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AZI and IZAUK Zen Group Norwich

Address: Elements of Health, 64 Bethel Street, Norwich, NR2 1NR   Norwich
Tradition: Mahayana, Soto Zen (AZI, Deshimaru)
Affiliation: IZAUK and AZI
Phone: 01603 743911 Maddie Parisio
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Community of Interbeing - Norwich

Address: c/o Andrew Boswell 23 Havelock Road, Norwich, NR2 3HQ   Norwich
Tradition: Mahayana, Teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh
Affiliation: Community of Interbeing
Phone: 01603 613798
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Norwich Serene Reflection Meditation Group

Address:   Norwich
Tradition: Mahayana, Order of Buddhist Contemplatives, Soto Zen
Affiliation: Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey
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Founder: Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett  

Padmaloka Buddhist Retreat Centre

Address: Lesingham House, Surlingham, Norwich NR14 7AL   Norwich
Tradition: Non-Sectarian, Friends of the Western Buddhist Order
Phone: 01508 538 112
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Contact: Padmadaka  

Rigpa Norwich

Address: 4 Girton Road, Norwich, NR1 1BB   Norwich
Tradition: Vajrayana, Tibetan, Nyingma
Phone: 1603 259951
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Contact: Mike Chambers  
Founder: Sogyal Rinpoche  

UEA Buddhist Society

Address: University of East Anglia Norwich, Norfolk NR4 7TJ   Norwich
Tradition: Non-sectarian
Phone: 07 950737104
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Contact: Stevie Altman  
Teacher: Padmadaka  

Norwich Buddhist Centre

Address: 14 Bank Street, Norwich NR2 4SE   Norwich
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Affiliation: Friends of the Western Buddhist Order
Phone: (01603) 627034
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Spiritual Director: Padmadaka  Email  (Phone: 01603 627 034)
Main Contact: Sudakini  Email  (Phone: 01603 627 034)
Notes and Events:

The Norwich Buddhist Centre is run by members of the Western Buddhist Order whose aim it is to make the teachings of Buddhism available in the modern world.

The Norwich Buddhist Centre is involved in teaching Buddhism and Buddhist Meditation to the general public. The meditation techniques taught at the Buddhist Centre consist of two simple practices, both of which are based on Mindfulness.

Visitors are welcome to the centre and the team provide workshops or courses for schools, community groups or professional bodies.  

Bookshop and daytime reception open for enquiries 12 till 3pm Monday to Friday.