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Madhya Pradesh

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Trisharan Buddh-Vihar

Address: Namrata-Nagar, Rajharhs Colony, Nayapura Kolar Road   Madhya Pradesh 462042
Tradition: Theravada
Phone: +919406541888
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Rangare: Rahul  (Phone: +919893690451)
Main Contact: P.B.Wasnik  (Phone: +919406541888)
Humne: Lalendra  (Phone: +919584095589)
Spiritual Director: Bhikkhu Anomdassi  Email  (Phone: +918516812168)
Teacher: Prashant Bouddh  

Vishv Shanti Buddha Vihar

Address: C-sector,Hausing Bord Colony ,Ayodhya Nagar,Bhopal MP   Bhopal Madhya Pradesh
Tradition: Theravada
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PRESIDENT: Sailesh Chouhan  
Main Contact: Siddharth Gajbhiye  
Teacher: Sailesh Chouhan  
Spiritual Director: ven.bhante shakyaputra sagar  

Bhadantacharya Buddhadatta Pali Promotion Foundation

Address: At. - Umeri, Post - Agasi, Teh. - Katangi, Distt. - Balaghat (M.P.)481 445 India   Umeri Madhya Pradesh Agasi
Tradition: Theravada
Phone: 098914 00819
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Main Contact: Dr. Prafull Gadpal  Email  (Phone: 98914 00819)
Spiritual Director: Dr. Prafull Gadpal  Email  (Phone: 98914 00819)
Notes and Events:

We are publish an excellent magazine DHAMMA SANDESHA. we are trying to promote the Pali and Sanskrit languages.

Bouddha Yuvak Sangha, Indore

Address: 216,Siddhartha Nagar,Near marimata ka bageecha, Juni Indore, Indore Madhya Pradesh Pin-452007 India   Indore Madhya Pradesh 452007
Tradition: Theravada, Dr. B.R.Ambedkar
Phone: +919827072018
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Main Contact: Raju Ambore  Email  (Phone: +919827072018)
Spiritual Director: Bhadant Satyashil ji Mahathero  
Teacher: Mrs. Vishakha tai nide, Mr. Bhandare sir  
Notes and Events:

Namo Buddha....This is raju ambore from indore, Madhya Pradesh. This organisation educates people about Buddhism. Basically, we work in slum because we belong this place called slum (Tang  or gareeb basti) and we are happy with our work too.  We organize dhamma shivir, like vippassana, dhyaan sadhna, we regularly pay homage to Buddha in our Buddha Vihar and in our home daily in morning and evening. We issue books to the public related to Buddhism and we organize quiz contest on Buddhism monthly we give prizes, like religious books, story books, dhammapad, Buddha and his dhamma, and many others. we are planning to launch a website soon.

International Buddhist Training Bhopal

Address: 168,buddhabhoomi,golden buddha statue,maitriya buddha maha vihar, chunabhatti,bhopal   Bhopal Madhya Pradesh 462001
Tradition: Theravada
Affiliation: Buddhabhoomi Dhammadoot Sangha
Phone: +919926220408
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Teacher: ven.bhadant shakyaputra sagar  
Main Contact: ven.bhante aaryaputra rahul  Email  (Phone: +919009007043)
Spiritual Director: ven.bhadant aacharya sanghasen shatri  Email  (Phone: +918989161909)
Notes and Events:

International Buddhist Training Bhopal is commited to the cause of reviving, preserving and propagating Buddhist tradition and culture. Regular Buddhist practices, Chanting, Meditation, Periodical Celebrations are conducted in the vihara complex. Group of resident monks are available for Dhamma discourse and monastic training. Buddhist literatures in english and other local languages are availble for interested readers.

The Buddhabhoomi Dhammadoot Sangha

Address: Buddhabhoomi,Maitriya Buddha Mahavihar, golden buddha statue, Chunabhatti, Kolar Road, Bhopal M.P.   Bhopal Madhya Pradesh 462003
Tradition: Theravada
Phone: +919893229331
Fax: +919826929578
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The Buddhabhoomi Dhammadoot sangha(rge.): Bhante Shakyaputra Sagar  
Main Contact: Bhante Rahulputra  Email  (Phone: +919893229331)
Spiritual Director: Bhante Shakyaputra Sagar  Email  (Phone: +919826929578)
Notes and Events:

Purpose: Public Welfare.

Aim/Objective/Mission: To promote all the acts responsible for the welfare of mankind. To help disable, patients, weaker sections of society, development of animals and social services to organise conferences and sammelans for public welfare. centre (meditation) for health, establish general libraries, schools for poor students and establish the offices of the institute for benefit of common man to establish national integration. To develop moral and ethical properties in human being To honour and award the knowledgeable person and helpful person in the field of social work.
Current BDS Activities

 his is the Registered Organisation .Registered under the Government Different 5 laws as a public representative Organisation. The Registered Head office  is in BHOPAL MADHYA PRADESH. INDIA .

1.BDS has been undertaken among others following Social, Educational and Cultural Activities:

2. Since last  more than 15 years we are working  and promoting Buddhism throughout India and abroad

3. We  have already built up a huge monastery  named as maitriya Buddha mahaVihara  in Bhopal city  and doing monasterial  services for the people in General.

4. We already established a dhammadoot Vipassana Meditation Centre  and teaching Vipassana  meditation to  many, many people .

5. We taught Vipassana Meditation to more than 1000 people and brought them on the sublime path of  great Buddha Dhamma .

6. Time to time we organize  SAMANERAS and MONKS training programmers and strengthening The Bhikkhu Sangha.
7. We organize periodically Samanera Diksha Ordination programme.

8. WE organize Astha Sheela Uposatha, The Sabbath Programme for ladies and gentlemen  and teach them the Dhamma

9. We have stated and running a boys hostel for school going students since last 1years. Hundreds of students are getting benefit of it.

10. Since last 12 years we are running a special DEAF & DUMB residential school for handicap children and supporting  them

11. Every Sunday we organize a special DHAMMA school for children age group of 8 to 12 years of age and teach them Noble Dhamma.

12. Every day  early in the morning at  5.30 AM we  do a special prayer and meditation for the peace and harmony to the people .

13. Daily every morning at 6.00 AM and evening 6 :00 PM again we organize prayer  and Dhamma discourse for the people .

14. We have built up a guest house and provide lodging and boarding  for visiting  Monks and lay people at the monastery

15. Time to time we organize Dhamma Seminars and conferences at local level some times An International.

19. We organize inter  faith religions Seminars and invite all religions Dharma Leaders and followers and promote the Peace & harmony.

20. We have established about 25 monasteries at different part of madhya pradesh the branches of our monastery.

21. We got about 25 Acres of land  as a donation to our organization  at Sanchi.

22. Time to time specially we organize Special Dhamma Seminars only for Ladies and teach them Dhamma.

23. Time to time We organize special camps for Collage going students and teach them Meditation And Noble Dhamma.

24. We have established a library  as a dhammadoot Library  and protect the Knowledge books and TRI PITAKA the Dhamma Books.

25. About 25 lakhs Buddhist people live in madhya prades

26. We organize Buddhist monks and provide them the facilities of  learning and education .and try to strengthen Buddhism .  

These are the works  we do through our Buddhabhoomi Dhammadoot Sangha in bhopal and through out India.

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