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Palpung Ireland Buddhist Centre

Address: Railway View   Banteer, Co. Cork P51 NP64
Tradition: Vajrayana, Karma Kagyu
Phone: +353 29 56862
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Main Contact: Ani Chodron  Email  (Phone: +353 29 56862)
Teacher: Ani Chodron  
Spiritual Director: 12th Kenting Tai Situpa  
Notes and Events:

Palpung Ireland Buddhist Centres follow the Tibetan (Vajryana) tradition of Buddhism. We are of the Karma Kagyu Lineage. We are under the direction of the 12th Chamgon Kenting Tai Situ Pa Rinpoche, who is the abbot of Palpung Sherabling India and all Palpung monasteries and centres worldwide. 
Our resident teacher is Ani Chudron Lhamo, who is an Irish Buddhist nun.

Preston Serene Reflection Meditation Group

Address:   Preston Lancashire
Tradition: Mahayana, Soto Zen
Affiliation: Order of Buddhist Contemplatives
E-mail: serenereflection@googlemail,com
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Contact:: Vanessa  (Phone: 07841 471833)
Main Contact: Harry  (Phone: 07847 164088)
Notes and Events:

The Preston Serene Reflection Meditation Group was formed in 1994. We meet on Tuesdays at 7.00pm in St Peters Room, St.Johns Minster, Church Street, Preston PR1 3BU. The first time you come, one of our group members will talk with you about our practice and show you how we meditate. Our style of meditation is called "serene reflection meditation" - we are part of the Soto Zen tradition of Buddhism.

The group is affiliated to the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives. The Order is dedicated to the practice of the Serene Reflection Meditation tradition, know as Tsao-Tung Chan in China and Soto Zen in Japan. The Order was established by Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett to serve as the international umbrella organisation for the monasteries, priories (local temples) and meditation groups led by priests of our lineage in Britain, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, France and the United States. The group has strong connections with Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey, a Zen Buddhist monastery and retreat centre situated in Northumberland - its Abbot is Rev. Master Daishin Morgan. Senior members of the monastic community there regularly visit the group and also lead short retreats in Preston. They are also available on request to give private spiritual counselling to group members.

Sera Jey Monastery

Address: Bylakuppe  Mysore District Karnataka 571104
Tradition: Mahayana
Affiliation: Gelug order of Tibetan Buddhism
Phone: 91-8223-258435
Fax: 91-8223-258781
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Main Contact: Abbot  Email  (Phone: 91-8223-258435)
Teacher: Acharya Geshe Lobsang Palden  
Spiritual Director: Acharya Geshe Lobsang Palden  Email  (Phone: 91-8223-258435)
Notes and Events:

Sera Jey Monastery is one of the three main monasteries of the Gelug tradition (Lama Tsong Khapa_ in Tibetan Buddhism.  It is founded in 15th century in Tibet by Kunkhyen Lodroe Rinchen Senge.

The Monastery is primarily involved in imparting The Five Main Treatises of Mahayana Buddhism, in traditional monastic system as followed in Tibet :-

  1. Prajnaparamita    (Perfection of Wisdom)
  2. Pramana vartika (Valid Cognition)
  3. Madhyamika (The Middle Path)
  4. Vinaya (Monastic Discipline)
  5. Abhidharma (Phenomenology)

The Monastery awards the Geshe on the successful completion of the courses & Lharam Geshe the highest monastic scholarly title on merit. 

Besides, the monastery follows its traditional culture & practices; and is involved in disseminating the Buddha Dharma & promoting peace & harmony.

For more information & enquiry  Click


Address: Songtsen, Chanteloube La Bicanderie 24290 Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère France  Dordogne
Tradition: Vajrayana, Nyingmapa Tibetan
Phone: +33 (0)5 53 50 75 24
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Spiritual Director: Kangyur Rinpoche/H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche  
Notes and Events:

Songtsen is a non-profit organization, dedicated to preserving and making accessible the culture and wisdom of Tibet and to helping communities in difficulty, particularly in the Himalayan region. It takes its inspiration from the extraordinary compassion of Kangyur Rinpoche, one of the greatest Tibetan lamas of the last century. Songtsen represents more than 30 years of aid projects and cultural activities initiated and followed through by a group of Tibetans and Westerners.

