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Maitreya Instituut Emst

Address: Heemhoeveweg 2   Emst Gelderland 8166 HA
Tradition: Vajrayana, Tibetan, Gelugpa
Affiliation: FPMT
Phone: +(31) (0)578 - 661450
Fax: +(31) (0)578 - 661851
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Teacher: Geshe Sonam Gyaltsen and Geshe Ngawang Zopa  
Notes and Events:

In the middle of the forests of the Veluwe, it is possible to join our study programs in Emst, which usually spread over a series of weekends. Of course, following a separate weekend is always possible.
The FPMT courses are mainly given by our two fully qualified Tibetan teachers. Besides introductory lectures, Geshe Sonam Gyaltsen teaches the Abridged Masters Program, and Geshe Ngawang Zopa leads the study Basic Program. Both Geshes teach in Tibetan, which is translated into Dutch.
Senior students teach the Discovering Buddhism course and other introductory courses.
Furthermore, there are retreats (usually in the summer period) and other activities such as courses in thangka painting

During courses and retreats, we offer accommodation and vegetarian meals prepared by our professional cook.

We also have a center in Amsterdam, and regular teachings are organised in Breda, Groningen and Deventer.

Meditationcenter Lyts Veldlyst

Address: Rijksstraatweg 62-B 9257DV Noardburgum The Netherlands   Noardburgum Friesland 9257DV
Tradition: Theravada
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Notes and Events:

An occasion to meditate and chant together in the Frisian countryside.

Sangha Maastricht (zengroep Dogen)

Address: Graafstraat   Schin op Geul Limburg 6302 BD
Tradition: Mahayana, Dogen Zenji, Kodo Sawaki, Muho Nolke
Phone: +31-6-30.779.148
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Main Contact: E. Bosch  
Teacher: Zenmaster Muho  
Spiritual Director: Dogen Zenji  
Notes and Events:

Sangha Maastricht is a zengroup in the south of the Netherlands. The teacher is zenmaster Muho, abbot of the zenmonastery Antaiji in Japan.

Stichting Dhammadipa Vipassana Meditation Center

Address: St. Pieterspoortsteeg 29-1   Amsterdam Noord-Holland 1012 HM
Tradition: Theravada, Mahasi Sayadaw - Satipathana
Affiliation: Wat Buddhavihara, Purmerend, the Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)20 6264984
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Main Contact: Peter Lange  Email  
Teacher: Dhammuttamo (Adi Ichsan)  
Spiritual Director: Aad Verboom  Email  
Notes and Events:

Dhammadipa Vipassana Meditation Center Amsterdam (perviously known as Sangha Metta or Buddhavihara Meditation Center Amsterdam) provides meditation evenings, weekends and courses for beginners and experienced meditators; courses in Abhidhamma and Sasana Theravada Buddhism.

Stichting White Jade River

Address: Boszicht 57   Goes Zeeland 4462BJ
Tradition: Mahayana
Phone: (+31) 0681155764
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Spiritual Director: Ven. Ratana  
Notes and Events:

Online publication centre on contemporry Buddhism and Mahayana doctrine.

The European Bodhicitta Society (EBS) Netherlands

Tradition: Mahayana, Tibetan tradition, Nyingmapa school
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Main Contact: Yuan Ren  Email  (Phone: 0031(0)685592405)
Notes and Events:

Introducing the European Bodhicitta Society (EBS)
 The European Bodhicitta Society has been established under the guidance of Khenpo SoDargye from Serthar Buddhist Institute (Larung Gar) of Serthar district situated in the province of Sichuan. With the purpose of promoting the spirit of Mahayana Buddhism to benefit everyone in Europe, the European Bodhicitta Society was founded on the first of August in 2009. After two years of development, the number of members has increased from three to over 40 people living in different European countries.

The EBS promotes the Mahayana Buddhist teachings by integrating theories with practices. It plays a proactive role in advocating charity, such as environmental and animal conservation, popularising vegetarianism and in encouraging social cohesion and development.

Under the teachings of Buddha and the guidance of Khenpo SoDargye, the EBS, as well as all its members, strive to promote the theories and practices of Buddhism to everyone in Europe and to let everyone find true happiness.

Our study approaches

Based on Khenpo SoDargye\\\\\\\'s requirements, the European Bodhicitta Society has set up three study groups, namely: Preliminary practice of Great Perfection (Dzogchen) Study Group, Study Group B, which mainly study Shantideva\\\\\\\'s Bodhisattva way of life (Bodhicaryavatara) and a new class introduced in 2012. Beside this, each year, the European Bodhicitta Society will commence new study groups, these include the Preliminary practice of Great Perfection, Pure Land class, and Bodhicaryavatara study group. We also aim to initiate a study group focusing on Vajrayana practice such as Dzogchen, and other classes such as Madhyamika (Middleway) and Pramana (Buddhist Logic).

