contact: Rajiv Zodape  Email  (Phone: 9822572715)
Teacher: Dheeraj Bhagat  
Spiritual Director: Aman Kamble  Email  (Phone: 9930360568)
Notes and Events:

We the Leading channel of Central India, spreading the Philosophy of Buddha...we are the channel with social Unity, Harmony, Nationality & integrity. we are the channel with social awakening. Very soon we are expanding our base through out India.

Bauddha Dharmankur Sabha (Bengal Buddhist Association)

Address: Nalanda Square 1, Buddhist Temple Street   Kolkata Bangla 700012
Tradition: Theravada
Affiliation: World Fellowship of Buddhists
Phone: 0091-33-22117138
Fax: 0091-33-22118801
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Spiritual Director: Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhipala  Email  (Phone: 0091-9432641318)
Main Contact: Mr. Hemendu Bikash Chowdhury, General Secretary  Email  (Phone: 0091-9432641313)
Notes and Events:

The Bauddha Dharmankur Sabha (the Bengal Buddhist Association) was founded in the year 1892 by the Most Venerable Kripasaran Mahasthavir for the regeneration and revival of Buddhism in India and was a contemporary of the Anagarika Dharmapala, the Founder of the Maha Bodhi Society of India. Both these stalwarts worked for the same cause based in West Bengal.

The Bauddha Dharmankur Sabha has many branches in other parts of India. They are in Shillong (Meghalaya), Darjeeling (West Bengal), Lucknow and Sarnath (Uttar Pradesh)and Rajgir (Bihar). In Kolkata where its Head Office is situated we run a School for the children named the Kripasaran Continental Institution established in the year 1967.

We also run the Dharmankur Free Medical Centre here for the benefit of the people established in the year 1990.

The Bauddha Dharmankur Sabha also publishes a Journal name the Jagajjyoti - the Light of the World since the year 1908 and has a wide readership.

The year 2014 is important to us as we celebrate the 150th Birth Anniversary of our Founder the Most Venerble Karmayogi Kripasaran Mahasthavir on 22nd June 2014.

Benuban Bauddha Sangha

Address: Benuban vihara,13 Maitri sarani,P.O.Rabindranagar,DumDum Cantonment,Kolkata-700065   DumDum 700065
Tradition: Theravada
Affiliation: Bharatiya Sangharaj Bhikkhu Mahasabha
Phone: +91-033-2566-3441
Fax: No
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Spiritual Director: Dr. Bhikkhu Ratanasri  Email  (Phone: 91-033-2566-3441/+919476123174)
Notes and Events:

About Buddhas Teachings: I am a Theravadan Buddhist Monk, with M.A., M.Phil.,Ph.D. from Calcutta University in 2005. Now I am teaching Pali Language and Literature in my temple. Also I practice Buddha meditation daily. I do socio-religious work through Benuban Bauddha Sangha.

I pray that all Buddhist brother and sisters, Monks and Nuns provide Buddhas teachings in all sectors of India and abroad. Bhavatu Sabba Mangalam.

Bhadantacharya Buddhadatta Pali Promotion Foundation

Address: At. - Umeri, Post - Agasi, Teh. - Katangi, Distt. - Balaghat (M.P.)481 445 India   Umeri Madhya Pradesh Agasi
Tradition: Theravada
Phone: 098914 00819
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Main Contact: Dr. Prafull Gadpal  Email  (Phone: 98914 00819)
Spiritual Director: Dr. Prafull Gadpal  Email  (Phone: 98914 00819)
Notes and Events:

We are publish an excellent magazine DHAMMA SANDESHA. we are trying to promote the Pali and Sanskrit languages.