Most of the organization’s office structures, as well as its teaching and retreat facilities, are located on the Côte de Jor, a forested ridge with spectacular views over the Vézère valley. The Chanteloube, Siddhartha and KRF offices are located in a restored French house known as La Bicanderie. Nestled in a secluded hillside and surrounded by forest are the traditional retreat centres of Thekchok Osel Chöling and Thekchok Ngayap Chöling.

Tana Monastery (Tana Dharma Society)

Address: No. 5, Jalan SS17/2L,   Subang Jaya Selangor 47500
Tradition: Vajrayana
Phone: +603-5632 6103
Fax: +603-5632 3995
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Notes and Events:

The Tana Monastery is a seat of Yelpa Kagyu, one of the earliest monasteries in Tibet. In 1009AD, Tana Monastery was founded in a place known as ‘Tana’ meaning ‘Horse Ear’ in Tibet by the Lord Protector, Sangye Yelpa, the founder of Yelpa Kagyu.

Tana Monastery, South India was built by the late Tana Tulku Rinpoche from Tibet in 1975. Tulku Pema Rinpoche, the present Abbott of Tana Monastery, South India continued Tana Tulku Rinpoche’s work and in 2000 with the help of the kind efforts of some donors, the monks quarters were built.

Tibetan Buddhist Healing Practices

Address: Atkinson House, 1st Floor, 145 Stanley Street   Townsville Qld 4810
Tradition: Gelugpa
Affiliation: Australian Institute of Tibetan Healing Practices, Sydney
Phone: 0423075575
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Teacher: Gen-la Chris Yangchen  
Notes and Events:

Overcoming Problems – 2017 course enrolment now open

Overcome Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Transform Adversity; relevant – practical – life changing

Overcoming Problems was formally recognised in 2008 as a new form of Buddhism for Westerners to overcome problems.

The course founder, Gen Chris Yangchen, is a Tibetan Buddhist nun and has been teaching for 26 years.

These innovative classes:

Have an openness that allows you to explore for yourself

Take a holistic approach to overcoming stress & negative habits

Include meditation and mindfulness

are multidimensional and down to earth

are remarkably insightful and resonate on a personal level

improve relationships with others

are user friendly for those who want to change

demystify mind, western culture and conditioning

are taught with humour, understanding and compassion

Course starts Wednesday 23rd of August 2017 at 6:50pm (late enrolments close 20th September 2017)

Level 1, 145 Stanley Street, Townsville City

0423 075 575

Patron:  H.H. Khalkha Rinpoche, Head of the Jonang Tradition & Buddhism in Mongolia

Spiritual Director: His Eminence Khejok Rinpoche

Toronto Mahamevnawa Bhavana Asapuwa

Address: 11175 Kennedy Road   Markham Ontario L6C 1P2
Tradition: Theravada
Affiliation: Mahamevna Bhavana Asapuwa
Phone: (905) 927-7117
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Spiritual Director: Ven. Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thera  
Notes and Events:

Mahamevnawa is an organization of monasteries established for the sake of spiritual development of human beings through the teachings of the Sakyamuni Buddha. The organization was established by Most Venerable Kiribathgoda Gnananada Thero on 1999 and within less then 7 years it grew up to more 30 monasteries more then 300 monks and unprecedented number of lay devotees. The Toronto center is the First Mahamevna center outside Sri Lanka established on 9th of July 2006 by Most Venerable Kiribathgoda Gnananada Thero.

Services: We provide Dhamma Talks in Sinhala and English (English on Fridays) and two Monthly Uposotha Day Eight Precept program. We provide special programs for Children and Youth, and also special Dhamma talks and visiting Dhamma talks. Feel free to call us for more info. All activities are free.

