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Denshinji - Insitution et Temple de Bouddhisme Zen Soto - Blois - France

Address: 45 Boulevard Daniel Dupuis  Blois Loir-et-Cher 41000
Tradition: Mahayana, Soto Zen
Phone: 02 54 56 18 56
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Founder: Shuyu Narita  
Contact: Kengan D. Robert  
Spiritual Director: Kengan D. Robert  
Notes and Events:

Shôkôzan Denshinji Buddhist Institution is a Buddhist Temple and a religious community in the Soto Zen tradition of Mahayana Buddhism lineage ("Great Vehicle").

The Institution has been founded in Blois - France - in 1992 by Zen-master Kengan D. Robert. Registered as an Association in conformity with the relevant Law of 1901, this Institution is a member of Union Bouddhiste de France — UBF (French Buddhist Federation)

Shôkôzan Denshinji Temple is a member of the Japanese Religious Federation SÔTÔ-SHÛ (Japanese Federation of religious organizations of temples and monasteries as well as zen-masters in the doctrinal lineage of zen-master Dogen) which is the authority of the Soto lineage in Zen Buddhism tradition.

Shôkôzan Denshinji Temple\\\'s spiritual Founder is Venerable Shûyû Narita (1914 - 2004) who consecrated the Temple in 1994. The present Abbot is zen-master Kengan D. Robert who became zen-master Shûyû Narita\\\'s doctrinal heir after the decease of Venerable Taisen Deshimaru who introduced Zen practice in Europe. Kengan D. Robert is a master of the teachings and a Zen Buddhism missionary named by Sôtô-shû.

Shôkôzan Denshinji Institution\\\'s purpose is the study and, above all, the practice of Shakyamuni Buddha\\\'s Teachings within the Soto Zen tradition transmitted in Japan in 1225 by zen-master Dôgen and zen-master Keizan.

The main practice is the "Collecting of one\\\'s mind in sitting position" (jap.: zazen) which zen-master Dôgen named « Just sitting ! » (jap.: shikantaza).

Since March 2006, "Denshinji - Centre Zen Martinique" and "AZI - Centre Zen Guadeloupe" are Denshinji\\\'s branch zen-centers respectively in French Caribbean prefecture-islands Martinique and Guadeloupe.