Bharat Leni Sanwardhan Samittee (BLISS)

Address: A-604, Richmond Town-II, Babhola, Vasai-W   Vasai Maharashtra 401202
Tradition: Non-Sectarian, Conservation of Buddhism in India
Phone: +918805460999
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Dhamma Sevak: Amar Visharat  Email  (Phone: 9210122842)
Main Contact: Dr Param Anand  Email  (Phone: 8805460999)
Spiritual Director: Dr Param Anand  Email  (Phone: 8805460999)
Notes and Events:

We are the only organisation in India who work to conserve Ancient Buddhist caves, monuments, stupas, viharas in all the states of India. We educate Indians as well as Buddhists to offer Buddha Vandana at these places on every Purnima Day. By this we endeavor to en raise love for Buddhism in the Buddhist people. 

Bhikkhu Sanghas United Buddhist Mission

Address: Sarvodaya Buddha Vihar, Opp. Kurla Kurla Railway Terminus, Tilak Nagar Chembur Bombay 400089. India. 
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Phone: (91-22) 522073
Fax: (91-22) 522073
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Chief Monk: Venerable Bhadant Rahula Bodhi Maha Thera,, M.A. (Ph .D.Student.)  
Notes and Events:

The Sarvodaya Buddha Vihar Of Bhikkhu Sangha`s United Buddhist Mission (BSUBM) has been functioning in the city of Bombay (Mumbai) for the last 20 years. The BSUBM is a registered public trust and works for the social, educational and cultural upliftment and development of the weaker sections of society.

ACTIVITIES: [1] Running a hostel for 25 poor students, since 1988, in Mumbai [2] Running a residential school for the Deaf and Dumb, (40 students). [3] Vipassana meditation camps conducted for 130 groups over the last few years. [4] Training of 120 Bhikkhus and Shara Shramaneras. [5] Publication of social awakening books -9 books written by Ven. B. R . Bodhi. [6] Running of weekly training classes for women for a better way of life through Dhamma. [7] Daily evening 1 hour prayer and preaching class for devoties for the last 15 years. [8] Sunday Dhamma and Cultural classes for children for the last 10 years. [9] Conducting every full moon day a programme to promote the message of universal brotherhood. [10] Registration of Life members, 6000 Sadhakas members. [11] Conducting Cultural Training courses at Mumbai and in the other states of India through Ven. Bhadant Rahul Bodhi and other Monks for the last 20 years. [12] Arranging meetings of Bhikkhu`s and Buddhist followers coming to Mumbai from different different part of India and also from abroad. [13] Running the Nalanda Library for the last 10 years. [14] 5 Bhikkhus have been sent to Colombo, Sri Lanka for higher spiritual training.

BLIA Chennai Chapter

Address: No 89 third street, Malleshwari nagar,Seliyur CHENNAI   Tambaram Tamil Nadu 600 073
Tradition: Mahayana
Affiliation: BLIA World Headquarters
Phone: 044 22291492
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Treasurer: Mr.P Selvaraj  (Phone: 044 23662009)
Secratary General: Mr.Ambed Anandan  (Phone: 09965726145)
Main Contact: E Anban  Email  (Phone: 09445369542)
Teacher: Ven Miao Ru  
Spiritual Director: Ven Master Hsing Yun  Email  
Notes and Events:

BLIA Chennai committed to propagate Buddhas Teachings through Education ,culture and serving the people of needy when and where required. We translating and publishing books in Tamil to reach the public. 

At present we were runnig a free, Tailoring center at chennai and a free girls hostel at chennai.Translating Buddhist Books in Tamil and free Ambulance service to the needy.

BLIA Saurashtra Central Gujarat Chapter

Address: 1/Professor Society, JNV High School Road  Surendranagar Gujarat 363002
Tradition: Mahayana, Promotes Humanistic Buddhism in Gujarat State of India
Affiliation: Buddhas Light Internatinal Association World Headquarters
Phone: +919825224240
Fax: +912752234628
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President: Mr. Naushad Solanki  Email  (Phone: +919825224240)
Secretary: Mr. Tushar Sripal  Email  (Phone: +919879764711)
Notes and Events:

BLIA Saurashtra Central Gujarat Chapter is officialy associated with Buddhas Light International Association. Chapter promotes Humanistic Buddhism in Gujarat State of India. We also work for the Most down troudden untouchable "Dalit" community. We welcome all Buddhist wolrd to come forward to extend their kind support.

