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La Rioja

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Logrono Zen Group

Address: Salvatoriano´s seminary Paseo del Prior St.   LOGROÑO La Rioja
Tradition: Mahayana, Soto Zen Dojo
Affiliation: AZEH ( Basque country zen association)
Phone: none
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Notes and Events:

This is a  soto zen dojo which belongs to the basque country zen association.

Meditations are held on tuesdays and thursdays from 20:00pm to 21:45 pm. Saturdays from 11:30 AM  to 11:30 AM.  Arriving is expected 20 minutes before the beginning of zazen.  This schedule is changed during  summer vacations, christmas period and bankholidays.

Meditations are conducted in Spanish. English and French are understood.

PuntoZen Yoga

Address: Lope de Vega 47, Logroño.   Logroño La Rioja 26003
Tradition: Tantrayana
Phone: 0034 663915065
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Teacher: Jon gonzalez  
Notes and Events:

Lu Jong. Yoga tibetano de la tradición bön y Tantrayana.