Tubten Kunga Center for the Study of Tibetan Buddhism

Address: 201 SE 15th Terrace Cove Plaza  Deerfield Beach FL 33441
Tradition: Mahayana, Tibetan, Gelupa tradition of His Holiness the Dalai Lama
Affiliation: FPMT
Phone: 954-421-6224
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Resident Geshe/Teacher: Geshe Konchog Kyab  
Main Contact: Elaine B.  Email  (Phone: 954-421-6224)
Teacher: Residnet Teacher Geshe Konchog K  
Spiritual Director: Alex S.  Email  
Notes and Events:

Our Mission – Authentic Teachings with a Modern Perspective

Our goal at Tubten Kunga Center (“TKC”) is to help students achieve their maximum potential for wisdom, happiness, and compassion. Our programs present Buddhist teachings in an authentic and traditional manner, without compromising their integrity. At the same time, we attempt to adapt the presentation of these teachings to modern mentalities, sensibilities, and situations. Our resident teacher, Geshe Konchog Kyab, has spent many years teaching to western students in the United States and Europe, following his extensive training in the Tibetan monastic system. We are also fortunate to be a part of the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition, which has been teaching Buddhism in the West for several decades.

Our Students – Ordinary People from All Backgrounds

At TKC, you will find students from all walks of life. Most people who attend classes and events at our center are not Buddhists, but are attracted to Buddhism’s message of peace, compassion, and wisdom. Our students are young and old, married and single, and from all religious and ethnic backgrounds. We provide an engaging selection of classes to suit all levels of interest and effort. We also attempt to foster a community atmosphere, where people can come when they need support during difficult times. We invite you to become a part of our Dharma family, or just drop in as you please!

Our Method – Education, Meditation, Community Service

We follow the inspiration of Lama Zopa Rinpoche , spiritual director of the FPMT, and present a variety of courses and programs aimed at improving the hearts and minds of all people. We believe that a combination of study, practice, ritual, and community service is the optimal method for progressing towards enlightenment. Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of classes and projects, to suit their schedules and interests. Most importantly, we expect students to take what they learn into their hearts, and carry it into their every-day lives. At work, at home, in traffic – we help our students cultivate the tools for a happier lifestyle, and a more peaceful environment.

Our Lineage – The FPMT and the Gelugpa Tradition

At Tubten Kunga Center, we have been handed down one of the most authentic and unbroken lineages in Buddhism. We adhere to the Gelugpa tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, which is the main lineage kept by His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama. Gelugpa Buddhism began in Tibet with the great scholar and practitioner Je Tsongkhapa (1357-1453), who personally founded many of the great Tibetan monasteries, and was tutor to the first Dalai Lama. The Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT) has helped share this tradition with the rest of the world, through their network of monasteries, centers, and study groups. The FPMT was founded by Lama Thubten Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche. We are pending re-affiliation with the FPMT, and are honored to serve south Florida.

Our Heart – His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama

We are supporters of His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama, and the Tibetan government-in-exile. Our resident teacher, Geshe Konchog Kyab, is a lifetime student of His Holiness, and we derive many of our teachings from the Dalai Lama’s commentaries and teachings. We strongly believe in the Dalai Lama’s mission of peace, harmony, and freedom for all people.

Our Organization – Volunteer Staff, Donor Supported

We are a non-for-profit organization, and we have been serving South Florida for over 10 years. Our “staff” is comprised 100% of volunteers, who give their time to serve TKC’s students. Even our resident teacher, Geshe Konchog Kyab is a volunteer. Geshe la does not receive a salary from TKC, although we do cover his living expenses and provide him with a very modest stipend for his daily needs. We rely 100% on donations and purchases from our shop to support our expenses. This is truly your center!

Our History – From Study Group to Center

Tubten Kunga Center was founded in 1994, under the spiritual direction of Lama Zopa Rinpoche, by Jacqueline Keeley. For many years, the group was composed of a core cluster of interested people, who met in public venues and at private homes. In 1999, thanks to the generosity of our donors, students and practitioners, the Center moved into a physical facility. Since May of 2000, we are grateful to host Lama Geshe Konchog Kyab as resident teacher.

