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Musang Am - Comunità Bodhidharma

Address: Monti San Lorenzo 26   Lerici Liguria 19032
Tradition: Mahayana, Non-Sectarian, Korean Zen (Seon)
Phone: 00393397262753
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Spiritual Director: Tae Hye sunim  Email  (Phone: 00393397262753)
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The Zen practice of Musang am

Living our daily life in mindfulness, practicing meditation with the community and working cultivating peace in our mind. This is, very shortly, the Zen practice of Musang am.

In harmony with the deep truth according to which there is nothing to attain, the practitioners are trained to live in the present moment without attachment (Dhyana), to realize the pure mind stillness (Samadhi) and to grow their Bodhichitta (compassionate mind of enlightenment).

Practicing like that, we live in simplicity each day of our life.


Address: Via Cairoli, 11 (4° piano)   Genova Liguria 16123
Tradition: Mahayana, Chinese Zen (Chan)
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Teacher: Da Xing Fa Shi  
Spiritual Director: Da Xing Fa Shi  Email  (Phone: +39 3331413195)
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Buddhist meditation (Chan) with Buddhist monks. Study and traditions of Buddhist texts. Dharma talks and Buddhist ceremonies.