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Chon Buri

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Boonkanjanaram Meditation Center

Address: Pattaya, Chonburi 20260   Chon Buri
Tradition: Theravada, Vipassana, using techniques taught by Ajahn Naeb.
Phone: 0-3823-1865
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Teachers: Mr. Chua Jantrupon assisted by Miss Vitoon Voravises  

Wat Bhaddanta Asabha Theravada

Address: 118/1 Moo 1 , Baan Nong Pru, Nong Pai, Kaiw Baan Bung   Chon Buri 20220
Tradition: Theravada, Intensive Insight Meditation (Mahasi Sayadaw)
Phone: 038 292- 361
Fax: 038-292-361
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Teacher: Ajahn Somsak Sorado  
Spiritual Director: Ajahn Dr. Bhaddanta Asabha  
Notes and Events:

Ajahn Somsak Sorado, a disciple of Ajahn Dr Bhaddanta Asabha, has been teaching vipassana meditation at Vivek Asom Meditation Center for over 5 years. He was in the
United States on Buddhist missionary duties for 2 years and has been teaching meditation at Wat Bhaddanta Asabha Theravada for 5 years now.

The retreat is widely open for both beginner and experienced meditators. On the retreat, all meditators are expected to keep silence at all times except when
giving meditation reports. All meditators must keep the eight training precepts.

Meditators need only bring conservative clothing (preferably white colored clothing), personal hygiene accessories and essential medication.