World Buddhist Association in Bangladesh (WBA)

Address: Prime Tower (6th Floor), 180-181, Syed Nazrul Islam Sarani, Bijoy Nagar , Dhaka - 1000, Bangladesh. 242, central Bashaboo, 5th fllor, Dhaka-1214, Bangladesh   Dhaka 1000
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Affiliation: United Nations NGO branch member which is under review
Phone: +8801727636138
Find on:
Finance Secretary : Amlendu bikash Barua  Email  (Phone: +8801727636138)
Main Contact: Miton Barua  Email  (Phone: +8801815200385)
Spiritual Director: Ln. Rinku Kumar Barua  Email  (Phone: +8801727636138)
Teacher: Surajit Barua  
Notes and Events:

“ World Buddhist Association in Bangladesh (WBA) ” one of the Social Welfare, Humanitarian, charity as well as a Buddhist Religious Organization which is registered by the NGO Affairs Bureau, Prime Minister Offices of Bangladesh Regd. No. 3272 Dated: 09.05.2021 and Registered by Social Welfare Ministry, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Registration no: Dha-09644, established on 2018 & we are applied for enlistment member of UNITED NATIONS NGO Branch which is under review also applied for World Fellowship of Buddhist (WFB) which is also under processing although we have strong collaboration with the different international organizations all over the world.

Our activities are given below for your kind information and considerations:



1.  To work for all social welfare, Humanitarian, educational, health and cultural development of Bangladeshi helpless people’s and Orphans children, street children’s, old age peoples in which well-being of children and women are incorporated for all the community of Bangladesh.

2.  Irrespective of communities work harmoniously for the well-being of non-advantageous and backward people of the country.

3.  To work with different communities together with Amity for all quality development nationally. Render continuous help to the mentally disabled, autistic persons and to extend help to the pro-poor persons for poverty reduction.

4.  To arrange a meeting, seminar, conference and publishing paper, magazine Etc. related to Buddhist religious affairs, culture, and literature.

5.  To help the poor but meritorious students for their educational and cultural development for all the community.

6.  To provide a scholarship to the poor meritorious students for their education and help them in research work for all the community.

7.  Irrespective of all communities providing financial help to the parents who are unable to marry their matured daughters for all the community.

8.  To provide medical treatment to the poor patients of all the community.

9.  To increase personal and social awareness among mass people against drug addiction, child abuse, child labor and child trafficking.

10.    To provide financial and all kinds of assistance among the victims of natural calamities for all the community in Bangladesh.

11.    To establish old age home for the overaged peoples, Orphanage, Hospital, Medical Institute & Education Institute in deferent places for all the community in Bangladesh.

12.    Setting up libraries in each Buddhist monastery & others community Religious Organizations in Bangladesh.

13.    To establish and exposed Buddhist community of Bangladesh in the light of Lord Buddha’s non-malignant paths, friendliness, kindliness and in the light of enlightened Buddhism.

14.    To work for world peace and humanity irrespective of nation, religion, and cast.

15.    To build an excellent brotherhood with Buddhist organizations of other Countries of the World.

16.    To build up a cordial relationship and set up an environment with other communities of the country by unifying all Buddhist in an umbrella.

17.    To create Awareness for Autism and it’s Treatment for all the community in Bangladesh.

18.    To set up new Buddhist monasteries in Buddhist concentrated areas and to have maintenance of the Buddhist ancient monuments.


We humbly request you to visit our website: and  YouTube Channel : WBA IN BD


For your kind information that during COVID-19 pandemic we are continuously helping to the peoples since the beginning by providing foods, medical equipment like PPE, Masks, hand gloves, hand sanitizer, Oxygen, medicine etc. to the Private Hospitals, medias and others smalls organizations in remote areas to save peoples life in this crisis moments, even we are also helping flood affected peoples all over Bangladesh.


