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Udon Thani

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Wat Pah Ban Thad

Address: c/o Songserm Service 89 Phosi Road. Udon Thani 41000.   Udon Thani 41000
Tradition: Thai Forest Tradition
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Spiritual Director: The Late Ajahn Maha Bua  
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Located 564 km northeast of Bangkok and 16 km southwest of Udon Thani. Take a local bus, or taxi from Udon Thani south 8 km to Ban Gum Kling, then turn southwest 7 km to Ban Thad and continue one km to the Wat. Some buses go direct to Ban Thad from Udon and may even drop you off at the Wats entrance. Samlor drivers in Udon usually know where the local bus departs from.