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Wat Pa Sunnataram Buddhist Meditation Center

Address: Rytterager 100 2791 Dragør 
Tradition: Theravada, Thai
Phone: Tel: 0045-32 94 25 22 Fax: 0045-32 94 26 27
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Contact: D. Kristiansen  

Wat Phra Dhammakaya Denmark

Address: Gl.Landevej 12, Gramrode,7130 Juelsminde, Denmark  
Tradition: Theravada, Thai - everyone is welcome!
Affiliation: Dhammakaya International
Phone: +(45) 46 59 00 72 Mobile: +(45) 20 70 74 59
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Wat Phra Dhammakaya Korsør Lystskov Skovvej

Address: Wat Phra Dhammakaya Korsør Lystskov Skovvej 120, 4220 Korsør Denmark  
Tradition: Theravada, Thai - everyone is welcome!
Affiliation: Dhammakaya International
Phone: :+(45)-43-44-00-72
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Zazen Gruppen

Address: Amagerbrogade 247 2300 København S or Ebetsgade 6, 4. tv. 2300 København S 
Tradition: Mahayana, Japanese Zen
Phone: 32 57 70 82
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Contact: Tommy Rasmussen  

Zen Buddhistisk Forening

Address: Valbygårdsvej 46 2500 Valby 
Tradition: Mahayana, Japanese Zen
Phone: 36 16 47 17
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Contact: Lars Læssøe  

Den Vietnamesiske Buddhistiske Kulturforening i Aarhus

Address: Havkaervej 88   Tilst Arhus 8381
Tradition: Mahayana, Vietnamese
Affiliation: Den Vietnamesiske Buddhistiske Forening i Danmark
Phone: +4586245744
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Public Relations Manager: Phuong Thanh Cao  Email  
Spiritual Director: Venerable Thich Giac Thanh  
Notes and Events:

Open ceremonies and Sutra readings every Sunday between 10 am - 3 pm.

Dhammachaya Buddhist Center Denmark

Address:   H 4534
Tradition: Theravada
Phone: 0045 5016 8646
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Main Contact:  
Spiritual Director: Venerable Kusalasami  
Notes and Events:

We offer Meditation class and Buddhist teaching class.

Lung pa - Buddhist Order and Religious Community

Tradition: Mahayana, Vajrayana, Non-Sectarian, Lung-pa Lineage
Affiliation: Lama Zopa Kundun Chenräzig
Phone: +45 50388794
Teacher: Lama Zopa Kundun Rinpoche  
Spiritual Director: Lama Zopa Kundun Rinpoche  
Main Contact: Lama Zopa Kundun Rinpoche  (Phone: (45) 50388794)
Notes and Events:

Lung pa - Buddhist Order and Religious Community is an Order and lineage with deep roots in both Nyingma, Kagyu and Gelug traditions as well as other schools, and teaches in various traditions while maintaining, building, and perpetuating a genuine European Buddist Tradition with roots in Vajrayana Buddhism

Besides religious services, spiritual teachings and meditation, Lung pa emphazises charitable work such as hospital visits of old or terminal ill, and the entire range of services one is used to in countries where Buddhism is an integral part of the community.

Lungpa has daily and weekly programs with a wide range of activities, open for all, and of course free of charge.

Tendai Lotus Sangha

Address: Gulbjergvej 40 Slagslunde 3600 Stenløse, Denmark  
Tradition: Mahayana, Tendai (japansk Ekayana-skole)
Phone: 48 18 4815
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Main Contact: Shomon Pia Trans  
Teacher: Shomon Pia Trans  
Spiritual Director: Monshin Naamon  
Notes and Events:

Sangha meetings every tuesdays from 19-21 (7-9 pm.). Includes Tendai Buddhist ceremony, meditation and discussions.

Learn more about Buddhism and Tendai on , here you will also find our program for the comming period.

Tilogaard Meditation School

Address: Bulbrovej 28   Horslunde dk4913
Tradition: Vajrayana, Karma Kagyu
Affiliation: 14th Shamar Rinpoche Mipham Chogyi Lodroe
Phone: +(45) 45831949
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Teacher: Lama Tendar Olaf Hoeyer  
Spiritual Director: 17th Karmapa Thaye Dorje  
Notes and Events:

Tilogaard Meditation School is at present simply the residents of Lama Tendar Olaf Hoeyer with just a few guestrooms. Teachings and Pujas are performed for the selected few after appointment, because there is very little space for any lager events. Larger events normally takes place in Copenhagen in hired locations or at other locations organised by other individuals or organisations. For more information, please see: www.tilogaard.

After the demise of Shamar Rinpoche, the new spiritual director is H. H. the 17th Karmapa Thaye Dorje. Also, Tilogaard Meditation School is no longer an official Bodhi Path centre, but is still an affiliated centre of Bodhi Path International. This means that Lama Tendar Olaf Hoeyer still teach the Bodhi Path Curriculum, but is no longer involved in the organisational structure of the Bodhi Path centres, nor in their particular internal guidelines nor policies derived from such. Tilogaard is now an independent institution under the spiritual guidance of Karmapa Thaye Dorje on behalf of the next 15th Shamarpa.

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