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World Peace Ten Thousand Buddhas Sarina Stupa Temple

Address: 4303 River Road, Niagara Falls, ON L2E 3E8  Ontario
Tradition: Mahayana, Pure Land
Affiliation: Cham Shan Temple
Phone: (905) 371-2678
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Resident Director & Teacher: Ven Shan Kwang  

Yeshe Khorlo Nyingma Buddhist Centre

Address: 839 Foul Bay Road  Victoria BC V8S4H6
Tradition: Vajrayana, Tibetan, Nyingma
Phone: (250) 658-0357
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Contact: Damchos Douma  
Teacher: Ven. Lopon Sang-ngag Yeshe  
Spiritual Director: Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche  

Zen Buddhist Temple Toronto

Address: 297 College, Toronto ON M5T 1S2   Ontario
Tradition: Mahayana, Korean Chogye Zen
Affiliation: Buddhist Society of Compassionate Wisdom
Phone: (416) 658-0137
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Spiritual Director: Ven. Samu Sunim  

Zen Centre of Edmonston

Address: 90, Rue Boucher, Edmundston, NB E3V 1P9   New Brunswick
Tradition: Mahayana, Soto Zen
Affiliation: Association Zen Internationale (A.Z.I), France
Phone: (506) 735-8919
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Founder: Daisaku Ikeda  
Contact: Roger Dufour  

Zen Centre of Ottawa

Address: 240 Daly Avenue,   Ottawa Ontario K1N 6G2
Tradition: Mahayana, Dogen
Affiliation: Main monastery (Dainen-ji) White Wind Zen Community
Phone: (613) 562-1568
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Teacher: Ven. Anzan Hoshin roshi  

Zen Centre of Vancouver

Address: 4269 Brant Street, Vancouver, BC V5N 5B5   BC
Tradition: Mahayana, Zen, Rinzai
Affiliation: Rinzai-Ji
Phone: (604) 879-0229
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Contact: Eshin John Godfrey  

Zuru Ling

Address: (Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Centre) 318-336 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6T 4R6    BC
Tradition: Vajrayana
Phone: (604) 874-7655
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Spiritual Advisor: Ven. Zasep Tulku Rinpoche  
Contact: Angela Hryniuk  

Akshobya Buddhist Meditation Centre

Address: #208 2120 Kensington Road, NW Calgary Alberta T2N 0H3   Alberta
Tradition: Vajrayana, Tibetan, New Kadampa Tradition
Affiliation: Chandrakirti Meditation Centre - Toronto
Phone: (403) 270-7149
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Spiritual Director: Kelsang Gyatso  
Notes and Events:

Drop-in classes on many weekday evenings (Mon-Wed, Calgary; Thurs in Okotoks).

Prayers for World Peace every Sunday morning at 11 (meditation, teachings, prayers)

Please visit website for current calendar:

Alberta Buddhist Vihara Association

Address: 3454 37 ST NW   Edmonton Alberta T6L 4Y9
Tradition: Theravada, Sri Lankan tradition
Affiliation: Samatha Vipassana Meditation Centre
Phone: (780) 641-9795
E-mail: |
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Main Contact: Kamal Ranaweera  Email  
Spiritual Director: Bhante Kotawaye Suseela  Email  (Phone: 780 641 9795)
Contact resident monk : Bhnate Nanda  (Phone: 780 641 9795)
Notes and Events:

Welcome to the Alberta Buddhist Vihara Association (ABVA) and the Samatha Vipassana Meditation Centre (SVMC). ABVA is a registered charitable organization in Alberta, established with the objective of providing our community an understanding of Buddhism and its practice, particularly of the Theravada tradition.

The Samatha Vipassana Meditation Centre is the main service venue of ABVA. It offers a range of services including meditation programs, sutta discussions, Sunday Dhamma School for children, religious services at homes, special retreats and daily Buddhist sermons. These services are based on original teachings of the Buddha, such as The Four Noble Truth and The Eightfold Path, and are offered in both English and Sinhala languages freely to the community irrespective of one's origin, faith, religion or ethnicity. You are welcome to come and experience a difference.

