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Kadam Choeling Indonesia

Address: Jl. Sederhana No 83  Bandung Jawa Barat 40161
Tradition: Vajrayana
Affiliation: Dagpo Shedrup Ling Monastery, India,
Phone: +62222034716
Fax: +62222035308
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Teacher: Y.M. SUHU Bhadra Ruci  
Spiritual Director: H.E. Dagpo Lama Rinpoche  

Indonesia Satipattana Meditation Center (Forest)

Address: Kampung Bacom, Dusun Barulimus, Kelurahan Cikancana, Kecamatan Sukaresmi,Rt 02-RW 10. Kabupaten Dati 2cianjur.   Bacom Jawa Barat 43254
Tradition: Theravada, Mahasi Sayadaw, Myanmar
Phone: +62 87720021577 - +62 87720021755
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Main Contact: Sayalay Pannacari  Email  (Phone: +62 816706756)
Notes and Events:

ISMC is about 100 Km from the capital city Jakarta.

Retreats are given all year long conducted by teacher monks

English speaking from Mahasi tradition, mainly of Burmese nationality.

Translation in Bahasa Indonesia and Chinese

mandarin available;

See our web site for programs and detailed info.

All nationality yogis, beginner and experienced are welcome.

Jhana Manggala Meditation Society

Address: Kampung Cikatapis Setu RT 07/ RW 05, Desa Cipayung, Kecamatan Mega Mendung  Bogor Jawa Barat
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
Phone: (62-21)6518505
Fax: (62-21)6518506
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Main Contact: Andy S. Wongso  Email  (Phone: (62-81)6780090)
Notes and Events:

With blessing and grant of LORD BUDDHA, since the 1st March 2000, JHANA MANGGALA Meditation Society has built as a non profitable organization who provide the place for the intensive practice of meditation which is completed with facilities and accomodation for universal meditation based on “BUDDHA-TEACHING” without making any difference of sects, ideology or any groups, where Sangha, Buddhist Meditation\\\'s teacher, and Dharma Preacher are kindly invited to use all facilities for :

  1. Meditation and Practice.
  2. Discussion and fully comprehension of Buddha-Teaching.
  3. Ritual and Spiritual activities to practice and develop self-quality.
  4. Buddhist Spiritual Energy Therapy.

Karuna Lib and Buddhist Center

Address: Taman Lopang Indah FU3 no.1  Serang Jawa Barat 42113
Tradition: Non-Sectarian
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Notes and Events:

Currently we are trying to establish the most comprehensive library of Buddhism in Serang, Banten Province, Indonesia. This includes the efforts of books/other media collections enhancement. We would greatly appreciate if any of you would like to send us books or any media concerning about Buddhism of any aspects of any languages for our librarys collections.

Please do not feel hesitate to contact us:

When we contemplate and reflect again upon all things...all activities done by the most subtle fact, all are about happiness; ...happiness in its various forms, happiness of the happiness itself...                           (Willy Yanto Wijaya)

Sad Paramita Temple

Address: Jl Babakan Tarogong 251   Bandung Jawa Barat 40232
Tradition: Vajrayana
Phone: 62-22-6124422
Fax: 62-22-6015610
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Co Director: Mrs Julia Johan  Email  (Phone: 62-85721464381)
Teacher: Master Xue Shan  
Main Contact: Mr Jo U Leng  Email  (Phone: 62-8122166248)
Spiritual Director: Master Xue Shan  (Phone: 62-8122166248)
Notes and Events:

Mondays and Thursdays: Mantra chanting and Meditation.

Monthly temple activity to help local needs via various form of charity activities i.e. providing free medical check ups for the poor, helping the victims of natural calamities, blood donation, and more.

Other Buddhist activities include yearly Bardo ceremony for the deceased.