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Address:   Bad Gams Steiermark 8524
Tradition: Non-Sectarian, Sakyapa
Phone: 0043-3463-22137
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Main Contact: Sungrab Woeser  Email  (Phone: 0043-3463-22137)
Notes and Events:

Vorträge, Studium, Meditation, Veranstaltungen, Beratung, Sterbebegleitung, Trauerbegleitung, Meditatives Bogenschiessen, Termine vor Ort, für Erwachsenen und Kinder, auch für Nicht Buddhisten.

Mook Rim Society Austria and IBS Austria

Address: Doeltergasse 3/2/2, A-1220, Wien Austria   Wien
Tradition: Mahayana, Korean Zen school
Affiliation: Korean Buddhist Taego Order and Mook Rim Society International
Phone: 43-660-122-2192
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Teacher: Rev. Bup Chon Skrabal  
Main Contact: Rev. Bup Chon Skrabal  Email  (Phone: 43-660-122-2192)
Spiritual Director: Ven.Dr. Jongmae Kenneth Park  Email  (Phone: 01-714-801-6421 U.S.A)
Notes and Events:

Mook Rim Siciety Austria founded 2003 by Venerable Dr. Jongmae Kenneth Park and Reverend Myo Hyon Karin Sima. Our Buddhist Society is mainly practice the Korean Zen but study and practice all other teachings. Mook Rim Society Austria operates a Buddhist college (Institute for Buddhist Stuides Austria) which is associated with Korean Buddhist Taego Orders Dong-Bang Buddhist Collge also affiliated with World Buddhist University.

IBS Austria now offers 2 years course Buddhist study that only e-learning college in the Austria. IBS Austria provides English and German course that college provides two different diplomas which are one from Korea Taego Order and other form World Buddhist University. IBS Austria has been approved by the state of Austria as a religious institute.

Zen Gruppe Salzburg (2)

Address: Lehenerstrasse 15 Salzburg A-5020 Austria   Salzburg 5020
Tradition: Mahayana, Rinzai
Affiliation: Buddhistisches Zentrum Salzburg
Phone: (+43) 699-10759774
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Contact: Gakuro  Email  (Phone: (+43) 699-10759774)
Teacher: Genro Seiun Osho  
Spiritual Director: Kyozan Joshu Sasaki Roshi  
Notes and Events:

Zazen weekly, Thursday, 7-9 p.m.

Occasional zazenkai on Saturdays. 

Zen im t├Ąglichen Leben - Zen in daily life

Address:   Vienna Wien 1200
Tradition: Mahayana, Zen
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Main Contact: Ananda  Email  
Spiritual Director: Ananda  Email  
Notes and Events:

At "zen in daily life" we practice seated meditation (zazen) along with a mixture of techniques to develop Wisdom and Compassion in daily life. Mantra recitation is also practiced. Our physical body is viewed as not different from the enlightenment body. Caring for our fellow-beings is viewed as the main road to relegate our ego to a healthy place in the background.

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