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North Carolina

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Windhorse Zen Community

Address: 580 Panther Branch Road,   Alexander NC 28701
Tradition: Mahayana, Roshi Philip Kapleau, Rinzai/Soto
Affiliation: Rochester Zen Center, Bodhidharma Zen Center Warsaw, Poland
Phone: (828) 645-8001
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Contact: Sunya Kjolhede  
Spiritual Directors & Teachers: Co-Abbots Sensei Lawson Sachter, Sensei Sunya Kjolhede  
Notes and Events:

Daily morning/evening sittings, dokusan twice a week, a program with teisho and a potluck lunch on Sunday. Sesshins every 2 months. Details on the website.

Won Buddhism Meditation Temple

Address: 8021 Old NC 86 Chapel Hill, NC 27516-5142   NC
Tradition: Mahayana, Korean=everyone welcome!
Phone: (919) 933-6946
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Notes and Events:

We come together for meditation practice every Saturday at 11:00 am and Sunday at 10:00 am (directions). The Temple is open to everyone. Families, students, and "just curious" are welcome. No experience necessary.

The Temple is always open, including holidays and even during inclement weather.

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