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Ten Ryu Ji/Temple Zen Drac del Cel

Address: Coll Farrer   La Granadella Lleida 25177
Tradition: Mahayana, Taisen Deshimaru lineage
Affiliation: AZI fundator Taisen Deshimaru
Phone: 0034636398810
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Spiritual Director: Taizen Abderrahman Costa  Email  (Phone: 0034636398810)
Notes and Events:

We organize every month two-days sesshin in the Ten Ryu Ji,Temple Drac del Cel, a little zen temple in Catalonia, 30 km from the province town of Lleida. Our activity is based on fuse (Zen becomes expensive and  is a good business in Europe and US!) and we are building a new hondo with earth, and cultivating 50 ha. olive, almond and fig trees.

Cost for staying is only for the food: 5€/day.