Atlantic Soto Zen Center

Address: 3584 Prospect Road   White\\\'s Lake Nova Scotia B3T 1Z3
Tradition: Mahayana, Soto Zen, Soyu Matsuoka Lineage
Affiliation: Soto Zen
Phone: 902 852 4323
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Main Contact: Rev. Tesshin James Smith  
Teacher: Rev. Tesshin James Smith  
Spiritual Director: Abbot Taiun Michael Elliston  
Notes and Events:

The Atlantic Soto Zen Center offers a traditional Soto Zen service including instruction and practice in Zazen meditation, Kinhin, walking meditation, Dharma study and lectures by the Abbot, chanting, one to one interview, Zazen kai and Sesshin, extended meditation retreats periodically throughout the year. Details are available at

Awakened Meditation Centre

Address: 134 Sixth Street   Toronto Ontario M8V 3A5
Tradition: Mahayana, Korean Ganhwsoen (Koan Zen)
Affiliation: Korean Chogye Order
Phone: 647-342-3322
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Main Contact: Greg Samuelson  (Phone: 416-838-4305)
Teacher: Hwasun Yangil Sunim  
Spiritual Director: Hwasun Yangil Sunim  (Phone: 647-342-3322)
Notes and Events:

Zen Meditation instruction offered at Awakened Meditation Centre by Zen Master Hwasun Yangil is intended for both beginners and advanced students alike.

Participants are offered a rare opportunity to enrich their inner life and practice under the guidance of an experienced Zen Master.

Instruction is provided in sitting meditation posture, breathing techniques, walking meditation, and Ko-an meditation, to concentrate and awaken the mind.

According to Zen tradition, at a gathering of his disciples Shakyamuni Buddha probed the understanding of his followers about the ultimate goal of His teaching by holding a flower aloft before the assembly. Among the thousand assembled there, only Mahakasyapa is said to have understood the gesture and acknowledged it with a smile. Thereupon, the Enlightened One acknowledged the transmission of the right Dharma eye, the blissful mind of Nirvana and the ultimate reality to the Venerable Mahakasyapa.

The transmission is outside of the scriptures. It aims at the direct pointing at the mind for the perception of self-nature and attainment of enlightenment.

The Zen teaching traces its origin from this transmission. It remains a living tradition, passed on from master to disciple.

From the great traditions of Asia, Zen has found a new home in the hearts of many in North America and Europe.

Zen opens a whole world of possibilities for improving and appreciating ones day-to-day life through mindfulness and awareness of the moment.

Blue Heron Zen Buddhist Centre

Address: 74 Alpine Avenue  Hamilton Ontario L9A 1A6
Tradition: Mahayana, Vietnamese Zen
Phone: 905-575-5976
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Teachers: Visiting monastics a few times per year  
Main Contact: Sister Tinh Quang  
Spiritual Director: Sister Tinh Quang  
Notes and Events:

Zen and Vipassana Meditation, Days of Mindfulness, workshops, courses, individual counselling, chanting, and dharma talks.

Bodhi Association Canada

Tradition: Mahayana, Tibetan tradition, Nyingmapa school
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Main Contact: Lauren Wang  Email  (Phone: 1 613 799 5562 )
Notes and Events:


Bodhi Association Canada, which was established in 2006, is a Buddhist group with the aim of studying and practising the teachings of Buddha. It has been registered officially according to federal requirements. Under the instruction of Khenpo SoDargye Rinpoche, and following the teachings associated with the Han Monk system of Serthar Larung WuMing (Five Sciences) Buddhist Institute, the Bodhi Association is organized to study and to practise both esoteric and tantric Dharma with the purposes of propagating wisdom and the great compassion and to benefit all sentient beings with invaluable Buddha’s teachings. There are more than 50 members of the Association for present. The activities that include studying and practising of Dharma are organized in routine schedule. The courses on processing right now cover the teachings as following:《Great exposition of the Dzogchen Preliminaries》, 《Pure Land Practice in Tibetan Buddhism》, 《Five Sutras and One Commentary of Pure Land》, 《Comprehensive Commentary on Bodhicharyavatara》, etc.


