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The Middle Path Group of Tulsa

Address: 5840 S. Memorial Dr., Suite 305   Tulsa OK 74145-9082
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Affiliation: St. Johns Center for Spiritual Formation
Phone: 918-833-2881
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Main Contact: David Beach  Email  (Phone: 918-833-2881)
Spiritual Director: David Beach  Email  (Phone: 918-833-2881)
Notes and Events:

The Middle Path Group of Tulsa meets weekly for the benefit of meditation and inspiration.

Exploration of non-sectarian, Buddhist teachings and philosophy serve as our guideline for developing a personal practice of meditation and mindfulness.

Middle Path is an open group and welcomes people from all racial, ethnic, economic, sexual, social, political, religious and non-religious backgrounds and preferences. There is never a "conversion" agenda.

Who you are is up to you. We offer a Path for being it fully.

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