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Sangha Retreat

Address: St. Pierre Belle Vue Bourganeuf France   Creuse
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
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Main Contact: Steve  Email  (Phone: 07914312336)
Notes and Events:

In true Buddhist tradition we wish to welcome all comers; of any or no faith at all. 

This may go against some traditions but we would like to offer those that might be either curious or like myself trying very hard to live by the Dharma but struggle to meet their own expectations the opportunity improve their practice without the worry of being over whelmed by a multitude of established Buddhist practitioners.

We also welcome those who are established in their practice, and invite those that would be generous, to offer their guidance. 

There are plenty of things we need as human beings, but one of the most neglected, is peace and quiet. Or more specifically, an absence of distraction and stimulation. We live in a frantic society, where we are constantly bombarded by news, media, gadgets, family, friends, telephones, computers, television and work.

Space and silence are important and rare. And like anything that is rare, they need protecting and nurturing. As our lives become noisier and busier the value of silence and solitude, difficult as it may be to find, becomes even greater. Perhaps visiting a Retreat is the perfect opportunity to try making space for quiet, to reclaim some silence and see whether it makes any difference to you.

By finding some time to look deep within yourself to find peace and tranquility, you are giving your mind, body, and soul the time to revitalise itself and help you look, feel, and be a happier and healthier and more controlled person.