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Canadian Tibetan Buddhist Society of Manitoba

Address: 85 Lenore Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3G 2C2   Manitoba
Tradition: Vajrayana, Tibetan, Nyingma lineage
Phone: (204) 775-8123
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Spiritual Director: Ven. Dakshong Tulku  
Contact: Ted Beadle  

Chanh Dao Vietnamese Buddhist Association of Manitoba

Address: 650 Burrows Avenue  Winnipeg Manitoba R2W 2A9
Tradition: Mahayana, Vietnamese
Phone: (204) 586-7578
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Teacher: Phap Hoa  
Spiritual Director: Phap Hoa  (Phone: (204) 586-7578)
Main Contact: Phap Hoa  (Phone: (204) 586-7578)

Dakshong Gonpa

Address: P.O. Box 64, Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba R0E 1A0   Manitoba
Tradition: Vajrayana, Tibetan, Nyingma
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Spiritual Director: Ven. Dakshong Tulku  

Manitoba Buddhist Church

Address: 825 Winnipeg Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3E 0R5   Manitoba
Tradition: Mahayana, Shin Buddhism
Affiliation: Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha
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Contact: Jim Hisanaga (204) 338-1592  

Manitoba Buddhist Vihara

Address: 112 Cadboro Road   Winnipeg Manitoba R3Y 1R7
Tradition: Theravada, Sri Lankan Tradition
Affiliation: Manitoba Buddhist Vihara and Cultural Association
Phone: (204) 269-6026
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President: Upul Herath  Email  
Spiritual Director: Bhante M. Chandananda  (Phone: (204) 269-6026)

Manitoba Vipassana Foundation

Address: 74 Gleneagles Rd., Winnipeg, MB R2J 2Y2   Manitoba
Tradition: Theravada, Vipassana Meditation in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin as taught by S.N. Goenka
Phone: (204) 254-1679
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The Dharma Centre of Winnipeg

Address: 18 Einarson Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3G OL1   Manitoba
Tradition: Vajrayana, Tibetan
Phone: (204) 772-3696
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Resident Teacher: Gerry Kopelow (Lama Gyurme Dorje)  
Spiritual Director: Namgyal Rinpoche  

Kadampa Meditation Centre Winnipeg

Address: 839 Ellice Ave   Winnipeg Manitoba R3G 0C3
Tradition: Mahayana, New Kadampa Tradition
Affiliation: Kadampa Meditation Centre Canada
Phone: 204-691-3323
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Main Contact: Ken Warden  Email  (Phone: 204-691-3323)
Teacher: Kelsang Rigden  
Spiritual Director: Gen-la Kelsang Khyenrab  Email  (Phone: 416-762-8033)
Notes and Events:

We are please to offer classes in Winnipeg on

Mondays 7-8pm St James Assiniboia Library 

More classes soon in West End. 
For more information and details visit our website and when we start classes into 839 Ellice ave.

Winnipeg Insight Meditation Group

Address: Yoga North, 83 Sherbrook Street(meeting location) 823 McMillan Avenue (mailing address) Winnipeg, Manitoba R3M 0T1 Canada   Winnipeg Manitoba
Tradition: Non-Sectarian, Insight Meditation
Phone: (204) 453.3637
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Main Contact: Nelle Oosterom  Email  (Phone: 204 453 3637)
Notes and Events:

Meet Sundays 11 am at Yoga North, 83 Sherbrook Street, Winnipeg. Sept-May. Check for details.

Winnipeg Zen

Tradition: Mahayana, Rinzai Zen, Sasaki Roshi
Affiliation: Rinzai-ji
Phone: 204-284-4213
Main Contact: Janice  Email  (Phone: 284-4213)
Notes and Events:

A weekly zazen (zen meditation) group that meets in an apartment zendo in central Winnipeg. Organized by a student of Sasaki Roshi of Rinzai-ji, and a former practitioner at the Zen Centre of Vancouver. Newcomers welcome.