Our main study approach is by mean of online discussions, which takes place every week. In addition, occasionally, our UK Bodhicitta Socieity also holds some seminars physically. All our studies are managed by Serthar Buddhist Institute. Serthar Buddhist Institute provides learning materials, records our study performance and statistics, arranges lesson plans, organises exams and awards, evaluates the teaching achievements after the end of each semester and issues related certificates and prizes. Moreover, the European Bodhicitta Society is supervised by a specially appointed monastic from the Institute.

The reasons for creating the Bodhicitta Society

The European Bodhicitta Society was founded during the financial crisis. In the era of materialism and when our life highly depends on money, an economic downturn has been particularly detrimental to many people. This is also the proof that money cannot bring sustainable happiness and does not solve the spiritual emptiness within us. Money cannot help us in finding the true purpose of life but rather deviates us from doing so. Many people spend a large proportion of their time on things and activities, which become meaningless when facing the pain, anxiety and fear. That is why we believe that the way of Dharma is the only way to real happiness and fulfilment. In light of this need, Khenpo SoDargye has called for the establishment of Bodhicitta society of which the EBS is also part of it.

Joining us

Dear friends, if you understand Chinese, if you have a loving heart, and if you wish to understand more about life and Buddhism, the European Bodhicitta Society is the right place for you. We welcome anyone regardless of race, name, age, nationality, education or religion. We provide free opportunities to study Buddhism, and work together to promote philanthropy, and social harmony. Please join us in exploring the potentials of compassion, and bring enlightenment to all living beings.

Vipassana Haarlem

Address: Nieuwe Gracht 86zw, Haarlem   Haarlem Noord-Holland 2011 NK
Tradition: Theravada, Mahasi Sayadaw
Phone: +31 23 202 67 69
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Notes and Events:

Vipassana Haarlem offers beginner courses as well as meditation groups and days for more experienced meditators.

Zen Centrum Amsterdam

Address: Zen Centrum Amsterdam Onder Leiding Van Niko Tydeman Sensei, Binnenkant 39, 1011 BM Amsterdam  Noord-Holland
Tradition: Mahayana, Soto en Rinzai - Zen
Phone: 06 29 12 89 89
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Founder/Director: Genpo Merzel Roshi  
Notes and Events:

Zen Centrum Amsterdam offers a place to meditate each morning, seven days a week, throughout the year, and on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings there is zen meditation with dharmatalk (teaching) and on Tuesday Buddhist service in Dutch. On both evenings you have the opportunity of a formal, individual interview (daisan) with a zen teacher (in English, if you like).

More information about the programme:

Zen River

Address: Old√∂rpsterweg 1   Uithuizen Groningen 9981NL
Tradition: Mahayana, Japanese Soto/Rinzai Zen Buddhism (Maezumi Roshi)
Affiliation: White Plum Asanga & Soto Zen Buddhism
Phone: +31 (0)595 435039
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Main Contact: Zen River  Email  (Phone: +31 (0)595 435039)
Spiritual Director: Tenkei Coppens  
Notes and Events:

Zen River is an international residential training temple, that offers a year round Buddhist programme under the guidance of Anton Tenkei Coppens. As a successor to Genpo Merzel Roshi and dharma grandson of Taizan Maezumi Roshi, Tenkei Roshi is a member of the White Plum Lineage and works to transmit the teaching of this lineage in Europe.

The temple is located in a beautiful property on the outskirts of Uithuizen, a small village on the northern edge of Holland close to the Waddensea. It enjoys the spaciousness and tranquillity of the country-side and yet it is easily accessible by public transportation.

The programme of Zen River Temple is based on four elements of training, and consists of a daily schedule as well as a calender of retreats and related events. While the continuity of every day practice is being maintained by a core-group of a dozen long-term residents, many Zen River members join regularly to participate in the daily training programme or in retreats. The overnight accommodation has a capacity of thirty five participants. All meals on regular training days are vegetarian.

Address: Vinkenlaan 40   Malden Gelderland 6581 CL
Tradition: Mahayana, Rinzai
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Spiritual Director: Rients Ritskes  Email  
Notes and Events:

Offers daily practice, sesshins and courses in different places in the Netherlands.

Zendo Maasduinen

Address: westerweg 5  wellerlooi Limburg 5856 EB
Tradition: Mahayana, Non-Sectarian
Phone: 0478631977
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Notes and Events:

zenmeditatie programma:

iedere donderdagavond open voor beginners en gevorderden van 20.00 tot ca 21.10

enkele keren per jaar organiseren we sesshins

individuele koanbegeleiding mogelijk

Zen meditation programme:

Each thursday evening from 20.00 to 21.10 open to beginners and expierenced zennists.

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