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Comunidad Soto Zen de Colombia

Address: Carrera 22 # 87 - 25 Bogota, Colombia   Barrio el Polo
Tradition: Mahayana, Uchiyama Roshi, Okumura Roshi
Affiliation: Japanese Soto School
Phone: (571) 5301016
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Main Contact: Rev. Dairen Jacome  Email  
Teacher: Rev. Densho Quintero Sensei  
Spiritual Director: Rev. Densho Quintero Sensei  Email  
Notes and Events:

The Soto Zen Community of Colombia is a non profit religious organization devoted to the study, practice and promotion of Soto Zen, according with the teachings and lineage of Dogen Zenji and Keizan Zenji, founders of Soto School in Japan.