Bo Tree News

Address: Pachhatti, Bodh Gaya   Bodh Gaya Bihar 824231
Tradition: Non-Sectarian, Buddhist News Journal
Phone: +91-7546461795
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Main Contact: Sangha Bodhi  Email  (Phone: +91-8083412240)
Teacher: Lama Shree N. Singh  
Spiritual Director: Anagarika Dhamma Priya  Email  (Phone: +91-7549461795)
Notes and Events:

We are a Quarterly Buddhist Journal published from Bodh Gaya dedicated to uniting the Global Buddhist World by sharing information and creating an environment for Peace and Unity.

Bodhi Dhamma International Mission and Zen Medition Center

Address: No 2390 E-Block 13 th Main 14 th cross, SahakarNagar Bangalore-560092   Karnataka
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Phone: 9449858622
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Main Contact: R.M.Limbare  (Phone: 9449858622)
Spiritual Director: Bhante Dhammakara  (Phone: 9880038257)
Notes and Events:

A Training center is open to all the sections of the society irrespective of their religion, language, and state. Training in Meditation and Discourses on Dhamma are given by the Ven  Dhammakar  Bhante. Buddhist Festivals are celebrated and seminar are conducted on special occasions. Social awareness and Buddhist way of life and culture is being brought among the people. Accommodation is available for the monks. nuns, Layman and laywomen at the center.

Bodhi Zendo

Address: Perumalmalai Kodaikanal 624104 India  
Tradition: Japanese Soto/Rinzai ; Lineage: Sanbo Kyodan
Phone: (+91) 4542 30345
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Teacher: Fr. Ama Samy S.J.  
Notes and Events:

Offers a daily schedule of meditation (Zazen).

Bouddha Yuvak Sangha, Indore

Address: 216,Siddhartha Nagar,Near marimata ka bageecha, Juni Indore, Indore Madhya Pradesh Pin-452007 India   Indore Madhya Pradesh 452007
Tradition: Theravada, Dr. B.R.Ambedkar
Phone: +919827072018
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Main Contact: Raju Ambore  Email  (Phone: +919827072018)
Spiritual Director: Bhadant Satyashil ji Mahathero  
Teacher: Mrs. Vishakha tai nide, Mr. Bhandare sir  
Notes and Events:

Namo Buddha....This is raju ambore from indore, Madhya Pradesh. This organisation educates people about Buddhism. Basically, we work in slum because we belong this place called slum (Tang  or gareeb basti) and we are happy with our work too.  We organize dhamma shivir, like vippassana, dhyaan sadhna, we regularly pay homage to Buddha in our Buddha Vihar and in our home daily in morning and evening. We issue books to the public related to Buddhism and we organize quiz contest on Buddhism monthly we give prizes, like religious books, story books, dhammapad, Buddha and his dhamma, and many others. we are planning to launch a website soon.

Boudha Sahitya Prasarak Mandal

Address: # 4, GAJRA PARK-4, KAMOD NAGAR, NASHIK   Indira Nagar, Nashik 422009
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Phone: 0253-2320299
Fax: 0253-2500442
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Main Contact: Atul Bhosekar  Email  (Phone: 9422748497)
Teacher: Ven. Satypal Bhante  
Spiritual Director: Atul Bhosekar  Email  (Phone: 9422748497)
Notes and Events:

We conduct "Shramnera Training Camps" in Nashik at the base of famous TRIRASHMI CAVES (built around 2nd - 3rd Century). The Shramneras are taught Buddhas path and how to live it practically. During this 10 days residential course, they follow strict timetable from 4.00 am to 8.00 pm. No fees is charged.

We also conduct lectures on Buddhism in various slum areas, students hostel, housewives and teach them to follow Buddhas ancient path. Usually all lectures are conducted on Full Moon Day and a full day session on Vaisakh Pournima.

