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Toronto Mahamevna Bhavana Asapuwa

Address: 7 Sydnor Road  Toronto Ontario M2M 2Z9
Tradition: Theravada
Affiliation: Mahamevna Bhavana Asapuwa
Phone: 416 221 1917
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Spiritual Director: Most Venerable Kiribathgoda Gnananada Thero  
Notes and Events:

Mahamevnawa is an organization of monasteries established for the sake of spiritual development of human beings through the teachings of the Sakyamuni Buddha. The organization was established by Most Venerable Kiribathgoda Gnananada Thero on 1999 and within less then 7 years it grew up to more 30 monasteries more then 300 monks and unprecedented number of lay devotees. The Toronto center is the First Mahamevna center outside Sri Lanka established on 9th of July 2006 by Most Venerable Kiribathgoda Gnananada Thero.

Services: We provide Dhamma Talks in Sinhala and English (English on Fridays) everyday and Monthly Uposotha Day Atasil program (please contact us for the location of program ). Also we provide special programs for Children and Youth, and also special Dhamma talks and visiting Dhamma talks, feel free to call us for more info.

Toronto Shambhala Meditation Centre

Address: 670 Bloor Street West, 3rd Floor, Toronto, ON M6G 1L2   Ontario
Tradition: Vajrayana, Tibetan, Kagyü lineage
Affiliation: Shambhala International
Phone: (416) 588-6465
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Founder: Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche  
Notes and Events:

The Shambhala Meditation Centre of Toronto provides meditation instruction, courses on Buddhism, Shambhala teachings, and the contemplative arts.

Windsor Meditation Group

Address:   Windsor Ontario
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Website: http:/
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Notes and Events:

Please visit our web page for the latest updates.

Za Mongyal Yungdrung Ling

Address:   Ontario
Tradition: Non-Sectarian, New Bon
Phone: 416.704.3836
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Spiritual Director: 7th Kundrol Rinpoche  
Main Contact: Deborah Bell  Email  (Phone: 4167043836)
Notes and Events:

Za Mongyal Yundrung Ling is Kundrol Rinpoche\\\'s monastery in Kham, Tibet. He also established a gompa in Dehradun, India in 2003 with the help and blessings of His Holiness Lungtok Tenpai Nyima, the spiritual leader of Bon and Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche.

In Canada, we are working towards building a gompa. Currently, Rinpoche travels to Canada each year to do a retreat with his students. Kündröl Rinpoche is the seventh reincarnation of the great Kundröl Jatson Nyingpo of Tibet. Kündröl Jatson Nyingpo was a great terton, revealer of hidden treasures and founder of the great seat of learning Mongyal Monastery in Tibet. Since the birth of the first Kündröl Rinpoche in 1700 AD, reincarnations of the Rinpoche have successively appeared to uphold the wheel of compassionate teachings of the Bon for the benefit of all sentient beings. The depth of the great deeds of Kundrol Rinpoche and the vastness of his knowledge are the signs that he is truly the great Terchen Kündröl Hung Chen Dodhul Lingpa in a different physical form.

You can find our more about us through facebook.


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