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Buddhist Association (Christchurch)

Address: 154b Main Road, South Sockburn, Christchurch NZ  Christchurch Christchurch
Tradition: Theravada
Affiliation: Open to all traditions
Phone: (03) 343 9839
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Main Contact: Don Weerasiri  

Diamond Way Buddhist Centre Chrischurch

Address: 220 England Street   North Linwood, Christchurch Christchurch 8011
Tradition: Vajrayana, Karma Kagyu
Phone: 021 1486686 / 03 3813108
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Spiritual Director: 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje  
Teacher: Lama Ole Nydahl  
Main Contact: Niki Jimenez  Email  (Phone: 021 1486686)

Kalpa Bhadra Buddhist Centre,

Address: 4 Wherstead Road, Lower Cashmere, Christchurch   Christchurch
Tradition: Vajrayana, Tibetan Gelugpa
Affiliation: New Kadampa Tradition - International Kadampa Buddhist Union
Phone: 03 - 332 2076
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Wat Buddha Samakhee

Address: 359 Marshland Road, Shirley,   Christchurch Christchurch
Tradition: Theravada, Thai
Affiliation: Indraviharn Temple, Bangkok
Phone: Phone/Fax: (03) 386-1634
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Contact: Venerable Samahito  Email  (Phone: 03 3861634)
Teacher: Venerable Samahito  
Spiritual Director: Venerable Phra Soponthammawong  Email  (Phone: 03 3861634)

Fo Guang Shan -South Island Christchurch

Address: 2 Harekeke Street, Riccarton   Christchurch Christchurch 8011
Tradition: Mahayana, Non-Sectarian, Chinese Chan (Zen) Buddhism -EVERYONE WELCOME
Affiliation: Buddhas Light Association
Phone: +64 3 341 6276
Fax: +64 3 341 6294
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Main Contact: Rev. Hao, Person in Charge , Bus.: 341-6276 , Fax: 341-6294  
Notes and Events:

Meetings: Sundays 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

All welcome.


Kagyu Choeyang Ling

Address: Plunket Street Spreydon New Zealand   Christchurch Christchurch 8140
Tradition: Vajrayana, Tibetan - Karma Kagyu
Affiliation: Karma Kagyu
Phone: +64 3 327 9559
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Spiritual Director: Venerable Lama Assi  
Notes and Events:

Based in the South Island of New Zealand, Kagyu Choeyang Ling has been created to provide a strong foundation for current and future generations to practice authentic Buddhist Dharma in the Karma Kagyu tradition. The intention is to develop strong centres with a dedicated and pure focus, that help people to meet the teachings of this lineage and practice the Dharma to attain genuine realisation.

You are welcome to attend our weekly meditation session on Sundays at 10:00 am.

Red Hat Gompa Trust

Address: 110 McHales Road   Chorlton, Banks Penninsula RD3 Christchurch 7583
Tradition: Vajrayana, Nyingma/ Rime
Affiliation: Siddharthas Intent - Dzongsar Kyenste Ripoche
Phone: 03 304 8730
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Main Contact: Ron Books  Email  (Phone: 03 304 8730)
Notes and Events:

Rime is the principals of a non sectarian approach to Tibetan Buddhism, the not for profit trust actively invites teachers and organises events at a minimal cost for the benefit of the community. See our website for upcoming events.

Raupo Bay Retreat is situated on a secluded bay with plenty of space in Banks Penninsula, it is available for any organisation to use for group retreats or come for a visit or stay for a solo retreat.

We meet twice a month on special practice days at the Nyingma Buddhist centre for Tsok (Tibetan) or Gana Chakra Puja (Sanskrit) - a Circle Gathering Feast offering. Dates are according to powerful astrological days - the 10th day of the waxing moon (Guru Rinpoche Day) and the 25th day of the waning moon (Dakini Day).

Tsok is primarily a practice of offering. It is a very rich practice with many layers of meaning, and it can be practised on various levels. Further it can be explained: “Ganapuja is a tantric ritual, made up of various phases, whose aim is the reconfirming of the “promise” or commitment (samaya) between the disciple and the master, and also between disciple and disciple. In addition to this, through consuming food and drink in the ganapuja, the practitioners develop their capacity to integrate contemplation with the sense-pleasures, as well as entering into the state beyond dualism, which is the inner meaning of the samaya” - Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, Dzogchen - The Self Perfected State, 1989.

Zen Affiliate of Christchurch, Zenz Garden City

Address: The Opawa Zendo 4 Kennedy Place Hillsborough Christchurch   Hillsborough Christchurch 8022
Tradition: Mahayana, ZEN, Mountains & Rivers Order
Affiliation: Mountains and Rivers Order of Zen Buddhism
Phone: (03) 981-9171
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Contact: Steve Ingram  Email  (Phone: (03) 981-9171)
Spiritual Director: Abbot Geoffrey Shugen Arnold, Sensei  
Notes and Events:

Garden City Zenz is based at the Opawa Zendo, a purpose-built facility. There are three regular meditation (zazen) sessions each week.

Tuesday: 7.30-8.45pm (beginners start at 6.45pm and should phone in advance)
Friday: 6.00-7.10am
Sunday: 7.00-9.15pm

We also hold regular half-day and full-day sits (zazenkai), as well as monthly question-and-answer sessions with the Zen teachers and seniors of the Mountains and Rivers Order (MRO).

In January each year one of the MRO teachers leads a set of public talks, workshops and retreats held in the Christchurch area. A further week-long meditation intense (sesshin) led by an MRO senior monastic is offered in the Nelson region in July. Information on these events can be obtained by contacting any of the regional sitting groups