: Our running projects in Purbachal, Dhaka, Bangladesh International Modern Buddhist Monastery and Multi - Complex :


Name of propose Projects    :   International  Buddhist Monastery and Multi - Complex .                

Location                               :   Rajuk Purbachal  Residential Area, Sector - 26, Plot – 042 , Dhaka , Bangladesh

Representative                    :   World  Buddhist Association in Bangladesh (WBA)

Total Land                           :   30.00 Katha  = 50.00 Decimal  = 2007 Square Meter 


#   International Buddhist Monastery, Meditation Centre, Monks Training Centre for local and foreigners  

#  General Education formal  & informal for streets, orphanage , poor and meritorious students all the communities

#  Occupational & Vocational training Centre for all the community poor and middle class family students.

#  Primary Medical service for Venerable Buddhist Monks  and all the community poor and helpless peoples  .

#  Orphanage house for Streets Children’s / Autistics Children’s / Old aged peoples for all the casts . 

#  General / Informal / Formal /  Religious / International Cultural Education School etc. for all the communities  

#  Guest house for foreign delegations of the world for all the community peoples on minimum charges

#  Local & International Cultural training institute, Religious Library & Social functions Centre .

#  Agricultural , Nursing training Centre and conference Centre for all the local and foreigners.

#  Auditorium arrange seminar on Religious, Inter religion harmony, humanity and world peace etc.,

#   Provide scholarship to the poor and meritorious students for all the communities ,

# Orientation Centre to create social awareness against drug addiction, child abuse, child labor and human trafficking, help to the victims of natural calamities and wretched etc..


All are request to extend  your helping hand to implement our projects for human being and betterment of mankind.


Warms Regards


Ln. Rinku Kumar Barua ( Kollol )

President & International Ambassador for Humanitarian.


(Govt. of the people’s Republic of Bangladesh, NGO  Registration No # 3272,

Social welfare Ministry Registration no # DHA – 09644 & Applied  for membership to UNITED NATIONS NGO branch which is under review)

Dhaka Office:

Prime Tower (6th Floor), 
180-181, Syed Nazrul Islam Sarani,

Bijoy Nagar , Dhaka - 1000, Bangladesh.

Direct tell no : 0088-2-222228458
Tel :+ 880-2-
222221758, 222226079, 222228458, 8391591, 8391592, 48322561

Fax no: +880-2-222228458,
Cell no: +880-1730710572 ( Rqst) 

E-mail :

Youtuvbe : WBA IN BD

FB  Pafe   : World Buddhist Association in Bangladesh (WBA)
Website   :


Chittagong Office :

Taher Chamber (3rd Floor)
10th Agrabad C/A, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

­­­Tel     : +880 -2 -333320073, 333330118
Fax    : +880-


Youtuvbe : WBA IN BD

FB  Pafe   : World Buddhist Association in Bangladesh (WBA)
Website   :


We have Branch office  : Chattagram , Rangamati , Bandarban, Khagrachari, Cumilla , Noakhali, Cox’s-Bazar, Patuakhali, Rangpur, Munshiganj , Sylhet, Mymansing, Bagura  District etc..

Yogi Tsoru Dechen Rinpoche Foundation

Address: 3239 West Trade Ave. Unit 10   Coconut Grove FL 33133
Tradition: Vajrayana, Tibetan,
Find on:
Teachers: Tulku Tsori Rinpoche  
Main Contact: Public Relations  Email  
Spiritual Director: Tulku Tsori Rinpoche  
Notes and Events:

The Yogi Tsoru Dechen Rinpoche Foundation was created to provide Westerners access to the Buddha Dharma (Path of Awakening), and to supply Compassion and Wisdom to all human beings. The founder and spiritual leader of YTDR Foundation is Tulku Karma Gyurme Sonam Rinpoche, who is recognized as a Lama - a term reserved for senior members of the Tibetan Order.

YTDR Foundation is a non profit organization. All proceeds directly benefit the people of Tibet, and help ensure the survival of their culture.

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