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Anexo de Round free Insight Practice Institute

Address: Centro Vipassana Camino Medio   Guadalajara Jalisco
Tradition: Theravada, Buddhism. Vipassana Insight Practice as taught by the late Achan Naeb
Affiliation: Round free Insight Practice Institute, Thailand
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Contact: Rodrigo Aldana  Email  
Teacher: Achan Prani Samreungrat  
Spiritual Director: Achan Naeb Mahaniranonda  
Notes and Events:

Round free Insight Practice Institute is a Solitary Retreat center in Thailand for the practice of the Foundations of Mindfulness (Satipatthāna) by the contemplation of material phenomena (rūpa) according to the four main bodily postures (iriyā-patha): walking-rūpa, sitting-rūpa, lying-rūpa and standing-rūpa; this is mindfulness regarding the body (kāyanupassanā-satipatthāna).

Please contact only by e-mail. 

Buddhismo Ariya

Address: Calle Honduras 358 Colonia 5 de Diciembre   Puerto Vallarta Jalisco 48350
Tradition: Non-Sectarian, Early / Orthodox
Phone: +52 1 322 2004465
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Main Contact: Tomas Morales  Email  (Phone: +52 1 3222004465)
Notes and Events:

Buddhismo Ariya se basa en la estudio, práctica, verificación y aplicación ortodoxa del Dhamma del Buddha, expuesto en los Agamas y Nikayas, siendo éste el vehículo para la Iluminación siendo este su único objetivo. Se trata de agrupar a seguidores-por-la-verdad para que intercambien experiencias y se apoyen en el Noble Camino. Sólo se admite al Buddha como maestro.

Ariya Buddhism is based on the study, practice, verification and orthodox application of the Buddha Dhamma, exposed in the Agamas and Nikayas, being the vehicle for enlightenment and this is their only goal. This is to group followers-by-the-truth to exchange experiences and support in the Noble Way. Only the Buddha is admitted as a teacher.

Casa Tibet sede Guadalajara

Address: Justo Sierra 2570   Guadalajara Jalisco 44600
Tradition: Vajrayana
Affiliation: Casa Tibet México
Phone: (33) 36 15 35 27
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Teacher: Marco Antonio Karam  
Notes and Events:

Tibetan Buddhism center part of Casa Tibet Mexico in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Our mission is to show the richness of the Tibetan religion, philosophy, science, art and culture, and to work for the Tibetan peoples fundamental rights and improve the quality of life of our community through the development of activities, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, publications, programs in radio and television, with the motivation to transform and improve living conditions for our society, thanks to the legacy of Tibetan culture.

Although we\\\'re part of non-sectarian movement (Rime) and we invite teachers from all different traditions, our primary orientation is Kagyu and Gelug.


Address: Av. Patria 539 Zapopan, Jalisco México.   Jalisco 45038
Tradition: Mahayana, Vajrayana, Mindroling tradition from Nyingma school. Chan (Zen) Buddhism, Directly from the Shaolin Monastery.
Phone: +52 (33)35872609
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Main Contact: Miguel A. Cervantes  Email  (Phone: (33)35872609)
Teacher: Loben Raphel Dorjee - Shi Guo Long  
Spiritual Director: Ven. Lachen Gomchen Rimpoche  
Notes and Events:

Vajrayana Buddhism from the Nyingma Mindroling tradition directly on the linage of the Venerable Lachen Gomchen Rimpoche .

Chan (Zen) Buddhism directly from Shaolin Temple in the linage of
the Venerable Shi Sheng He resident monk of the Shaolin Monastery,Henan, China.

Puerto Compasivo

Address: Paseo del Marlin #100-G Col. Las Gaviotas   Puerto Vallarta Jalisco 48328
Tradition: Mahayana, Everyday Zen Foundation
Affiliation: Zen Soto
Phone: 322 114 3257
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Spiritual Director: Anka Spencer  Email  (Phone: 322 114 3257)
Notes and Events:

Lunes - Sábado 5:30-7:00 am Meditación con puerta abierta
(practicantes están bienvenidos para llegar y meditar según sus propios horarios.)
Martes 7:30 pm Meditación guiada
(terminamos a las 9:00)
Miércoles 7:30 pm Zazen (Meditación Sentado) 30 min.
Kinhin (Meditación Caminando) 10 min.
Zazen (Meditación Sentado) 30 min.
Servicio   15 min.
Té (terminamos a las 9:30)
Domingo 10:30 am Zazen (Meditación Sentado) 30 min.
Kinhin (Meditación Caminando) 10 min.
Plática o Lectura 40 min.
Servicio  15 min.
Té (terminamos a las 12:30)