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Aarhus zendo

Address: c/o Øsal Ling Fredensgade 39, baghuset 8000 Aarhus C   Aarhus Arhus 8000
Tradition: Vajrayana, Zen/Dzogchen (Nyingma)
Affiliation: Buddhistisk Samfund
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Teacher: Denko John Mortensen  

Rangjung Yeshe Gomde Denmark

Address: Tornbjerggaard Smedehalden 3 Esby,   Knebel Arhus 8420
Tradition: Vajrayana, Tibetan, Nyingma / Kagyu
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Founder: Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche  

Den Vietnamesiske Buddhistiske Kulturforening i Aarhus

Address: Havkaervej 88   Tilst Arhus 8381
Tradition: Mahayana, Vietnamese
Affiliation: Den Vietnamesiske Buddhistiske Forening i Danmark
Phone: +4586245744
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Public Relations Manager: Phuong Thanh Cao  Email  
Spiritual Director: Venerable Thich Giac Thanh  
Notes and Events:

Open ceremonies and Sutra readings every Sunday between 10 am - 3 pm.