On the peaceful land of Canada, our purpose is to propagate the Dharma, to enrich the mind with great compassion and wisdom according to Buddha’s teaching; to eliminate the conflicting emotions, sufferings and pressures starting with the method of self-transforming, to fulfill our life with enrichment and joy, and to realize the real benefits to ourselves and to others.

Also, the Association organizes the activities of studying and practising of many kinds of sutras and commentaries following by the steps of Dharma studying systematically, with the purpose of cultivating the right acknowledge and the right opinion, and to absorb Buddha’s teaching by heart.

Courses schedule: please refer to 《Admission Brochure of “Future-Orientation” by Bodhi Association《 in detail.

Routine Activities:

· Dharma Studies: to study, contemplate, and practise the Dharma in order to investigate the real meaning of Dharma, to dissolve the doubts and to establish the foundation of right thinking by form of group-study in local or online.

· Compassion to lives: to liberate and to protect the lifes from being killed, to protect the environment.

· Circulation of books and digital forms of dharma teachings by Khenpo SoDargye Rinpoche and other Guru Masters of Serthar Larung WuMing Buddhist Institute.

· Donations to Lamas in old age.

· Offering of “Meals for ten thousand of Monks” with an annual schedule.

· Taking care of people of senior age and patients needing help, and to provide hospice care and to organize lay Buddhists to recite sutra and mantra for helping dying and died people.

· Sutra courses for Children and Thangka painting class.

Brampton Buddhist Mission Centre

Address: 133a Main St. S., Brampton L6Y 1N2   Ontario
Tradition: Theravada, Monks residence only
Phone: (905) 454 6649
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Notes and Events:

Note:  the Brampton Buddhist Mission Centre uses the property at 133A – Main St. South, Brampton, Ontario, L6Y 1N2, Canada, as a place of ‘clergy residence’ only for monks dwelling.

British Columbia Insight Meditation Society

Tradition: Theravada, Vipassana
Notes and Events:

The British Columbia Insight Meditation Society (BCIMS), formerly Vipassana BC, is a nonprofit society based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Formed to connect and support Buddhist meditation communities in B.C. that practice in the Theravadan tradition, we provide access to teachings through classes, sitting groups and retreats, and build sangha through community events and volunteer work.

We invite you to join us exploring the Buddha’s teachings on insight, generosity and kindness; and in awakening the body, mind and heart in formal meditation practice and in the challenge of daily life.

Buddha Meditation Centre Winnipeg

Address: 1707 Chancellor Drive   Winnipeg R3T 4B8
Tradition: Theravada, Mahamevnawa
Affiliation: Mahamevnawa
Phone: 204-881-5094
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Spiritual Director: Bhante Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thera  
Notes and Events:

Join us for a variety of activities to learn and practice the teachings of the Buddha. We put an emphasis on teaching directly from the Suttas in a way that helps to apply them to daily life. The centre is lead by monks trained in the Theravada tradition.

Address: 501-10838 Pape Ave  Toronto M4K 3W2
Tradition: Non-Sectarian, Contemporary
Phone: +1 (647) 520 5534
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Main Contact: Eddie T  Email  (Phone: +1 (647) 520 5534)
Spiritual Director: Anna G  Email  (Phone: +1 (647) 520 5534)
Notes and Events: provides Buddhist & Spiritual News, Blogs, Tweets, Video updated on 24/7/365 basis, as well as other media including  Pics, Music, Chanting  and applicable programs for Spirituality, Wellness and Divination etc.

Buddhayana Forest Retreat Centre

Address: RR# 1   Scotsburn Nova Scotia B0K 1R0
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
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Notes and Events:

Buddhayana Forest Retreat is a Buddhist meditation retreat center. situated in a 
beautiful mixed hardwood forest of Nova Scotias Cobequid Highlands. 