Buddha Bhoomi Foundation (Regd.)

Address: Ashokvan Buddha Vihar,Ashok nagar,Valdhun   Kalyan Maharashtra 421 301
Tradition: Theravada
Affiliation: Ajanta Buddha Vihar Trust (Regd.)
Phone: +91 9987480392
Fax: +91-22-25972423
Find on:
Main Contact: Mr. M. M. Kamble (Retd.Jt.-Secretary,Home Dept.)  (Phone: +91 9967218924)
Spiritual Director: Ven. Gautam Ratna Thero  
Notes and Events:

Buddha Bhoomi Foundation (BBF) is registered under Bombay Public Trust Act in the office of Asstt.Charity Commissioner Office.A generous devotee late Mr.Digambar L. Kamble has donated a huge land of 22 acres where he was owner and tenant as per Revenue Acts of Maharashtra Government.At present Buddha Bhoomi Foundation has constructed Bhikkhu Nivas with all facilities required for Bhikkhus.Every year we celebrate Buddha Jayanti,Pavarana, Kathina Dana etc.Simultaneously arrange Vipassana courses,Samanera retreats from time to time.A Buddha Bhoomi Foundation has now decided to establish big Buddhist Center .Since Kalyan city is very close to Mumbai and having 22 acres of land is really greatworthy.

Followings are the proposed projects at BBF-
1. Grand Buddha Vihara
2. 50 Feet height Buddha statue
3. Vipassana Hall (Capacity, 500 meditators)
4. Self meditation Centre (For 50 meditators)
5. Bhikkhu Training Centre (For 500 monks)
6. Pali Research Institute
7. Dr.Ambedkar Smarak
8. Orphanage
9. Old Age Home
10.Charitable Hospital

11. High School &
12.Medical College.
For this purpose Buddha Bhoomi Foundation has decided to raise funds.Therefore on behalf of Buddha Bhoomi Foundation, I put a special request to the generous people around the world to donate for this noble purpose as per your will and be obliged.

I shall always remain.

You can deposit to
A/c Holder:- Buddha Bhoomi Foundation

A/c No. 54742200037576

IFSC Code SYNB0005472

Syndicate Bank,Shivaji Path,Thane-W.

Yours in the Dhamma
Gautam Ratna Thero
(Buddha Bhoomi Foundation)

Buddha Bihar

Address: Website  Bihar
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Find on:
Notes and Events:

Information and Public Relations Department of the Government of Bihar.

Buddha Parivar

Address: Plot No. 1330 AB, T.V.kendra Road, Buddha Mandir, Bhavnagar  Bhavnagar 364001
Tradition: Theravada
Affiliation: All Buddhist organization in Gujarat
Phone: 0278 2202051
Find on:
Spiritual Director: Chimanbhai Kantariya  Email  (Phone: 9426901431)
Main Contact: Chimanbhai Kantariya  Email  (Phone: 9426901431)
Notes and Events:

We are working to spread Buddhism in Gujarat State India. We have organize about 200 prgramme of speech containing Buddhas teaching. We also print a book Name Pchhat Samajno Itihas, Buddha and his Manav Dhamm. We distribute freely to listner in our programme. We also distribute Buddhas picture free.

We started a Buddha Mandir and a permenant office

Buddha Sevalayam

Address: 94.DR.AMBEDKAR NAGAR, ERUMAPATTY.PO, NAMAKKAL.TK&DT, TAMIL NADU, INDIA.PIN.637013  Namakkal Taluk Tamil Nadu 637013
Tradition: Theravada
Affiliation: International Brotherhood Mission
Phone: 091 04286 645080 mobile.09344737683
Find on:
Main Contact: A. Masilamani  Email  (Phone: 09344737683)
Notes and Events:

Our Buddha sevalayam is a registered Buddhist and charitable organization affiliated by INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD MISSION. We are poor Dalit people in Tamil Nadu. We are the Buddhist contact for development and propagation of Buddhism in our area.

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