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Amida Trust - Leicestershire

Address: Order of Amida Buddha The Buddhist House 12 Coventry Road, Narborough LE19 2BR Leicestershire UK   Leicestershire
Tradition: Mahayana, Socially Engaged / Pureland Buddhism
Phone: 0116.286.7476
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Teacher: Rev. Dharmavidya David Brazier  

Leicester Buddhist Society

Address: 6 Half Moon Crescent, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 4HD  Leicestershire
Tradition: Non-sectarian
Phone: 0116 271 2339
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Contact: David Russell  

Leicester Serene Reflection Meditation Group

Address:   Leicestershire
Tradition: Mahayana, Order of Buddhist Contemplatives, Soto Zen
Affiliation: Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey
Phone: 0771 266 1931, 0116 288 6978, or 0116 299 1337
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Contact: Kevin Commons  
Main Contact: Ian Snaith  Email  (Phone: 0771 266 1931)
Founder: Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett  

Leicester Shambala Study Group

Address: Lords Cottage, Main Street, Eaton, Nr Grantham, Lincs NG32 1SE  Leicestershire
Tradition: Vajrayana, Tibetan
Affiliation: Shambhala International
Phone: 01476 870098
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Contact: Phil Ashcroft  

Triratna Buddhist Community Leicester

Address: 16 Queens Road   Leicester Leicestershire LE2 1WP
Tradition: Western Buddhism/Triratna
Affiliation: Triratna Buddhist Community
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Main Contact: Alobhin  (Phone: 07517114453)

Turning Wheel Buddhist Temple

Address: Turning Wheel Buddhist Temple, 51 Lamborne Road, West Knighton   Leicester Leicestershire LE2 6HQ
Tradition: Mahayana, Soto Zen
Affiliation: Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey
Phone: 0116 210 3870, 07747 585791
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Teacher: Rev. Aiden Hall  

Zen Practice Centre Trust

Address: 34 Laneside Drive, Hickley, Leics LE10 1TG  Leicestershire
Tradition: Mahayana
Affiliation: Zen Practice Centre Trust
Phone: 01455 619767
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Contact: Helen Vanes  

Leicestershire Buddhist Vihara

Address: (East Midlands Buddhist Association) 9 Una Avenue, Narbourgh Road, South, Leicester   Braunstone Leicestershire LE3 2GS
Tradition: Theravada, Sri Lankan
Phone: 0116 282 5003
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Incumbent & Spiritual Director: Ven. T. Amita Thero  
Chief Incumbent & Spiritual Director: Ven. D Rathanajoty Thero  
Notes and Events:

Regular meditation sessions in Theravada Buddhist tradition, and Soto Zen.