Buddhayana Forest Retreat  is to offer temporary, monastic style meditation retreats, 
in the Buddhist ascetic forest tradition of Shakyamuni Buddha;   Thai forest monks; 
Tibetan mountain yogis; Zen and Taoist hermits; and others who have retreated to the
quiet and solace of the nature,  to engage in a sincere and disciplined practice of
meditation.Buddhayana Forest Retreat is currently in its final phase of construction.
To date, we have raised sixteen retreat cabins and a meditation hall.
Please join us for the 2nd Annual Buddhayana Painters Meditation Retreat. 
From Aug. 11 - Aug 19th, 2012. Contact

Buddhist Place

Address: 588 Stewart Street Peterborough, Ontario   Peterborough Ontario K9H 4C1
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Phone: 705 775-4567 7O5-760-9157
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Notes and Events:

On-going Activities Location: St. John’s Anglican Church
99 Brock St., Peterborough - just east of Water Street
Sitting Meditation:
Wednesday evenings: 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
Meditation with some instruction, Loving-kindness meditation,
Dharma reading and discussion
Saturday morning: 8:10 - 9:30 a.m.
Reflection, meditation and chanting.

Buddhist Place

Address: 588 Stewart Street   Peterborough Ontario K9H 4C1
Tradition: Theravada
Phone: 705-760-9157
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Notes and Events:

Wednesday and Saturday meditation meetings.  Special events with visiting monastics.  See events page for details.

Burmese Buddhist Society, BC

Address: 6700 NO 4 Road  Richmond BC V6Y 2S9
Tradition: Theravada
Phone: 604- 207- 0068
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Main Contact: Ashin Ghosaka  Email  (Phone: 604 207- 006)
Spiritual Director: Ashin Ghosaka  Email  (Phone: 604 207 0068)
Notes and Events:

Burmese Buddhist Society, BC conducts a Sunday Meditation Group. The method is Satipatthana  Vipasana Meditation guided by a Theravada Buddhist Monk. Fee free.

Welcome to Everyone.

Calgary Buddhist Meditation Centre

Address: #110, 138 18th Ave SE  Calgary Alberta T2G 5P9
Tradition: Mahayana
Phone: 403-554-4350
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Spiritual Director: Shirfu Samanta  Email  
Notes and Events:

Meditation class: Tuesdays 7:30pm Meditation and Dharma talk: Sundays 10:00am

Calgary MaChik Chöling

Address: 6319 Thorncliffe Dr NW   Calgary Alberta T2K3A8
Tradition: Vajrayana, Kagyu/Nyingma (Chöd)
Affiliation: MaChik Chöling
Phone: 403-283-8744
Find on:
Teacher: Lama Jigmé Jinpa  
Main Contact: Dechen Namdrol  (Phone: 403-283-8744)
Notes and Events:

Weekly group meditation on Sundays at 1100HRS

Please contact Dechen Namdrol by phone prior to first visit. The center is in a home and is not a stand alone facility.

Calgary Shambhala Meditation Group

Address:   Calgary Alberta
Tradition: Vajrayana
Affiliation: Shambhala
Phone: 403-809-1655
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Notes and Events:

As a general introduction to our meditation practice, the purpose is to develop focused clarity in our everyday lives by training the muscle of awareness and presentness in formal meditation sessions. Our style of practice is with eyes open, accepting of and sensitivity to our five senses, using the breath to focus us back intot the present moment, and a gentle relationship with thinking and an accepting relationship to thoughts. While this might seem to be a focus on personal development, our ultimate objective is to be better able to help and heal the societies we find ourselves in: home, friends, work and volunteering.

Meditation every second Sunday open to the public at the auditorium of Brentwood Co-op. From 9:30 to 1:30 (come and leave at any time). If this is your first time joining us for meditation, please use the contact information below for a brief orientation. The general schedule for these sessions is

9:15 to 9:30, set up
9:30 to 10, conversation
10 to 12:30, sitting meditation, walking meditation, exercise, readings, spontaeous talks or discussions from the cushion
12:30 to 1:00, concluding conversations
1:00, take down.

Calgary Soto Zen

Address: c/o Murray McGillivray 602-15 St. N.W.  Calgary Alberta T2N 2A9
Tradition: Mahayana, Soto Zen
Phone: 403-220-4678
Find on:
Main Contact: Tim Sampson  Email  
Notes and Events:

Meditation (zazen) Monday and Wednesday a.m. at 8:00 during University of Calgary Fall and Winter terms (i.e. September through April) in room 317a MacEwan Hall, University of Calgary; Meditation Monday evening at 7:00 year round in the same room. See our Web site for further detail and any changes.

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